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Thanks for playing Mushroom Muncher!

Monday, May 9th, 2016 3:04 pm

Before another LD is almost over, hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did! Unfortunately we couldn’t play and rate a lot of games this time, but hopefully next time we can!

If you haven’t tried out game Mushroom Muncher yet, you can check it out at the link below:


Mushroom Muncher - Cover

We won’t be participated in next LD, but we’ll see you at LD37!


Railroad Shifter Retrospective

Posted by (twitter: @dollarone)
Saturday, May 7th, 2016 9:33 pm

Play my LD35 game, “Railroad Shifter”, if you want!
Railroad Shifter

I made a game in 48 hours! It’s easy to forget the remarkable achievement this is in itself!

My goal was to try to make an original game that is not the first idea you get when you see the theme. I initially came up with two ideas to choose from: an anti tower defense game with shapeshifting creeps or a platformer where you can “shift” the level layout as if it was one side of a Rubik’s cube. I wanted to avoid platformers as I’ve made them for the last two LDs. I realised I could take the concept of “shifting the level” and make a pipe-dream/sliding puzzle style game instead.

The anti-tower defense game would need a lot of graphics, so I deliberately chose the “more comfortable” idea to try to keep it simple and get the game completely finished and even polished. And then I added an “extension goal” which was to have a character talk to you while you are playing. Of course, it turned out this “extension goal” took a lot of time that could have been spent on other things – but still, I think it makes the game better in some ways.

So, what went well? I think the brainstorming session I had initially was a good idea – get some options, weigh the pros and cons, before going all in on one idea. I did make the game I set out to make – and I even added the “extension goal”. I did some pixel art, and I’m quite happy with the result. I made music and I actually recorded a single take on my guitar (normally I make mistakes and have to cut and paste bits). I managed to record sounds and get the character act and respond in the way I imagined. I made a couple of good levels (4 & 5) – good in the sense that they can be solved but are not obvious – and I also made two decent introductory levels (1 & 2) to make the user understand the gameplay. And to boot, I think I fulfilled my main ambition of a non-obvious theme interpretation – I haven’t seen (so far) any games with the same mechanic. All good stuff!

But what about less good stuff? Now that I’m critically evaluating my game, and also getting feedback from the community, it’s easy to point out more and more flaws. But this is good – feedback is not just for this game, but for future games as well. For example someone pointed out that its unintuitive that the trains wait if there is no tile – you might in fact expect them to crash and fail the level. I agree – and I was arguing for and against this during the development. Also I wasn’t sure if I should allow tiles to be moved once they had been driven on – in the I did allow, and even made it compulsory in order to solve a certain level.

My main gripe, I think, is level 3. I included it as an introduction to re-using tracks and working with a larger level. However, because it’s so big, it’s really time consuming and because I didn’t explain that the trains can wait, one user was massively frustrated with this level. Level 3 should have been a nice transition from the intro levels to more advanced levels, and it’s not.

Some stuff I didn’t have time to implement – like collisions (now added to the post-compo version). The music was going to have more layers. The character was supposed to include hints and tips to the player, but that was kinda forgotten about when writing the script. More advanced tiles like tunnels, bridges, mid-stations and road-crossing were left out – I guess that’s expected. Some users reported a bug with trains driving off the map – I could have implemented that better. But what’s LD without bugs? :)

The reason for writing a retrospective is to learn for future jams, so what can I learn from this? Well, I already knew that designing levels is time consuming, but I’ll remember that a few well designed levels is fine – but do them early. Perhaps later in the day on Saturday, when the head is too hot for coding. Get enough sleep a few days before LD – it’s really worth it. I struggled mid-Saturday, and I think it was due to tiredness. As the deadline looms closer, I get hyper active and hyper-effective – next time I will try to get into the groove earlier by being well rested.

And the best thing with LD? At the end of it, you will have made another game! See you next time!

Hello everyone!

It’s probably a little late to introduce games at this moment but I’m still going for it! I honestly loved this ludum dare. The theme challenged me a little but I managed having an idea in about an hour. What I ended up creating was +/- what I had imagined, which is pleasing in it’s own way. I’m not sure how to exactly generalize this game but essentially it’s a turn based strategic board game (?).

The game I made is “Kingdom of Metamorphs”!


