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BLDR Postcompo, Coming Soon!

Posted by of Platymuus (twitter: @SpaceManiacX)
Thursday, December 18th, 2008 3:21 pm

I’ve begun work on the BLDR Postcompo version! The general consensus seems to be that this is necessary. I shall also be using the first versions of my LD/game library I’m developing as a wrapper around SDL. I’m open to suggestions! My current list…

  1. New name – Some people seemed to think BLDR was related to towlr, and some vowels would be nice.
  2. Improved graphics – The art was meant to be “temporary”, but all too often in Ludum Dare temp art becomes final.
  3. Modify to use the new library – save code space, etc.
  4. More gameplay elements – at least a few, though I’ll try to squeeze as much as I can out of the basics
  5. The roads – perhaps some changes to the way the road system works
  6. Animations – so when you die you don’t just get teleported back to the beginning
  7. Level editor – level editors are always nice
  8. In-game instructions – in-game instructions are always nice
  9. More levels – of course more levels
  10. Enhanced menus – ways to access all the new features

And I think that’s it about now… time to get going! Comment!

BLDR [tools]

Posted by of Platymuus (twitter: @SpaceManiacX)
Monday, December 8th, 2008 2:44 pm

Forgot to mention the tools I used on BLDR (!

I used Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition and SDL 1.2.10 (I think). The binary is for Windows, source & graphics & SDL DLL included. Should be compilable on Linux & Mac, I haven’t tried.

I’ll also be seeing if I can get Chronolapse to compile video.

EDIT: That link was broken, fixed now.

EDIT again: the download link was dead. New download link at (thanks to PsySal). Still original compo version.

LD13 MegaPack / Dec08

Posted by (twitter: @ludumdare)
Monday, December 8th, 2008 9:05 am

Since I end up downloading everything anyway, I once again built the ludum dare megapack.

The pack weights at about 227 megs and includes everything that I could download from each entrant. This is meant as a kickstart, not a definitive package. Some people may still be posting ports to new platforms, as well as windows executables for python entries. I hope so, anyway. Some people still haven’t even posted sources.

Anyway, to make things more fun, I’ll post the link to the pack as a reply to this post. That way people who may mirror it (or make torrents or whatever) may also post their links as a reply. Isn’t technology wonderful?

Anyway, it’s still uploading. Curse you, puny DSL upstream! I’ll post the link as soon as it’s done. Which should happen in about 40 minutes, if scp is to be believed.

Bulldozer Blitz

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Sunday, December 7th, 2008 7:49 pm

Finished! Possibly my most polished and feature-complete LD48 entry yet, and seems to be enjoyable too.

Bulldozer Blitz Title Screen

Windows download

Webstart link (for windows, mac and linux)

You’ve got to dig up the rocks and lay down roads to keep the city happy as it expands. Have too many angry drivers and it’s game over! Easy is good for those who want to build a big city, hard is more fast paced and frantic. And feel free to post your high scores in the comments and see where you stand. :)

About the only thing missing is sound, which I didn’t get time to do. However I did manage to fit in almost all of the gameplay elements, as well as proper menus and high scores, so I’m pretty happy with it – especially since this was a one-day entry. I’ll have to do a proper post-mortem in the week when I’ve recoverted.


Potholes [FINAL]

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Sunday, December 7th, 2008 7:09 pm

So here it is, my entry is called Potholes and you can play it here, dowload it here, and get the sources here. Have fun !

BLDR [final]

Posted by of Platymuus (twitter: @SpaceManiacX)
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 6:09 pm

BLDR is done! It probably could have used more levels and obstacles, but I think it’s great! Postcompo version will definetly include more levels.

Download it here:

EDIT: I forgot to include it in the instructions, but arrow keys to move and R to restart the level.

Postcompo edit: New download link at (thanks to PsySal)

Tekicars4k finished!

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Sunday, December 7th, 2008 4:03 pm

[Update, Dec. 8 2008]

I forgot to provide the source code until just before the deadline, and my Internet connection wouldn’t work the last two hours before deadline. Anyway, here is the source:

Sourcecode (not very pretty, mind you. It’s rushed 4kb code.)

I’m done!

My game is called Tekicars4k. My plan is to enter it both into LD13 and the Java4k contest. In other words, it is a 33 hour 4kb game with the theme “roads”. Thanks to the size limitation, there is a grand total of 6 levels available. It is available as webstart and as a CompoGameLoader ZIP file, which has .bat, .exe and .sh (so should work on any OS).

Webstart (note: this version may be updated after the contest)
Zip file

Some instructions:
The goal is to place blocks in advance so that each Tekicar reaches an exit of the same color, without colliding with any other Tekicar. Walls will turn Tekicars clockwise, roads will speed them up, and arrows will re-direct them along the arrow.

As soon as you click “Go!”, the test begins – if you pass, you reach the next level.

Note that the ZIP file is way larger than 4kb, mostly thanks to the .exe wrapper. The game JAR itself is only 4kb.

A screenshot:

Desert Road Painter

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Sunday, December 7th, 2008 10:55 am

Argh, the wysiwyg tables keep eating my text. Wysiwie tables more like.

So.. I didn’t have enough time this weekend to produce an entry but I made a mock-up and design sketch to ease the pain.

:: Desert Road Painter

This is a single button game. Press button down, paint starts spraying.. release button.. paint stops.

Your task is to repaint a set of fading road markings as accurately as possible. Each segment is rated and scored according to degree of accuracy. After 10 bad errors the game is over.

The game is pretty boring to start off with. It’s mostly just about getting a steady rhythm going and not becoming so hypnotised by the process that you screw up.

As time goes on, the desert starts to get to you. The long straight road feels static — as if only the rocks and dust to each side are actually moving. The sound of the paint hitting hot asphalt seems close and intimate. Memories start drifting through your consciousness, at first with clarity, but soon become confused and tangled with your senses.

It turns out the last guy who painted this stretch of road had the same problem. The strange creatures he saw hovering in front of him starting beating rhythms on his brain. The regular stream of painted segments became a rich sequence of syncopated markers; a secret language communicating ultimate truths about the world as it is.

I am… in!

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Saturday, December 6th, 2008 2:42 pm

Happy birthday negativegeforce!

I don’t really have the time to make games right now, but I’m in. I spent one full day studying though, so might run out of time too soon.

I’m going to attempt a themed 4kb java game within ~33 hours… many of which I’ll be sleeping. This should be interesting!

So far, I’ve got almost nothing:

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