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I think I’ve created life itself in Unity

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Saturday, April 16th, 2016 2:34 pm


Isn’t it ironic…

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Sunday, December 7th, 2014 6:56 pm

Don’t you think?… when the very essence of your game gets in the way of making said game.

Life unfortunately demanded more of my attention so the game got less of mine than first hoped.

However, I think it’s pretty unique and neat at its core, if you’re willing to explore a little.

Check out my entry for the Ludum Dare Compo at the link or image below: :)



Thank you, it’s been awesome. Albeit brief. Good luck to all that have entered!

I’m Back!, And Starting a new project(NEED YOUR IDEAS!!!!)

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Thursday, July 31st, 2014 2:07 am

Hi guys and gals, I am back. After my extremely long time away from game dev xD. But yeah, I am working on a new game. Called Space Life(Don’t know if that is already taken but I don’t think it is) it is a 2D clone of 0x10c( “nought to the ten c” ) which “Was” a project notch was working on before he scrapped it and said he would rather work on small games. Although, it has the communtities touch to it. It is set very far into the future. Too many numbers for my brain to remember xD.

But yeah, I was thinking if you guys could give me any ideas on the game-play. Remember this game is set in the future, so please don’t add anything like “Wooden Slingshot” xD. Also, the game is a RPG(Role-Playing game). Just to keep that in mind. So the game will vary in classes, races, skills, vehicles, weapons, personalities, planets ETC. The game also features an on-board computer(Like notches D-CPU, only that it is more futuristic and no-way features any of notches storyline ETC). So here is a thing of things you guys could possibly add to it:

  • Races(E.G. Humanoid, other “Off-world” species)
  • Classes(E.G. Smuggler, Soldier, Civilian,  rogue, pilot, what ever you can think of :P)
  • Planets(E.G.I plan having a lot of these, so every type of player can “Fit” into the game)
  • Random Encounters(E.G. Ship failures, Smuggler raids on your ship, going into a black hole)
  • Currencies(Different types for different planets)
  • Languages(For different races/species)
  • Weapons(Guns, Ranged, Melee(Any type of weapon))
  • Background stories of Characters and planets
  • Types of Music people listen to in the world
  • Food
  • Drink
  • Dating system(E.G. Calendars, time keeping(How is this done on different planets?)
  • Anything else you would like to add

Remember, I want the game to be everyone’s idea. You guys can shape the world, add things, remove things ETC. Just no bad things…



The help is REALLY appreciated 😀 😀 😀

-James(The guy’s post you wasted like 3 mins of your life on)

P.S. You can also mail me at if you have any further queries or things you would like to add.

[Finished]The Story of Your Life

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Sunday, December 15th, 2013 6:05 am

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 下午8.36.51

OK, I’m done. A simple UI based game.

Everyone has only one life full of choices. So I create this game.

My entry. Play it on Kongregate.

Oxy Post-mortem

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Saturday, August 31st, 2013 11:53 am

Hey there,

I made a little game called Oxy (please give some feedback) and here it’s its postmortem.

The background

I like games and I play a lot of them. I got into programming because I wanted to make one, but never finished any worth showing project.

The Beginning

I wasn’t going to enter LD. I was only waiting for the theme announcement and I was just going to play around. I had no idea of what tools to use or how to make it. The theme was out around friday at 23h where I live and I stayed up until 2h in the morning trying to think of something to start. All I got was an “old” idea that could be adapted to the theme, but it didn’t feel right. So I went off to bed and started thinking about giving up.

The Concept

The basic idea of 2 divers in an underwater cave only hit Saturday morning. From this moment on I had a blast of ideas. Some of them were good and others, totally crap. Like the idea of moving the 2 characters at same time. I’m so glad I didn’t push it. It would ruin what become the best decision I took. Finally I got to the idea of having the 2 characters, but one of them would be unconscious and would be in need to be dragged around. Both would be in a underwater lab that would need 2 people in different positions at the same time to push the buttons to open doors. The only thing that I was certain about it, was [SPOILER-select to read] that Dave wouldn’t make to the end alive. My main goal was to make the player feel attached to Dave and then, well, kill him. [/SPOILER]

The bad

  • Instructions: I think I could have made a better job at explaining the game to the player. I made the “title”, “game over” and “win screen” in a heartbeat before the due time. I almost forgot to include the controls.
  • Planing: I hadn’t planned anything at all. Not even whether I was going to participate or not. That made difficult to polish some ideas. Next time, I hope to be more prepared.
  • Short: This is kinda good for the competition, but I wish I did more story-wise. I wanted to create a connection between Dave and the player, which some people got it, but I think I could have done a better job here. It feels a little forced how it all happens.
  • Difficulty: Well, of course I’m the master of my own game, but there’s other people in the world, with different skills and patience. Once you died, you had to go through all again. As some user stated, it felt like a chore (even if at the end it was a rewarding one). Some people suggested some sort of checkpoint but I think that would break the immersion. It just needed to be a little more easier.

