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Laundry Day’s Voting Results

Posted by (twitter: @OmiyaGames)
Tuesday, December 30th, 2014 4:33 pm

So Ludum Dare 31 voting period finally comes to a close. How did Laundry Day do? Pretty darn well, actually:


First off, I might as well leak this “secret:” yes, the game is a satire of freemium and social games. It was designed like that from the beginning, from the mundane, boring activity of putting clothes into a dryer, to the comically juicy process of collecting coins and trinkets from the lint trap. This isn’t the first time we’ve posted a satire to Ludum Dare — Not a Clone was also a satire — but seeing that this time around, the game was deliberately uninteresting, this developer had very low expectations.

Not so, it turns out. A lot of people, both within and outside of Ludum Dare have found the game to be oddly addicting. Many commented how hilariously boring the game was, and still managed to find something fun about it. And a few people even managed to figure out what the game was satirizing about.


(That last comment is there because the user clearly figured out our nefarious plan to create a sequel. See, dreamlogician? I told you the volcano was an awfully obvious place to have an evil office!)

Anyways, I’ve got to give my thanks to all of you who played and voted for our game. We had a lot of fun this time, and hope to make more games in the future!

P.S. Our favorite comment may have to be this golden gem from Newgrounds:


Holy crud.

Posted by (twitter: @OmiyaGames)
Thursday, December 18th, 2014 1:58 pm

Holy crud. Laundry Day has 50 votes. That’s 50 more votes than I expected.


This is genuinely unexpected from us. When we were brainstorming on the theme, we were joking that we should make an entire game on one (lint) screen, which was how Laundry Day came to be. A huge advantage of making a joke game in a team settings is that we can easily laugh off negative comments, and feel accomplished when a positive comment rolls in. I personally didn’t expect any comments to come in, let alone positive ones, since it’s, well, Laundry Day. But it has, and it’s wonderful.

I mean, check this Let’s Play out:

It’s perfect. It’s everything we imagined would happen in one single Youtube video. This and all the comments in the Ludum Dare page puts tears in my eyes (although I haven’t figured out whether it’s from laughter or how moved I am).

I’ve got to give my thanks to all of you who’ve played the game, and our entire team. Credit goes to

  • dreamlogician for his talent to design addicting games;
  • Brightstar for his hilarious text messages;
  • Ampera for all the trinket ideas (and a “sad feeling”);
  • Chase Bethea for all sound effects;
  • TWTdip for all the great artworks (meshed-in with horrible programmer art);
  • Binary Takeover for a “sad feeling” art;
  • and DNA Experiment for the “hybrid cat” art.

I simply worked on programming and balancing. And procrastinating. And complaining about Construct 2’s 100 event limit. You can see all that and more in the timelapse below:

Jam game: Laundry Day

Posted by (twitter: @OmiyaGames)
Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 5:46 pm

Phew, what a Ludum Dare adventure that was (and boy am I tired!). We got nearly the entire Tech Valley Game Space crew to make a satire of free-to-play social games called Laundry Day. And we all learned how to use Construct 2 together! If you can, please rate the game, and let us know what you think!

As usual, here are the screenshots:

And for those interested, we have a time lapse, too!

(Like what we make? We have a Patreon campaign to continue our #OneGameAmonth challenge. We can use a few donations to help our efforts. Thanks!)

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