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mrudoy’s LD catchup

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Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011 3:45 pm

It seems that Uhfgood has started something. In his post here, he stated that he would be catching up with everyone who has been here from the beginning of LD. He will spend 3 weeks, 2 hours a weekday making games for each of the LDs that he has not participated in.

I will be joining him.

I intend to work through all the themes just as he does, but I will do it slightly differently. First off, I won’t limit myself to any specific period of time per game. If it takes 2 months, then OK. If it takes one weekend I’m happy with that too. I will try not to turn the games into full blown projects; they should still be on the level of something completable in 48 hours + idea development time. But if they do get blown out of proportion, oh well. Similarly, if I fail at making some specific theme, then that’s too bad (but I’m moving on).

I will be using Flash, and if I turn out anything presentable, I will try to sell it or get it sponsored. Therefore, I will not publish my source code. In addition, since I’m hopeless at art and music, I will not strictly follow the whole “everything made by you during production” rule that we have for LD.

Now about themes; because I draw a complete blank on some themes, I might deviate a little in a direction that my brainstorming brings me to. For instance, I am not sure whether I will be able to find a game idea for LD0 so if I come up with something in the process of figuring this (the fact that I can’t come up with an idea) out, I will make that something despite being off theme. I will keep you updated on every game I am in process of making for this LD catchup, whether on theme or not.

I will be putting the games up on… well actually I’m not sure where I will put the games, but when it gets to that, I’ll let you know.

And another thing. I intend to start completely from scratch at the start of each LD, but this decision might change.

In fact, any of this might change. We’ll see how everything works out, and I’ll post my thoughts on LD0 Indirect Interaction soon.

Mikhail Rudoy

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