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Covenant – Brick Tower (Final)

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Sunday, August 10th, 2008 2:36 pm

Finally, I finished… It took me about 18 hours or so of work to get this up and running… and I had to do a plane travel from Lisbon to Dublin in the meantime and all… :)

This was by far the smoothest compo I was ever in, probably because the game isn’t as ambitious as my previous attempts… I don’t know whatever I should be happy for finishing a product (complete in terms of menus, music, sfx, even a pause key!) or unhappy because it’s so unambitious… I’m getting old, methinks… :)


You can download it here (Game)

Source (C++/DX9) can be downloaded here (Source)

You can also download a more complete journal here (Log)

Timelapse can be downloaded here (*.wmv)

And I think that’s it, looking forward to judging you all (eheheh, sounds funny said like that)… :)

Covenant, signing out…

Brick Tower – The Gameflow

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Saturday, August 9th, 2008 12:03 pm

Solved the stalemate on the game design by adding another color… that breaks the pattern and makes the game more fun…

Now I already have win and lose situations, with all the flow in it…

As usual, took me longer than I wanted, the glue structure of the game (get to the next level and such things…)

Anyway, this part is done… game starts, goes to the first level, if you’re successful (that is, if you can build the tower with bricks to spare), you go to the next level, otherwise, you get to repeat it…

Now to add the lives indicator, and add the game over and well done screens…

I’m a bit worried about sound… I doubt I can make it work today and tomorrow I won’t have the gear for it… K

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Saturday, August 9th, 2008 8:16 am

Ok, basic gameplay is inplace (no win conditions yet…)…

I’m trying to play it, but the game reveals itself impossible in lot’s of conditions: for instance, in the screenshot below, you can see that there’s no way I can transform that block into something that doesn’t screw everything up…

I wonder why most my games in LD48 end up like this: impossible… I should think things through better before coding… :)

Anyway, I’m gonna try and find a solution…

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