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My Room : End of Day

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Saturday, December 10th, 2016 7:41 pm

It’s around 1h30 AM in France as i write those lines and i plan to end this day of work here.

I’m actually both happy and not about what i did. Not happy because i planned to big. I couldn’t envision my game not isometric and it slowed my advance by a lot and it still will. Happy because even with that i improved since the past LDs and i can manage to succeed even with some difficulties. Back then i would be completely lost and i would abandon my game quickly.

For those in need of help to make an isometric game you can find a great resource here. It had greatly helped me.

Anyway, my game is far from the core mechanics i planned. I thought i could implement them before the end of the day, but the isometric grid slowed me. For each task i planned i got from 30min to 1h30 over my estimation. It’s a lot and on a lot of tasks. I need to manage my estimations better. I plan to end those tasks before the afternoon so i can work on the game and not think about it anymore except for the bugs that will appear.

Before i go to bed i’m working on a Makefile to automate the distribution of my game. It’s a quite easy task to end and it will help me at the end on the jam.

See you tomorrow !

     (speed is too slow ToT just finished not a few days…orz)

                     my game ‘s name is <The Flower of Sphinx> ;  

as the title,the topic is about [life-stage] and [flower] (also about some small critters :D)

actually (of course) there are not any super-deeply admonition/sermonize at all, just a simple and short game, I hope could to give player some relaxed feeling by this simple game. ^-^



 Share some fun things:  

-at first ,i think if i hide the key word<sphinx> , it may be better?( for example use T.F.O.S as the title…  oh i really not only for cool :D)

-recently , i have relaized that it maybe not the best practice (,Ծ‸Ծ,) :

—-one aspect  may becasue these tipes /informs/guides  which  in my game was done not good enough ( ok ok… maybe very bad  i think…ಥoಥ)

—-    (L-A and L-B may liitle confused you…so the tip is just . try to [find]  the flower(or leaves?/petals?)  …)

—– another aspect was the title will be seen when player real in game  sooner or later! orz

so, i  start to know: it seems like that i have nothing to be hide…  ( how  torn am i   before > < o) 


Simple summarize :

my game’s elements’s build method was  partly  based on one of my old works which was built for a speed concept painting;

and the other parts (for example this game’s concpet/experience preset  ) was  inspired by @mizou ‘s artwork a lot  (Interestingly,that two image happened to  be set to our page’s banner.> < really fun!)

about that ,it  let me think about [流] [气] [韵]  preliminary.   i even attempt to combine my game’s main rhythm to those feeling which i got from her artwork…  but to be honest, this is   a little bit difficulty for me ( what i done was also not considered to got the core deeply  at the finish …)


(btw, @mizou also participate in this LD and was team with , you must have seen the <LD Picked Volume> which biult by his collect and recoomand in homepage before.

their work < Mountain> this LD also really great !  i’ve always liked  their works )


in addition,there are some design points were  inspired  by  some sketches which from my 2013design-sketch note ,when this game just  at the brain-strom stage…

some sketches from my old design-note.

To a certain extent,these sketches also influenced  this game’s theme and some character’s design.

some sketches from my old design-note.

<—> for example this  shy-boy( i called it prowler)

shy boy

i have tried to set it(he) as an emotion-toggle in the LevelB

just to communicate the world rhythm’s  little shift,  also hope it could as an image for a type of disposition(temperament)

of course, he is also the only character which have eyes in this game   ( i think ,eyes is so impotrant key  espically when we want to build some emotion..)


Sky Panic – Log

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Tuesday, April 19th, 2016 10:10 am

Hi, here’s the log I compiled of the development of my entry: Sky Panic. It’s a cute shump, where you can shift your ship from fighter to bomber mode.

> You can play & rate the game here <




I woke up early (7:30 AM) to see the theme, since the jam starts at 3 AM in Europe. Unfortunately I quickly discovered that I was feeling like crap: headache, nasal congestion, stomach pain… It felt like my body was fighting some kind of flu/cold bug. I like to start my jams by doing some kind of exercise (usually a light run), but I settled for a walk outdoors instead.

I brought a notepad and pen with me and started to create a mind map of the ideas I could come up related to the theme. I came up for some ideas I liked, but they required quite a big amount of assets or game design, so I wouldn’t have time to implement them during the weekend.

