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If “butterflies in stomach” was the theme, I’d be the game.

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Thursday, August 23rd, 2012 1:21 am

Hoo boyo.  I’m already nervous!
I’ve missed entering the last 9 compos generally by hours so this is a long time coming, but I’ve no idea how I’m going to sleep before the compo.

Framework / Language

I’m not nearly as decisive as it seems many are, so I’ve no idea what I’ll use – though it’s likely to be one of:

  • love (but I don’t really like Lua)
  • slick2d (awkward to ensure cross platform and web applet works) or
  • processing (no separated updates and poor support for sprite sheets and other more game-like things)

But I’ve still almost 2 days to find an alternative.

Sound / Music

audacity, ableton live, a crappy microphone, perhaps bfxr depending on the theme


AseSprite, gimp, maybe blender (depending on the theme)

Other tools

git will be my version control so that I can make huge panicked changes in the wee hours and then undo them again when I come to my senses :)

and I’ll probably end up listening to some electro radio – despite not actually liking that sort of music.  It just makes me feel motivated after watching notch code a few times (now if only I could find my old mechanical keyboard and grow anything resembling a real beard I’d be guaranteed a completion!)


My motto for the weekend: “rest well and don’t get drunk” (as well as periodically glancing over at my copy of the Hitchhiker’s Guide)

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