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LoneStranger’s Caverns Final Entry (0d0h50m since)

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Sunday, August 30th, 2009 8:51 pm
LoneStranger's Caverns

LoneStranger's Caverns

I finally got my entry done.  It’s not nearly what I wanted it to be, but that’s ok.  It’s ok because it’s still a game.  Most of the time my entries end up being tech demos or proofs of some concept at the deadline.   This one is different though.  The engine itself is complete enough that you can create levels for it and actually play them.

If you’ve ever played the Kroz games, you’ll see the similarities.  I used it as massive inspiration.  I tend to forget about it when I think about my favorite games growing up, but there’s no denying that I spend hours upon hours playing it.

I can see myself working with this afterward, making the engine more robust and fixing some of the things that can be done in a more efficient manner.  There are plenty of new objects and mechanisms to create.  I only created a few of them.  I could create other monsters too.

Right now there is only one level, and it doesn’t have any kind of ‘campaign’ code to link more of them together, but that would certainly be in the cards.   A level editor would also be a must, as I did this first level using just a text editor and about twenty minutes.

For now though, I’m going to go spend time with my family who I have ignored this weekend.  And hey, maybe go to bed early.  There is work tomorrow. :(

Have fun with LoneStranger’s Caverns!

Caverns update, just sat down (1d11h20m to go)

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Saturday, August 29th, 2009 8:46 am

I did some more work after last night’s post.  I worked on the tile map classes and scanned in my sketches, then created a couple image files to load in the tile map.  First shot, blammo, it displayed the map perfect on the screen.   I did a little tweaking of the map size so that it would take up more real estate on the screen and was left with this:

First screenshot of my caverns themed game

First screenshot of my caverns themed game

Not much to see, but the designs are all mine.  They’re loaded from a text file with some level metadata and the grid layout.  The space on the right will be the status area.  The graphcis are not text, like my Kroz inspiration, so they will get better than what I have above. :)

My work this morning will consist of making more sprites for the tiles, and of course, the hero dude.  After that, I’ll work on moving him around.

Caverns progress, first post (1d19h11m to go)

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Saturday, August 29th, 2009 12:48 am

Caverns isn’t a bad theme to have, though I hadn’t thought much about what to do if it was selected.

One of the first things that comes to my mind is the old Apogee game series Kroz, of which one game was titled Caverns of Kroz.  It’s sort of rogue-like, but more action oriented.  Probably best described as a single-player Gauntlet-like game.

Here’s a screenshot of a level in a Kroz game:

Level from Caverns of Kroz

Level from Caverns of Kroz

The ohm signs are the monsters in this particular level and they will do their best to march toward the character, represented by the red and yellow smiley.  Monsters disappear when they collide with the player, but they also take gems, which are the measure of health the player has.  The only way to destroy monsters is to get them to run into destructable walls, or use a precious whip.

I decided that for my LD entry I would try to remake a basic version of this game, only using better graphics.  We’ll see how much I can get done.  At the very least, I hope to have a movable hero, monsters with rudimentary AI and a couple types of terrain.

I spent some time early into the compo sketching some creatures with inspiration from the original Kroz games.  So far in the code I’ve been working on my tile map data structures.  It’s kind of a pain in the ass, but it should make things easier tomorrow.

I will likely be going to bed soon, even without a game screen shot to post, but sleep will do me good.

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