My mind was really clouded because of the headache, which didn’t help. In the end, it was around lunch time, so I decided to cook a chicken stew, and decide on an idea while having lunch. And the winner was… A cute’em-up! It’s a variation of the classic 2D scrolling shooters (not FPS), only with a cute theme / art.

I had prepared beforehand the Github repository and created the initial scaffolding with the help of my game jam template generator.

Development that evening was slow but steady. I took plenty of breaks to rest: I played a few Hearthstone games, read some articles, watched some TV-show episodes… I didn’t want to overdo it and fall really sick.

By almost 5PM I had already a ship that shot bullets. It seems simple, but this first step serves to set up some systems I needed in place: how to handle movement, getting player’s input, implement a sprite pool, etc.


Note that although I was just using placeholder graphics, I already decided on a palette / mood. All the sprites of the game would be created with PICO-8 16-colour palette, which I personally love.

The next step was to create enemy waves that would follow a pre-determined path. Although there is a motion paths tutorial for Phaser, I didn’t quite like the fact that the example plotted every single possible pixel. The paths I had in mine weren’t that complicated, so in the end I just ended up creating a series “waypoints” the enemies will reach one by one.

An old-school trick to make a sprite reach a point is to ease out that movement at the end so the sprite ends up really, really close and you can finally “snap” (or round up) its position to the target.

This is an snippet from the source code. Here I’m also clamping the maximum speed so the easing only takes effect when the distance to the target is close.

if (distance > FUZZY_EPSILON) {  
    let angle =
        this.x, this.y, target.x, target.y);
    let coeff = Math.min(distance * 0.05, 1);
        Math.cos(angle) * MOVE_SPEED * coeff,
        Math.sin(angle) * MOVE_SPEED * coeff

By dinner time I had already some flying enemies spawned in waves, following a motion path. I also implemented a simple flashing animation for when the enemies get shot (they can sustain multiple hit).


And right before going to bed (around 11:30 PM) I implemented the shape-shifting mechanic. You can switch to bomber mode to shoot bombs instead of bullets! The idea would be to use this weapon to kill enemies in the ground.



I overslept, but I don’t regret it because my body really needed it. Once again, I went outdoors to have a walk and get some sunshine. Right before lunch I managed to implement some ground enemies –which I called crawlers– that would shoot at you and you needed to shape-shift to bomber mode to finish them.


This was beginning to look more like a game! I implemented the score, infinite enemy spawning and a game over condition. I then added some basic sound effects I quickly created with an online synth, and uploaded this first playable version to my server so other people could play it.

Score and game over

I also created a simple background music loop, which is short, but has a bass line I like.

Once basic gameplay and audio was in place, I could finally start doing some art! These are some samples:



I’m also quite proud of the explosion animation –it was the first time I was drawing one! I decided to go for this approach because I wasn’t confident to be able to implement particles on time (and I was right!).


As you can see, I added some clouds. These serve to create the illusion of a scrolling background.

I uploaded this version with final graphics so people could test for some crashing bugs. I was lucky there were none! To finish my entry, I added a splash screen with controls information and uploaded the game to some mirrors (Github Pages and my page at

Mission accomplished!

> Play Sky Panic! <

LOG – Tales of the Underworld: Rebellion of the Souls

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Monday, August 24th, 2015 2:38 pm

Here’s the log of how the development went for my entry, which you can play & rate here. I joined the compo, so it was only me and 48h to get a game!


Saturday was… terrible.

I woke up early to see the theme (which was published at a US-friendly hour, but here in Europe was at 4am) and think about it. I had a rough night because of a noisy fight in my street –police included–, but I managed to get out of bed at 7am. The theme was “You are the monster”. I had a shower, read some posts at the Ludum Dare website showcasing what other people were doing already, and then headed outside to buy some food and have breakfast.

I settled for a platformer game in which you would control Hades, the God of Death (I guess that is monstrous enough), trying to reconquer the lost Underworld.

And then I made a big, big mistake: I started to create a level editor because I thought that having this in-game would allow me to create levels faster. BIG. MISTAKE.

I could –should!– have just used Tiled, a map editor that can export to JSON. But I don’t like Tiled (it’s complicated) and thought that I could do something more simple. It turns out that you really don’t have time for this during a 48h game jam.

Finally at 9:30pm I had the main character with basic movement.

