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Check out this game!

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Sunday, January 1st, 2017 11:16 pm

This game is not mine, but it deserves way more than it is getting.

PLAY THIS NOW!!! – Pinch

Added Linux Build!

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Monday, December 26th, 2016 9:08 am

My Unofficial Entry into LD37

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Friday, December 16th, 2016 8:19 pm

As the Title states this is my unofficial Entry into the 48/h LudumDare. I recently Participated but was unable to complete the full 48/h. Life happened and as such real life takes precedence over Ludlum. My withdrawal from the competition was necessary but It still left me longing to share my work and participate. I find the community and this event deeply inspirational. During the past week I was emotionally and physically  down after a couple frantic days; But during this time It was suggested to me that I should instead complete the game and share it.

Last night and this morning  I set out to do this. I want to be very careful as to keep true to the spirit of the competition. I left my horrendously sleep deprived code in. No new features, unplanned additions, or music. When I had to abandon the jam I was working on the art assets. So as such I finished and polish the Art. Since I had no done any work on the  music I figured I would leave this for a future update when The symbolic 2 week of judging is over.

I know this project won’t be taken into account for voting but I would Still love to get feed back. I have great passion for creating but there is still unsurmountable amounts to improve. Every jam every challenge is a chance to learn and this one was no exception.


Here is my Game: Room For One



It was always my intention to do a Postmortem of the game process. I always find them an interesting read.


LD#37-One Room

Before the 9th I knew I had a rough Idea that I wanted to work with Unity UI system. I have never payed much attention to it, as I’ve been more concern as late with game AI. There is something wonderful in creating an AI that feels and breath human but in honestly is very simple. So my personal challenge was set I would create a UI heavy game.

When the voting began There were a couple of topics that peeked my interest. Among them was “Save yourself, not the world” I found that I could have created a very sinister reality to play in. On the other spectrum was “One Room”, this topic screamed 3d, the very thing I was trying to avoid.

Needless to say when the topic was announce I was a bit disappointed. But this is the nature of the competition everyone can vote and majority rules.

While Brain storming and filtering inout of other ludumdare participating  streams, It really became obvious that most were going a very literal interpretation of the One Room theme. As to not fall into line with the status quo It took me sometime to figure the path I was going to take this theme on. By switching the words I came up with the sentence “Room for One”. This was to become the foundation of my game It entailed That what ever it was It was only one.

One leader, One Item, One safe, One choice, there was lot of give to this way of thinking. I was very quickly setting my self up for my first mistake.

I have not works much with UI, but I say I had more experience with UI then I had making and writing a narrative driven game. My first mistake came from grossly under estimating the amount of writing I would have to do and the amount of time writing takes. With a clear head and more time Im sure I would be able to complete a narrative game but for Ludlum this was a bad Idea. So the first few hours were me sitting trying to bring life to these characters. Atlas I had the well fortune to have started the writing a narrative first because When I decided to abandon this direction I had plenty of time refocus and rebuild a different game.

It is a pity That my first game could not be created for I had Imagined an elaborate story for each character It was tale of Misfortune and Hard decisions. But the shear amount of dialog was over whelming.

I was unto my second attempt, this time I took more a trade route approach. Trade for one item then go onto the next city and try to make a profit. In between roads there are police and thugs walls and shortcuts. Your job was to choose one to carry between cities. Contraband, Passenger, Legal Cargo, all with their own unique risk. This project was also plagued  by too much dialog as well as my unfamiliarity with the UI system. My code architecture was all over the place As I need a dynamically driven scenarios with limited writing. But very quickly I realize that the way I had set UI and code That I would have had to hard code a lot of it.

Ain’t nobody got time for that. This how I spend the first night, Early production of two games to be later abandoned. Luckily for me 3rd  is a charm.

I restructured my second game to bring you what I have to show today. It is a wonderful simple game 4 location 3 tradable locations and 9 characters. Each character has 9 unique items and will only appear at a given time in a given location. Your task is to Find and Trade for the one item. the twits is every time you move from location to location you pick up a panic card. This panic card can be bad for your motivation and as soon as you lose motivation Game over.

There were couple of challenges to fix here. My 2nd game attempt taught me that I would have to limit the unique dialog and restructure the way I used cards. The real complication was the trade system. If I had a random list of items and gave the character a choice between both what would this entail. Would I have to remove that Item from the list for ever. If I wanted each character to feel different would I have to create unique Items for each character. How can a character evaluate the wealth of my trade.

Questions I spend some time exploring and some elaborate solution can to mind. But I had to keep myself on point. I opted for a very simple random trades. I divided everything into ordinary Item, Special Item, Epic Item. The epic item would be used for picking “The One Item”. This would be the players main goal and win condition. The special item are more valued items and for therefore are the only items “The One Item” can be traded for. and finally the ordinary items are filler, their task is to give the character something to trade when they have no interest in what the player is trying to trade with.