There’s probably a little bit of question where my theme implementation is in this game. Well, some people don’t notice (of course anyone who plays enough to get to combat notices) that the ATK and DEF switch places after every end turn and that’s honestly completely my fault. ATK mode is indicated by the square, DEF mode by the circle. It’s honestly my mistake, since I should have added some kind of a noticeable effect to the switching. But don’t worry, the theme is definitely there and I think it really suits the game well. It makes you think twice before making a move!a7f42728c672bb5bb4e1013b291dbd3c

The compo:

I started off quite slow at the beginning. Took a whole hour to come up with a good idea and brainstormed on how I should go about things. After the idea was there, I took at least 2 hours drawing concept art, thinking up game mechanics, card effects, etc. My original idea was to actually have a 6×6 board (which probably would have been way too small and not so fun). At first I actually tried to draw a sprite for the board without thinking too much about it… But after I was finished, I understood my mistake. There was actually no easy way to make the tiles on the sprite clickable. So what I ended up doing here was creating a small script to spawn a 10×10 board in the editor for me and create local positions (such as [1,1], [1,2]…) automatically. After that, it was pretty easy to navigate myself with all the mechanics. I started off with just simple colors, making them able to move around on the tiles, showing possible moves, then making the spawning, etc. During the first day, I was done with all the moving mechanics, attack mechanics, atk/def swaps and the card mechanics. The core mechanics were done on the first day. The second day, I kept debating on whether I should make the enemy have a “fortress” kind of thing, with preset strong values and a lot of enemies, or to actually make an AI. I honestly didn’t know if I had enough time to make a proper AI, especially since it was the first one I tried to make for a strategic game. I ended up going for both ideas, first setting up everything for the fortress idea just in case and then proceeding to make the AI. After about 5-6 hours the AI was there. I wrote the whole code for it, trying to make it challenging enough but of course prioritizing at least general defense, so the bot couldn’t lose in a few turns. Funny thing is, is that I wrote the whole code without testing it even once (about 400 lines)I honestly couldn’t test it. I kept writing the actual thinking for the bot, but not the movement. What I did is make the bot consider the situation and then assign different jobs to each minion according to the situation. The movement just ended up being taking the shortest path to the assigned location with exceptions of nearby enemies or the base being attacked. Well, I finally ended up making the movement and it was the moment of truth… Will the code work? I launched the game and the code… well… did weird things… Looks like he assigned everything correctly, but there were problems with how he made the movements. Even though I ensured the script had at least one or two lines that told the bot that he can’t move his minions wherever, the AI kept making illegal moves. At one point, it just teleported into my base and won. Looks like I made it so “smart”, it could cheat. Adding a little delay between spawning and moving fixed it though. So adding one line of code fixed everything! And that was it. I drew the card art, made a little turn/tip panel and I was done at about 5 hours before the deadline. I had A LOT of fun making this and participating in this game jam. I’m honestly proud of my work this time around. Of course it doesn’t come without it’s mistakes…

The game ended up looking like this:

What went wrong/What needs improving:

-I’m honestly not an art person. I tried my best to make the cards no be blank and to make a few pretty assets but that’s honestly all I managed. The minions could really use some kind of graphics, instead of just being cubes and circles.
-I think it’s not very obvious where my theme implementation is, especially if people don’t go to in-depth to the game. It needs some kind of an effect, switching the attack and defense points because it’s honestly not that noticeable at first.
-The game definitely needs some sounds and audio. Strategic games like these can do without such things but it would still be a nice touch and would improve the atmosphere quite a bit.
-Even though I added an explanation, it didn’t do a very good job of explaining everything, since the game does have a pretty steep learning curve. The tip box definitely helped with the cause, giving the instructions for your first turn but I still feel like I should have explained combat, switching, and cards in a tutorial level and then commence with the game.
-The color I chose for showing unused minions (black) was simply stupid, since it wasn’t noticeable enough. I fixed it in the post compo.
-I didn’t add a win/lose screen. I fixed it in the post compo.
-There are a few bugs here and there. The known bugs in the compo version are:
–There are sometimes a few problems with spawning your minions (allows spawning on enemy minions in some places, which replaces the tile data’s assigned minion to a friendly, and deletes the enemy’s minion connection with the tile, which creates a ghost enemy. It can’t move, it can’t hurt you, it’s just there. (fixed in post compo)
–There’s a recent bug I found that you, as a player, can attack more then once, if you have the health to not die. I honestly didn’t think about this, since I only made the minions unable to do moves after the moved to a different tile.
–There are a few typos here and there (mostly fixed in post compo).
–You can press the end turn button more then once, making you skip turns and making the enemy AI go a little crazy with power.