Character movement

I was way behind the schedule. Usually at game jams I try to spend one full day coding, and another full day doing art, level design and fixing bugs. And it was night already, and I didn’t even have enemies!

I managed to put some victory (reach a point in the screen) and losing conditions (touch the red tile) and decided to call it a day. I also included some sound effects I generated with Bxfr.

Victory condition

I was in bed and thought about quitting, since it seemed obvious I wouldn’t be able to pull out the game on time. I texted a friend of mine, and she told me something on the lines of “Stop the editor. Start from scratch if you want. You don’t need a weekend to make a game, you can do it in just one day”. I wasn’t fully convinced, but decided to sleep on it.


Sunday was amazing!

I woke up at around 8am and I thought I would keep on working on the game. I didn’t think I could finish it on time, but I still wanted to implement a platformer in JavaScript and it looked like a good opportunity to have at least a prototype.

I had a long walk outside, had breakfast and went back home to keep on coding.

While I was implementing features I was tweeting about it, with animated GIF’s showing progress (much better than static screenshots) and a URL to play the game while it was still work in progress. I think this was key for Sunday’s epic wins.

By 11am I had a working scrolling scenario:


And two hours later, there were enemies populating the world!


By this time the level was fully playable and I started to receive feedback on Twitter about the character’s body being too big, or some bugs.

I still wanted to implement more features, like being able to kill enemies with a weapon à la Alex Kidd, but I really needed to start to work on the art.

Unlike last time, I was sensible enough to choose an ultra-simple art style. I picked up a minimal colour palette and went for retro pixel art. Meet Hades, the main character:


After that, I did some animation for the enemies too and integrated them into the game:

Main character and enemies animations

Then the lava…


And finally the tiles!


By this time I had friends competing between them to see who would finish the level by going through the most difficult path! They suggested to implement atimer so they could see who would finish it faster. I ended up doing it, of course.

By 5pm I was mostly done with the art. I drew the background and also the item you needed to catch to complete the level (a pomegranate). I also quickly put a song together by mixing and tweaking some samples in Garage Band.


I found out that I still had some time to implement a few more features andcreating multiple levels. I put in the chrono my friends asked me to. I also created the title screen.


And the new feature I decided to add –since it was more simple than others– was to have pickable objects (like the rings in Sonic). It was the first time I was drawing a rotating coin, but I think they are very cute.


I didn’t have time for more, so I decided to start to create levels. By 11pm I had five levels!


Since I didn’t took Monday off I couldn’t stay up late to keep on polishing things. So I took some screenshots and prepared my submission for the competition. It was midnight, I was exhaused but I did it.

Filllight postmortem

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Monday, August 25th, 2014 1:11 pm
Second Level Colors.

Second Level Colors.

This was my first gamejam entry ever.  I knew the Ludum Dare was coming as a friend had asked me to join his team, but as the voting result got out, I got swooned in the hype and decided to try entry of my own. Get something finished. At the same time, it was good intro to Unity & programming – neither of which I’m that practiced with.

What I went right:

-Scope: small and simple was well within the time limit and my coding skills.

-Atmosphere, Thanks to unity particles. Sure, they are done with presets, but it made nice boiling sea. As my main challenge was coding, models were very minimalistic, worked here.

-Music composed  with a generator. Fast and good enough.

-Support: having helping minds to bang against when solving issues and good documentation to refer to.

-Learning. There was lots of that.

-Finished it! Yes!

What went wrong:

-Coding, while it went alright, even some more experience under the hat would’ve enabled so much more.  Better effects, more effects, smoother everything, better controls.

-Testing. I’m not certain it is possible to complete the game as it is supposed to. Luckily, some triggers collision detections bug and make it possible. Actually generating and validating levels like these would be interesting. topology problem. Afterwards got good feedback regarding controls and field of view, but that was already past the deadline.

What was missing:

Mainly a proper player character and more levels.  A Menu, story screens, some animations, more sounds and music,  timer based scoreboard and testing.

Proper Name: Went for the silly compound word just for the sake of visual of quirky triple l’s boderd by symmetrical i’s. Amh, yeah.



First completed LD. This was a good intro for the starting season in the uni, got confidence knowing that I can make it. Inspiring, wanting to work more on graphics and I’m certain I’ll participate again!

