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Loot Alone – Post Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @SplitPainter)
Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012 2:54 pm

This is a very short post mortem about my entry Loot Alone.

Good Points

  • I developed more than 22 games (as a contract developer), but this is the first time I took part in Ludum Dare and managed to submit a game to the competition! This was one of my 2011’s goals.
  • First time I ever did graphics for a game. All the games I worked before were done by hired artists. I could say I was always scared of doing art, and doing these graphics lighted up a flame inside me, that now wants to make me a better artist.
  • I came up with the idea in less than an hour after the competition started and I may consider of taking it further and making a commercial game from scratch with this idea.
  • When doing 2D with Unity I always used a 3rd party commercial library. Since I took part in the competition I had to come with a solution by myself, so I ended up learning how to “do 2D” in Unity without external help.
  • I liked the concept of a linear comics-style navigation I made.

Bad Points

  • I worked only 8 hours, I didn’t use the available 48 hours. For this reason, my entry can not even be considered a “game”. Let’s consider it “an interactive short animation“.
  • Due to the short amount of time worked, I didn’t manage to make all the scenes: there are 3 scenes; being 2 playable levels and an animation one. The initial plan to make the game “complete and playable” was to have 6 scenes. So we have 3 scenes that are out.
  • The rocket cat was meant to be controllable, so you could kill the dragon.
  • In the 8 hours I worked, I coded for only 2 hours. That means there are bugs, mostly on the messages system.
  • My lack of knowledge in Unity for 2D without a 3rd party library left some bugs on the graphics, mostly due to scaling.
  • The linear comics-style navigation can be confusing, since you can end up going to the wrong side.
Other than that, I had a lot of fun, and I’m feeling fulfilled for completing one of my 2011’s goals: take part of Ludum Dare 😀

Loot Alone – Game finished for the compo

Posted by (twitter: @SplitPainter)
Sunday, December 18th, 2011 1:45 pm

I planned to make 5 levels, but I couldn’t continue working on the game, so here it is with 3 levels and half of the planned story. It is playable with a surprise on the end.


Made with: 
– Unity3D (C#, iTween)
– cfxr
– Audacity
– Garage Band
– Photoshop


Loot Alone – Controls and Level Structure Demo

Posted by (twitter: @SplitPainter)
Saturday, December 17th, 2011 1:25 pm

I had planned to use 2D Toolkit to make the game, but I couldn’t go on with it because it is a commercial library and I want to take part on the Compo. For that reason, I had to do 2D manually in Unity and it took me long hours to figure how to correctly Scale the sprites, because I am too used to 2D Toolkit and it does the task for me.

Anyway, initial controls and camera logic is ready, you can play it (VERY SHORT DEMO).


  • A, D: move Left and Right.
  • Space: action.

Loot Alone

Posted by (twitter: @SplitPainter)
Friday, December 16th, 2011 11:58 pm

After the initial idea, I came to a concept and story, which I plan to post later once I start developing. Also the game name is “Loot Alone”.

For now, I pixeled all the objects. And man, let me tell you, how I struggled to make these 7 elements… They aren’t that good and still they took me 4 hours of work:

Next: I have 4 characters to draw. I think this will probably take me another 4 or more hours. I REALLY want to get better at doing art. But looks like the more I try, the worst I become.

BTW: In the game concept I included a Kitten.

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