The good

  • Finished: Hell yeah. I f****** did it! I finished something that I’m not afraid to show. \o/
  • Music and sound: Many users loved the music and so do I. I was very lucky to find the Circuli app. I spent a bunch of hours playing with many music generators (because I have no talent), but none of them felt right. I like how I made the sound effects (the 2 of them haha) fits with the music and ambient.
  • Mood: The music really sets it, but I think that the little narrative and dilemma makes it full circle, even with the short duration.
  • Controls: Even while I failed at explaining them, they were pretty easy to master and they felt right.
  • When Dave dies, the game continues: I think this was best design decision that I made. Because when it happens you think “it’s over!”, and then it’s not over, but you have to drag the dead body of your friend. Not everybody got a deeper thought about it in this “silly game with puzzles”, but that’s what I was aiming for, so I’m glad that some people noticed and thought about it.

If I had more time

  • Graphics: I really can’t draw as I stated in my entry post, but I know I could make, at least, the scenery look better and not THAT amateur and generic.
  • WASD: I completely forgot to include these keys. I planned to do it, but I just forgot.
  • Story: I think a better background story for both characters would make it easier to achieve my storytelling goals.
  • More and better puzzles: Well, that’s pretty much it. More and better puzzles. :)
  • Two endings: I wanted to make two endings: [SPOILER MAYBE-select to read] One if you crossed the final door with Dave and another if you didn’t.[/SPOILER MAYBE]


I really liked my idea, but the execution was mediocre to good, I guess. So I intend to take this to another level. Make it a full game. I hope to do so.

Final thoughts

I had a wonderfull time. It was an intensive, scary, stressed and fun weekend. I finally finished something to be proud of. And people got it and liked it and this feels so good. This little experiment incentivated me to push more and harder now. I have met some incredible minds behind the games I rated so far and I’m excited to keep in touch.

Thanks for reading and please, pretty please give some feedback. :)

Larron is Finished! Click As Many as Before Its Last 60 Seconds!

Posted by (twitter: @SquekaA)
Sunday, April 28th, 2013 6:34 pm

So, this is my first time that I created and finished a game by myself ^^. I usually make game with team especially I don’t have programming experience very much.

It really took my time despite it is just a 60 seconds game and I just using Construct 2 several hours ago. It was confusing too for finding which host should I use until I remembered

I was using Construct 2 from Scierra to make the game. The reason is because it needs less programming especially I am not a programmer but an artist.

So, my game is about an insect which about to die in 60 seconds. Player needs to click as many as he/she can so it will have good memory playing with its lamp.

So, this is my game:

[stextbox id=”alert” caption=”Title Screen”]titlescreen - Copy[/stextbox]


[stextbox id=”alert” caption=”Gameplay”]gameplay[/stextbox]


For the theme relation, I used simple block and color to make the graphics. I interpreted it as a simple shape and color.

Not only that, I also removed any figure elements like background image so it will focus what it needs to be explained.


That’s all. You can play the game here:



Oh, I thought it was using tag and post to submit entry xD.
Well, I guess I miss the Compo xD.
But I still can join the jam :D.


Eternal Life Flash

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Sunday, July 22nd, 2012 6:46 pm

I just finished porting My Ludum Dare #35 (Originality) entry, Eternal Life, to Flash and yesterday I uploaded it to Kongregate…where it already has 329 plays!

What would happen if we could really live forever? Take a look at the answer with Death as your tour guide in this game made for Ludum Dare #35 (Originality) in 48 hours and converted to Flash as an exercise in learning the language.

Play it here!

Thanks to ThirdEyeWild for helping me with the Flash version! :)

Eternal Life is finished!

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Monday, June 18th, 2012 8:33 pm

It’s done!

Check it out here:

This is where Death takes you to visit Metallica in a nursing home:

alone with myself – main menu + end screen + life boost

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Saturday, December 17th, 2011 5:41 pm

add main menu, end screen, life boost items

next steps for release 1 :

  • increase map size
  • splash screen
  • sound track  – already choose !!! 😛
  • sound effects

release 2

  • add stories
go go go !!!! :)

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