Thanks to the friends and family making this possible.

Invasion Of The Trivials Submitted!

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Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 2:18 pm

Ludum Dare 23 Compo Entry is up!

Play the game HERE.

Blast the Mega-Spheres into nonexistence to save the miniature Trivials from extinction!

There is some happy up-beat music for the menu and the gameplay! Try it out!

Timelapse coming soon!

I am tired.

Some Progress

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Saturday, August 21st, 2010 7:20 am

I’ve wasted lots of time, but at least here’s something. I’ll try to stick to actual game code from now on and try better graphics later if there’s time.



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Saturday, August 21st, 2010 2:33 am

Having spent the morning thinking of ideas, eating breakfast, thinking of ideas, playing UT3, thinking of ideas, I think I’ve finally come up with something.

The idea
There’s a city (“enemy” city). It’s full of people (and buildings). Things are drawn in abstract glowy lines style, or something, as if you’re watching it through some sort of special vision (which you are). Most of the buildings have no real function, other than that there’s some people in them. Some are more special, like police station, hospital, psych hospital, gun store, liquor store. Something like that.

Now, you have some sort of mind control weapon which you can use on citizens to convert them into your weapons. When they are converted, they will simply fight for you automatically, including trying to fetch guns etc. Of course, other people will probably defend themselves, and it will also attract police and, later, army. Police is more difficult to convert, and army are even more difficult.

Goal is to take over or destroy the city (haven’t decided yet). You only have a limited energy for your mind control device, so you must use it strategically, but luckily it will recharge faster when fighting is going on. I think it could be fun.

Work wise, it needs to generate cities (should be easy enough), then write the rendering code (probably easy), then there’s the actor stuff which will probably be the hard part, followed by balancing. Graphic wise, I will need representation of people. Currently I’m thinking just a vertical line + and icon if they are of a special type (police etc).

Not yet sure if army/police/normal people will have vehicles. Also not sure if I’ll make several custom designed levels, or I’ll just let people specify the variables for the generation. We’ll see (hopefully).

The ideas
Here’s the more general ideas I had before I came up with this idea:

  1. Scroller/overhead walk around, catch and throw enemies at other enemies, allow for chain reactions, preferably more abstract representation of things. There should also be coins to collect, of course!
  2. Sort of psychological propaganda game, you convince the enemies to destroy the other enemies.
  3. Some sort of commerce/trading game where you must make deals that are better for you than for the enemies (probably doesn’t fit).
  4. Some more lighthearted idea would be nice… INSERT IDEA HERE.
  5. Variant on 1, more of a puzzle game, you can capture certain kind of enemies, and then throw/fire them like a weapon of something on other enemies, over distance or over barriers etc. Stunned ones can then be used as weapons.
  6. Ultra Fleet.. oh wait, already did that.
  7. Maybe also a variant of 1/5, but instead of capture throw/fire, we mind control the enemies directly, and then control them while they go on rampage, or just hit switches, or whatever.
  8. Or there could be a shooter where the weapons are named of LD participants.
  9. Or taking 8 further, the game can be a series of boss battles, where each boss is an LD guy, and they attack with something from one of their game, then when you win over them, you get them as a weapon. Sort of fun, but might create some legal issues since I’d want to use some iconic object from some of their previous games.

    Disregarding the enemies as weapons, this could be a fun idea to try make as an slightly bigger project, outside a compo. Then there could be complete levels, with enemies of their previous games, building up to fighting them as a boss.



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Saturday, June 12th, 2010 1:03 am

I intend to participate in this mini, and even though I’m hosting it it seems pretty fair, because I don’t actually know what I’m going to do yet. But I have several ideas…

  • A transportation game, sort of like Transport Tycoon. Little innovation value, but probably fun to program and play.
  • Sort of a reverse version of the above, where you instead of handling transportation and trying to make a profit from that, you are the customer of transportation. Either as a government kind of thing, or just a company with stores and factories. A little more innovative perhaps, but I’m not sure how it should play yet.
  • A factory/conveyor puzzle game, where you build or process some kind of product. Inspired by Manufactoria, among other things. Also not very innovative, but a good thing with puzzle games is you can make lots of levels for them, if the elements are good enough, and they tend to be fun.
  • Some sort of industrialization sim, where at a start there’s just a bunch of low tech farms, and then innovations makes things more effective, there becomes a surplus population, cities are formed, new industries are formed, and so on. Think it would be really interesting, but probably too large for an LD.