At the start of the game “The One Item” is chosen from all the epic items. out of the 80 items remaining 54 unique trade recipe are created. This is were the challenge lies for the player. In order to get “The One Item” the player must first find and get what item it trades for, to be in the right place at the right time. in other words you have to get a bird to trade for chocolate bar to trade for wheelbarrow to finally get “The One Item”. Figuring this out would be very challenging as ever game would have different recipes. So I implemented rumours, give the player the recipes one at a time. An opportunity to figure the puzzle with out diminishing the challenge too much. The longer you take at finding the answer the more chances of losing the game, but the more information you will get.

As I write this I realize that it has gotten too long so Im going to leave it here. If you read all of my post I thank you, If you played my game a big hug to you, If you did both well I truly appreciate it. Have a good one everyone.


Glitch Room Timelapse

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Thursday, December 15th, 2016 4:16 pm

Hey, If you want to see the timelapse of Glitch Room. My first entry in the Ludum Dare:

And If you want to play it’s here : Glitch Room


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Monday, December 12th, 2016 9:08 pm

Created by @mikeprotagonist & @mifmorerak

Croquettes! Done

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Monday, December 12th, 2016 9:00 pm

croquettes_captureLDJam 37 c’est fait! La premiere et certainement pas la dernière. Cette expérience était fortement enrichissante malgré le stress de la compétition et du délai de livraison très court. Vous pourrez constater mon travail accompli durant cette épreuve à cette adresse :

J’aurais aimé faire plus. Il manque encore l’ audio, quelques visuels et un peu de règlages mais pour un prototype fait en 72 heures c’est fonctionnel. Un peu mieux préparé,  j’espère faire beaucoup mieux la prochaine fois.

Un grand merci à Mike pour ce super évènement (malgré les bug du nouveau site) et bonne chance à tous les participants.

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Monday, December 12th, 2016 8:14 pm

Try out our first Ludum Dare Jam submission, Annoying Fly!


– Be in a role of a fly which is…well annoying!

– Have fun irritating people, but be careful, they can pack quite a punch!

– Don’t forget to rest a bit, flies are also living beings!


Leaving here my Shooter / Tower Defense hybrid!

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Sunday, December 11th, 2016 11:04 pm

Hey guys, that was really a very good run on this Ludum Dare Game Jam!

Really happy that my entry here finished on time, altought not with all the features i wanted for start (wanted to implement a boss minion too, but didn’t got time enough to implement that!)

Anyway, here is my game, Tower Defense with 2D Shooter that all happens in a nuclear room with killing robots! Hope you enjoy! =D


Defend The Nukes! (Link to my compo entry!)


Having a blast!

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Sunday, December 11th, 2016 7:00 pm

Hey everyone! We are having a lot of fun and have been working very hard since the start of this jam! So here is our first update!




Everything is slowly taking shape

Posted by (twitter: @@bigbuggames)
Sunday, December 11th, 2016 1:42 pm

New Gif here, just wanna show our progress so far. I really hope you like it… I must say that our animator is doing nothing but dancing around and recording himself! LOL

Progress so far

My Game – Beta

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Saturday, December 10th, 2016 11:36 pm

Yeah, so I finished up the main parts of my game for the One Room part. I’ll work on adding polish to it later, and all  the stuff. Just thought I’d get some opinions first so that I know what people like and dont like about the game.






Arrow keys – Move

Z – Check items

(When in mockery) Enter – close out of “program”


Esc – exit game

F4 – Toggle Fullscreen


Character control going smooth!

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Saturday, December 10th, 2016 7:00 pm

We already have the main character control! Everything going as expected, we need more coffee!!!!

Test gif

PD: This is a message for our animator…you’d better start doing your job you lazy bastard!!!!

Can’t put everything together yet :(

Posted by (twitter: @@bigbuggames)
Saturday, December 10th, 2016 1:30 pm

Still Working on the main character, programmers are figuring out how to control all the lights and sounds of the dance floor to make it beat with the music.

Hope we can update with something solid soon 😀concept

Day 1: My Terrible Idea

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Saturday, December 10th, 2016 1:21 pm

So I decided that my game would be a, Nuclear Power Plant Management Simulator.

Where you manage a Nuclear Power Plant without starving and keeping the place intact.

Tell me what you think about my terrible idea.

Game Image

Software and Ideas

Friday, December 9th, 2016 10:40 pm

Okay so been playing around with a couple of ideas and well I have chosen to make my game in Game Maker Studio: Professional.

For my graphics I will be using a mixture of the image editor in Game Maker and Photoshop CS6.

I haven’t really gotten round to what i’m going to use for sounds.

So now that my software usages are out the way time for a sneak peak at my idea.

Okay so RPG games are my life and they are what I aim to make in the future. So for my idea I am going to make a small RPG game taking a little inspiration from Gauntlet.

The game is going to be called Goblin’s Bounty and is basically about going and killing goblins. Through progression through the game the player will then face off with the goblin king where its either game over or you win the game.

I’m not entirely sure how I want the winning scenario to play out just yet but I’m sure ill think of something.

So time to start hitting the programming and getting some game mechanics in place. Graphics will then be added and then i can start working on some epic sounds for it!

Hope everyone is having fun with their own projects and again, best of luck to everyone!

I’m in!

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Friday, December 9th, 2016 3:48 pm

This is my 3rd Ludum Dare.

I’ll be using:

Unity 5.4.3

Pyxel Edit



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