Plans for the future:

I plan to still continue developing this game. I’ve had A TON of great suggestions from you guys and I really do think that this game can become something very cool in the future! My at the moment plans are:
-Make the AI smarter
-Add multiplayer
-Add more and more diverse card effects (for example board affecting ones, movement affecting ones, etc)
-Fix all the current bugs and problems
-Add music and art
-Add a proper tutorial
-Add more diverse minions
-Add more capturable bonuses, maybe even more bases.
-Add different maps.
-Add some kind of a resource system (it was intended in the original, you can tell that from the gem that says 5 on each card but I didn’t have enough time to do it)


Any suggestions are welcome and much appreciated!

Anyway, enough with me ranting! All I can say is that I’m really proud of what I’ve created and that I will continue developing it in the near future. As for everyone else, this Ludum dare truly offered me a lot of amazing games that I enjoyed playing, and I will still continue playing them! At the moment I ranked up 51 coolness but I plan to reach at least 100 till the deadline!


Please post your games in to the comments and I’ll try them out!!!

Here’s my game if any one wants to give it a shot as well!:


Altered Beard Post Mortem – LD#35

Posted by (twitter: @gillenewnovo)
Saturday, April 30th, 2016 5:51 pm

Altered Beard Header

The Game

Altered Beard is a game made to honor an icon, our friend Fabiano.
Here you control Beardanu, a peaceful citizen who decided to distribute some blows to see how it is. Precisely at the time he decided to do this, the city is invaded by aliens! Thanks to the power of the majority vote, Beardanu can become president to kick the ass of aliens.

play Altered Beard

Defeat the alien invaders!

Altered Beard new intro
Altered Beard Gameplay demo1


Art, Code and SE – Gillenew

Music – Saulo

Our team was formed spontaneous-ish, when I decided to join the Ludum Dare 35 and in need for a music, Saulo offered to lend a helping hand.
I trust enough in his abilities so I tried to be quick on ideas to provide enough material for him to come up with something in the music with the mood of the game.


For this game we used various types of tools, I was responsible for the visual part, the code and sound effects. The programs I used were chosen mostly because they are the tool that I have more dominance.

Photoshop – used to create all the graphics of the game, both static and animated. Photoshop is a program that I use for many years, it is very versatile since it can enable a range of facilities for matrix graphic editing in general. Creating animations with it cannot be recommended in general, but depending on what the demand is it is very easy to use, such as small frame-by-frame animations.

Construct2 – all interactive part of the game was made using Construct2. Despite being a program that does not require knowledge of programming language, Construct2 has great potential, especially when you want to develop something fast or with tight deadline. Perfect for this game, then.

BFXR – This program was recommended here in ludum dare, some time ago. Since then I use it whenever I need to do more retro sound effects, as well as being quick and easy, the result so far pleased me :)

Audacity – widely used by people who need to convert audio or just make some adjustments in the audio file. I used to adjust the volume and tone of some sounds, also to convert to *.ogg format, which is smaller than traditional .wav and still very high quality.


For this jam (most jams, actually) Saulo and I made our communications and collaborate via facebook chat, we can say that join forces on the internet goes right when you have a few people involved, or when the people involved are committed, so I believe it worked very well.

Altered Beard Collaborative


I started my participation thinking about making a game where you controlled a character who turned into animals, and the world and gameplay would be like Zelda, A Link to the past. But then talking to another friend (Jorge Malaquias), he gave me this great idea to do something about our friend Fabiano using the Altered Beast reference. This idea seemed to be very hard to be done, as it would require a long time to create and balance the challenges, but I accepted for the dare and thus began the challenge of creating all the material for the game before the deadline.

Our friend used as protagonist

Altered Beard fabiano avatar

Altered Beard brainstorm2
Altered Beard brainstorm


The process of creation that I chose to do was as follows:

1- I started creating the graphic and visual concept for the game.
2- With a better sense of the size of the game screen and the ideal size for the main character, I`ve began creating a scenario that best fit the screen.
3- The scene took a little longer to be done. I decided to put it all in Construct2 to check the major problems that could occur with the parallax.
4- Solved the main problems with the scenario so I added a player placeholder without animations.
5- Now came the part to animate the player, as he would have at least two physical forms so I tried to make a character less complex, yet it took a good time creating all the animations (there are 9 animations for the player: Idle; Jump, Fall ; Fall2; Walk; Crouch; Attk001; Hit and Appear).
6- I put all made animations in Construct2, added the drivers and tested the game mechanics, now working with animations.
7- I resolved some animation bugs and then created an enemy. He had only three states (Idle; Attk001 and Hit).
8- Added the enemy in the game and tested the mechanics along with the state of it.
9- I created the second form for the player. I`ve spent less time on it because I used enough of the first animation.
10- Added the second form in the game.
11- I created the animation effect when the character shapeshift. I`ve had to create the avatar for the two forms of player, and background images.
12- I created the explosion effects, the effect of the punch and the item.
13- Added the interface to display the texts.
14- I put the garbage cans to disrupt.
15- I created the sound effects using BFXR.
16- I added the sound effects in the game, and also added a song that Saulo sent me.
17- I put the HP and life to work.

What Went Well

My favorite part was being able to create a beat em up game without seriousness in the game theme.

Altered Beard Funny moments

I think we got what we wanted about the question to show something fun, colorful and lively.

Altered Beard funny moments 2

What Didn’t Go Well

The greatest difficulty in doing this genre according to the Jam theme, is to balance or create challenges in a way that let the game at least playable. For this reason I believe that we have sinned in terms of gameplay and progression of the game.

Altered Beard saddly moments

In addition to failing to finish one complete phase, I also could not fix all the bugs related to collision and weight mechanics.

Altered Beard saddly moments

What’s Next

We are planning to complete the game with at least five stages. I am at that time involved in several projects, but intend to give special attention to this game in the near future.

Team Thoughts

We liked very much the result. Despite the game is still very raw, we think the feedback received by people who have played it shows it has a really cool potential, and for this reason we are excited to continue improve it.

Post Mortem – Amelie the Amazing Amazon

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Saturday, April 23rd, 2016 5:32 am

Post Mortem


Try the game here

This was my second LD and this time I was alone. I could have participated in the compo, but in the end I decided to carry out an experiment with stock assets. Sadly this leads to that my game can only be rated in three categories, but that is fine. When I started collecting assets I had no idea what will I find, how will they fit together etc. In the end I kept myself to the best I could find, and discarded any not so good ones, but the style is not coherent. Also it’s quite hard to synchronize assets, and they are quite limiting. I had no jump animation in my assets, guess what, player can’t jump. I have no hit-while-run animation, so no moving arond while attacking. And yet I still spent a lot of time to use the assets, place them, and write scripts or change animations. The theme was another hard part, none of the assets were created for changing shape. I could not even find a proper werewolf model or anything. Luckily the two main charater mesh used the same skeleton and one of them was animated, they can share animation so they can shift into each other. A bit of a strech, but seen worse. :)

What went well:

  • Unity asset store was helpful. For me it was the key now. Hunting down models from other stock sites might have been more difficult. Much more. Considerint that I did not use unity other thant these two LD entries I made, it is a nice thing.
  • The “AI” was something good from start. Obviously the environment is dead simple, and the enemies are dumb as rocks, but a single rule managed to do all I wanted. The rule is that no enemy comes closer than 10 meters if there is at least 3 enemies within 10 meters already, this does not effect the ones that are already closer than that. This does not only solved the problem of swarming the player constantly, but opened up something nice. In this case if the player approaches an enemy within 10 meters they will come. But collecting souls can only be done by moving, and moving results in getting more enemies because of this, so it turns into balancing when to move. All in all I kind of happy with this, simple but effective.
  • Corpse piles. The armored enemy asset contains some collision capsules to suppor physics in a game. First I wanted to delete them as I used my simplified collision, but it turned out to add a nice feature of piles. When they die, the base capsule is turned off, but these small ones are not. They are small enough to climbe on, so enemies and the player will climb on them. Resulting in a nifty pile of corpes. Couldn’t have planned better if I wanted to.

What went wrong:

  • Morale. I tried to convince people to form a team but I couldn’t. I decided to experiment, but it was not coming together nicely. I barely had any ideas to start with, so at some points I almost gave up. If it was not for my girlfriend I might have had given up.
  • Map building. I made a whole city block on Saturday, hoping that if will inspire something about the game. In the end I spent 12 hours placing objects and turns out that the game gives the player no reason to move around more than a few meters. Also it gives no time to notice the background. Good job, shot myself in the foot with this one.
  • Missing sounds. I am not a musical person, I can play games without music, and sometimes even without sounds. I just don’t care about them. So I have hard time figuring out what sounds nice and what doesn’t. My girlfriend was kind enough to find a proper music track, but we had no time to find proper sounds. Same thing with other hit effects, like blood. Turns out that missing SFX bugged players the most, even that the games is not rated on audio.

