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LeMur: Dev is a retard

Posted by (twitter: @brycepelletier)
Sunday, December 18th, 2011 4:07 pm

What are you serious???

For over 6 hours I have been fighting to figure out why I’m getting NOTHING displayed on my tiles. I mean the arrays are right on spot, so what gives. I am also being thrown off since I have never built a “game” before in flash and I have NEVER EVER USED CLASSES. Yeah you heard me. No classes. Ok so that was completely lame, but I found that I was setting the tile back one frame too many. There is no freakin 0 frame. What they hell, such a stupid noob mistake. The only reason I found it is because I decided to push past it and keep working blind as if I knew that it should actually work. Well it was working EXACTLY as I programmed it to work.

So I most likely wont meet the deadline, but I am obviously learning tons and tons that I wouldn’t have had I not participated. Which to me is efffing awesome. Having a blast with my primary level game and happy that I am getting somewhere with it.


Frustrated LeMur update

Posted by (twitter: @brycepelletier)
Saturday, December 17th, 2011 9:05 pm

Piss in my grits

Seriously!! WTF???

So… yeah… I know that my skills LAG far behind many of the guys and gals here, but gessh power supply and HD troubles on top of it all. Good nite this is ludacrsipy-cream-donut-loving-anarchy. I am frustrated and I am not going to quit, but I did want to vent a little if anyone cares. I am trying to keep a log of progress (which isn’t s#!+ at the moment) through camtasia. However everytime I load my game and it’s assets one of my HD’s fails. I think it’s been traced back to a power supply issue. Can’t get one big enough to fix the issue in time, but I’ll just keep trying to power through and see if I can make due on my due date. If not I will still try to finish the game.

The decision on the game is to make a tile game that has 49 pieces. The lone hero only need make it to the door on a “randomly generated” side. Up to 10 tiles will be randomly “decayed” at game start. The hero will then score by picking up artifacts (up to 5 per level) and getting to the door. A 15s timer will count down for each level. This timer will decay random tiles increasing with time until 15sec is up. If the player doesn’t make it to the door or the 15s timer runs out the player DIES! As in Rougelike. As in not to come back or start a new game type. No save game bs. Each level boosts the score by it’s level number times the type of artifact gathered during that level. So if you get a 700 point artifact on level 3 you score 2100 points for the level.

By the way I am still in basic build time due to the issues so far. So nothing is even working at this point (LAME) :P.

Titled: LeMur

Posted by (twitter: @brycepelletier)
Friday, December 16th, 2011 7:59 pm

results were

1. Alone+227
2. Randomly generated+206
3. Evolution+41
4. Parallel dimension+14
5. Forgotten places-29
6. Falling-77
7. Moon-105
8. Tunnels-108
9. Consequences-113
10. Decay-116
11. Dreams-118
12. Underground-125
13. Time-travel-133
14. Teleportation-148
15. Self-replication-170
16. Territory-284
17. Mechanisms-291
18. Antihero-325
19. Reflection-417
20. Shape-shifting-477
21. Kittens-481

Just a title for fun

I just set up my very basic flash file in flash cs5.5 and documented with camtasia, now it’s time plan the game. The theme was announced as “Alone”, thank God it wasn’t freakin kittens. Once I figure out how to Rougelike an alone game then tomorrow it’s off to start building some classes and coding in the basic game.

Some Thoughts:

  • The main character dies for good and we start over.
  • No ASCII characters in final game. Hopefully 2d graphics.
  • The theme is alone, but others were randomly generated, anti-hero, dream and decay. I hope to incorporate these as well in the concept
  • Plan game tonite Dec 16
  • Begin Coding tomorrow Dec 17 after Motorcycle ride.
  • Work out bugs Dec 18
  • I hope to random generate the worlds (last item).
  • Build any graphics and turn in Dec 19

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