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Little Sky… Post-mortem

Posted by (twitter: @davi_az)
Thursday, April 26th, 2012 10:14 am

Hi! “Little Sky..” was my second game made in a jam. Also this was my second game made with Unity3D. Let’s see how the things were:

The good things
1) Schedule: For game jams, I spent the first hour thinking about the idea and the scope of the project. Each functionality shouldn’t be longer than 1 hour. The actual game was finished about 6 hours before the deaddline. So, there was a lot of time to polish some parts, but I didn’t it.

The so-so things
1) Story: I liked the story I created, just needed a little more polish in it.
2) Music: the same thing. I did 6 simple musics, but the first was unused. Also I should them to make them loop, but also I didn’t do this.
3) 3D Models and Textures:  I didn’t want to spent a lot of time doing the textures for the scenery, so the final result wasn’t very good.

The bad things
1)2D in Unity: The Unity3D isn’t a very good to create a 2D sidescroller platform from scratch in few hours. It’s better to have some basecode before or use plugin for it, or at least has done something similar before with it. My firsts 2 hours programmings was a waste.. In the end I done a simple and incomplete 2D platform.
2) Gameplay: Because of the first problem, the gameplay was sacrificed.
3) 2D Sprites: this was my first attempt to do an 2D animated character sprite!  I liked the result, but it needed more animations and a better quality.


The overall result was good. For next I will be more prepared! Also is a good to have a basecode before, learn to create and animate a spritesheet to maximize the efficiency.

Download and rate the game here.

See the timelapse and the playthrough.

Thanks and see you next time!

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