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Well, I didn’t get anything done the last three times.

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Thursday, August 21st, 2014 2:15 am

So why the Hell would I get anything done the fourth time?


I don’t know, but I may as well keep trying.


I keep going overly-fancy on features and don’t concentrate on the core game.  The first LD I took part in, I just threw things together as fast as I could and got a lot further than my later attempts.  Going with SDL last time really helped me just focus on the game, but I hadn’t used SDL in years, let alone SDL 2.  I’m going to spend some time later tonight getting used to it and make a framework for tomorrow to build off of.  Of course, I’ll provide the code and license it under the GPL as I always do so as not to violate the rules and I’ll make another post tomorrow before the competition if I think it’s anything that may be more useful than just for me.  The repository will be on GitHub here.


Oh, and; I’m in.

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