What I learned:

  • Trust my desing instincts. After years in the game industry (as a coder) taught me a thing or two about desing.
  • Simplicity is nice. The game literally uses 4 keys, and a single picture is enough to convey that to the player. No tutorial needed, no one plays beyond 5 minutes anyway.
  • Polish is important. I probably could got better ratings with a tiny map and some SFX/VFX added.

The moral of the story? Dunno. :)

Shift-Faced Full Play-thru

Posted by (twitter: @zambonimacaroni)
Thursday, April 21st, 2016 7:41 pm

I just uploaded a video of our crazy fun weekend game jam result!

Fun quotes from our comments page:

“This is bizarre and wonderful…” – mahalis

“…I liked the feel and didn’t expect the rpg style battle. Trippy” – Ironhead

” I had fun, thanks for making this game.” –NvrSkipGameDay

” I laugh every time I see that fish’s face, lol.” – fenwick

” I just got an orgy of flashing white rectangles on all textures, couldn’t play the game.” – gurkenlabs

… sorry gurken!


How To Cheat At Game Dev

Posted by (twitter: @cynicalmonkey)
Wednesday, April 20th, 2016 1:51 pm

I am from the learn as you go school of game design. Unity Tutorials, Forums and Stack Exchange make up a significant chunk of my base knowledge about code but I don’t like to copy and paste, I make sure that anything I put into my game I know how it works. What I love about LD is that it forces me to try new things and in the process learn new things. Unfortunately the time restraint means the understanding new things becomes more optional especially when a lot of the new things you learn come with some complicated maths. Game Jams are not a good time to come to terms with new maths, but it brings me to another thing I love about LD, having to think your way around a problem. In a lot of ways Game design is the best and most abstract puzzle game I have ever played.

In LD35 I ended up in this spot a number of times and enjoyed my solutions to my problems. Sometimes it effected games mechanics. As an example when I was programming my Ship’s shooting mechanic. Because my ship had a variable speed the trouble I kept facing was the ship could out run the shot. It looked terrible, made the cannon look weak and also was problematic when it came to being chased by enemies. So I came up with an elegant solution

The cannon fires backwards. 3 Birds with 1 stone.

Another problem my shooting mechanic faced was aim. The ship in my game can rotate 360 degrees try as I might I couldn’t get the projectile to leave the ship in a line that looked correct. It would go in a straight line or come of at the wrong angle and it looked and played awfully. It was a maths problem and there was probably an elegant solution I was missing but I was already behind and I didn’t have the time to experiment until I found it. So here is how i solved my aim problem.I cheated!



A. I created am invisible game object that was the child of my Ships core and placed it about 20(unity distance) behind it. we shall call this game object Margret.

B. As a result it would follow the same rotation as my ship like it was on a spoke

C. at the point of firing 2 things happened

  1. a projectile was fired from the ship
  2. a new game object was spawned at the exact spot Margret was

D. The script on the projectile that made it move would take the game object dropped by Margret as a target and move in a straight line towards it while at the same time rotating itself to face it. It also meant I could have them destroy each other if  they hit Meaning the game didn’t become littered with bullets.


There might be hundreds of simpler solutions to this, some using more obvious code I didn’t think of or elegant solutions I don’t know how to do. I have described the way I code to people as hanging up pictures by nailing string to the ceiling and right now it works for me.

But this LD I found a creative way to cheat my way around something I couldn’t work out how to do the right way and if i hadn’t been doing LD probably wouldn’t of needed to but that time constraint really makes you think.

So if you read this thank you for indulging me and please play my game

Shift Commander

And if you have already played it please check out the Post Jam Version on Itch.Io as I have taken on a lot of the feedback in the comments on board.

50  Animation2


Posted by (twitter: @EdoMiyamoto)
Tuesday, April 19th, 2016 12:50 pm

Cherokid teaser

Hey folks ! I played a lot of your game and they’re awesome ! Wanna unravel the mysteries in a strange world ? Well let’s play Cherokid !

Cherokid is counting on you !

We’ve failed LD35 :D…but check the game from our teammates!

Posted by
Tuesday, April 19th, 2016 5:09 am

We hope you’re enjoy and have a fun on LD35!
It’s our first time on LD and we are pleasantly surprised how many of you! are good in making games!

How would we spend next 3 weeks? For sure, we will play and rate these perfect indie games!