So just have to figure out which to do… so far I’ve just got my base code up and running.

Cruel World is Out to Get Us All

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Saturday, December 6th, 2008 2:09 am

I was hit by the flu yesterday. So instead of setting up my coding environment and libraries and stuff (as I have a new computer), I was instead busy not doing anything but being in pain.

Then today, it turns out my favorite theme won. Great timing. Fever inspired game design and programming is sure to be a real winner. Might actually work. A bit of a problem that it feels like my brain is some distance away from me, though.

I’m bitching too much? Well, you would too.

At least I won’t have to spend time on food photos.

Covenant – Brick Tower (Final)

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Sunday, August 10th, 2008 2:36 pm

Finally, I finished… It took me about 18 hours or so of work to get this up and running… and I had to do a plane travel from Lisbon to Dublin in the meantime and all… :)

This was by far the smoothest compo I was ever in, probably because the game isn’t as ambitious as my previous attempts… I don’t know whatever I should be happy for finishing a product (complete in terms of menus, music, sfx, even a pause key!) or unhappy because it’s so unambitious… I’m getting old, methinks… :)


You can download it here (Game)

Source (C++/DX9) can be downloaded here (Source)

You can also download a more complete journal here (Log)

Timelapse can be downloaded here (*.wmv)

And I think that’s it, looking forward to judging you all (eheheh, sounds funny said like that)… :)

Covenant, signing out…

An entry, there will probably be one

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Sunday, August 10th, 2008 1:10 pm

I’ve managed to get some game stuff into the game. So it’s possible to play it, and it’s possible to win or lose (only there’s not check for it yet). It’s not overly exciting. Or intriguing. There’s an AI that plays decently if it’s lucky, but almost never wins except if you’re stupid. But it’s something.

What’s left is to fix a few known bugs, add some kinds of instructions, and end of game check, and pack it up. Exciting, huh? I’m quite tired, so I don’t really jump around in joy, but maybe I would have been. Probably would have been more had this game turned out better.

I’ll write about how you actually play in the submission post.

And I forgot to post my lunch photo from earlier. It was lasagna.

And then I just had supper. It was toast.

And no, I did not take a lot of photos of the same toast and use them to post multiple times during the course of this compo. It really was different instances all of them!

Progress in progress

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Sunday, August 10th, 2008 9:11 am

I’ve thrown out a lot of code and streamlined (simplified) gameplay. It’s still fairly pointless, but it’s pointless in a much more easygoing and fun way. Which is important.

I just need to figure out some restriction/bonus given by the tower height. And introduce an AI player. And fix some way to solve conflicts. And come up with a goal. I mean a single actual coded goal. I can think of lots of different other ones, like reach certain height in as low number of turns possible, or be the one with highest tower when resources are all out etc.

Anyway, here’s a screenshot. It looks kind of like before.


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Sunday, August 10th, 2008 7:00 am

The game doesn’t work as it is. Needs to figure out a design that does. At first I thought (as I wrote) I just needed an slight control change (or a bigger one, but I went for the small). The actual game rules were the same, only this showed that the game was fairly pointless (when didn’t have to set workers every round). One just had to set them up and let the turns pass. Might have been better with an opponent, as then you’d have to figure out most optimal route, but that still wasn’t much work. And the bothersome thing left was to manually build the tower. Tested to remove that too. Made it less bothersome, but even more pointless. So I need to figure something out.

Oh, right, at least I had some candy.

First gameplay video

Posted by (twitter: @codexus)
Sunday, August 10th, 2008 6:58 am

Not much of a gameplay yet, but at least it’s possible to move around in the tower.

YouTube Version (I couldn’t find how to embed it in the blog entry :/)

Better quality (2.7MB)

So much left to do, so little time.

UI redesign?

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Sunday, August 10th, 2008 4:40 am

I’m trying to figure out whether I’m to change the control scheme. The current one is a bit of a bother at lower levels and will be a lot of a bother at higher, or so I suspect. Just feels there’s a lot to rewrite, and I’m not sure how I should adjust the tower building. Most this probably doesn’t mean anything yet to you guys as you haven’t even played it. But just so you know I’m pondering.

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