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Yawwwn, 2nd edition

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Sunday, December 16th, 2007 12:54 am

Woke up this morning after some nice sleep.

I added the solve code, menu screens, tuned up the editor and level names. It’s always nice to have that simple stuff out of the way in the middle, since in the end you always need to tune things a bit. The simple stuff usually takes quite some time, so don’t leave it for the last minutes!

I see that my game is not that chain reactionary, but it’s playable and i can spend most of the day coming up with levels and maybe some new elements.

Nice stuff is coming up from you guys (and gals). Hope to see a lot of finished entries!

Where’s the reaction now?

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Saturday, December 15th, 2007 2:26 pm


Started to add sounds, DrPetter needs to auto-win this competition singlehandedly for his awesome sound effect tool. I can’t thank you enough for this one.

Now beside chain-exploding bombs there’s also an objective of the form “bomb-the-ball-into-the-goal”.

Innovation, where hast thou gone to?

Still, i’m happy with my programmer art and it’ll look like i can deliver an albeit simple but finished entry. Yay!

Sleepy good nighty night.

Kaboom, Version X

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Saturday, December 15th, 2007 8:45 am

This is it probably for today, i’m going to a restaurant with wife and kid, empty their buffet and then waltz to bed 😉

Anyway, there is sort of a chain reaction going on, i decided to add another element, so you get a real goal. Any gameplay fun seems to be decided by level design. Again. Dang!

At least i’ve put an editor inside :)

Chain Reaction continued

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Saturday, December 15th, 2007 12:02 am

Looks like i can actually get something done. I won’t be able to use anything near to 48h so i aim for something simple.

Some of the game tech is already working so i can think up some nasty contraptions to stop the player. The basic goal looks like you need to get all diamonds. But before you can pick them you need to bomb their cover off. You can place non-timed bombs which need to be activated by the editor placed time bombs.

The story: What story? It’s bombs, it’s chain reactions, and it has shiny things. There is no story.

Chain Reaction, hm?

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Friday, December 14th, 2007 10:39 pm

I’m yet to decide if i’ll enter.  If a good idea hits me in the next hour i’ll probably do.

Somehow i see bombs. Ticky Ticky time bombs.

Now that i pixelled up some items i think i do have to enter…. 😉

Yes, i am aware, it looks a lot like Lercs. And it inspired me to this. I hope that’s ok and it looks we’re going different directions anyway.

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