…Unfortunately we assessed not properly our ability to implement all ideas on time. Nevertheless we got fantastic experience and will be prepared for LD36.



Check the game from our other teammates! they were more successful for developing their idea!

Click for Play & Rate

Good luck everyone and enjoy next 3 weeks!



Creative Sectors :: LycanthCoding – Opting out game

Monday, April 18th, 2016 9:04 pm

Finally it comes to an end, and similarly to a lot of my developer peers, I had to throw in the towel. I originally planned to opt-out sounds as I lack a good chiptune backtrack and there were no sound effects. In the end, I opting out the hole game with the concept.

My experience

The plan was simple and pretty straightforward, then life came and steal my precious time, then I let time flow out of my hands. Despite my efforts, I enjoyed this competition a lot. My motto is unchanged, I will stay with this: When I fail, I learn a lot. When I succeed, I inspire myself.

Earlier I and my teammates had some successful try, but this time I left alone, so I wanted to participate in Compo. This was the first time, and decided to use JavaScript. It was a solid start, then I started to innovate. New ways and game-style strange for me, fresh game concept to try myself out and come up with something original.

Why am I failed?

If I am not fond of my known ways, I will lose time by creating a new concept, implementation of new ideas will make me, to think more than work on it and if I don’t have enough experience to realize a plan, I will fail miserably.

To start something new, I should end something old and use the time to learn and practice. This way I will prepare myself to participate next time with or without a team. To take a chance with this concept, I will examine the possibility, to create this game and give an article for it somewhere on Ludum Dare.

The concept

Initially I though some basic concept then started to think about creatures, that are able to transform themselves both physically and mentally. When the creature in a mentally transformed state, it will leave its body (the shell) and create a spiritual form. They can have some body changes similar to modern cybernetic prosthetics that helps them to physical transformation. There is a building in a fictional, Asian desert, that was created by weather anomalies that created the desert and started to reveal an unknown building. Their language is ‘simbols’, that is an alien alphabet, and your task as an archaeologist to decipher and translate the notes and carvings to advance in their building and learn more about them and the origins of humanity. I planned to have a helper as another archaeologist or you are just using a computer interface to control a robot and find the puzzles. To make this job harder, the ‘simbols’ will rotate and change the meaning to make the job of ‘code breaker’ harder.

The realization

With a modern interface I created an alphabet with 40 element. There is a short intro and intermission texts, and only one level was developed. This level is not finished as the ‘simbols’ are not animated as I originally planned and there were no easy way to input the player guesses. I though about a hangman style input below each symbols, or have a great table with symbols and you should guess there. Eventually I started to implement a point and click method to choose one ‘simbol’ from the table and guess by typing on the keyboard.


LycanthCoding-Intermediate Text
LycanthCoding-Final Notes

Best regards,
Ernesty The Creator a.k.a. XenoDragon
Creative Sectors

I’m In – Game Submitted!

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Monday, April 18th, 2016 7:11 pm

Hey everyone, my name’s Josh, and I meant to make one of these earlier. HOWEVER I was busy with my own work and finishing this game, called Space Balls. If you’d like to play this fun combination of breakout and space invaders, check it out here:

This is my first Ludum Dare – hope this goes well not only for me but for everyone else. Good luck!

The Night Shift – Shapes need jobs too LD#35

Monday, April 18th, 2016 11:10 am

Here is my compo-submission. It’s a puzzle platformer where you play a night shift working polygon who chases hedgehogs in a balloon factory. Thaaat’s right folks!


16 hours left and our progress here :D

Posted by
Monday, April 18th, 2016 3:59 am

at least we can gather all shapes in group

pic LD


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Monday, April 18th, 2016 12:18 am

Hey there! Are you tired of looking on the front page and seeing plugs for game after game?

If so, you should play a game instead!

How about mine, Point of View?

Everything in Order

Posted by
Monday, April 18th, 2016 12:02 am

For the first time, I didn’t have anything else I wanted to add when I posted my game. (Well, more content, but that’s something you almost always want more of.)

Apart from a slight issue with people getting stuck on the third level, (I need to work on my tutorials even more -.-), I have it exactly as I want it.

I love the concept too! #Humility

Play my game, Point of View, here:

Play the HTML5 version of Pixel Pets!

Posted by
Sunday, April 17th, 2016 9:27 pm

Feed your pet. Watch it grow and evolve. Battle it. Maybe you can even be the best there ever was… 😉


battle system cave firesnake shop

View post on

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