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Special voting category for ‘friends’ of LD

Posted by (twitter: @rojomojogogo)
Friday, April 17th, 2015 2:18 pm

I was thinking about this ‘friends’ of Ludum Dare judging debate.


What if we gave contributers to the LD community who aren’t contestants a special category to vote in. You can think of this as a separate “Overall” category for people who support this community, but don’t submit a game. Regular contestants (e.g. the developers themselves) would not have access to vote in this category. This special category could be opened up to the ‘friends’ of LD that PoV mentioned, as well as others.

Our category listing would look something like this:

  • Overall
  • Fun
  • Innovation
  • Audio
  • Graphics
  • Theme
  • Humor
  • Mood
  • Community
  • Coolness

It seems like some people are feeling like outsiders even though they’re an important part of what we do. We should do what we can to address that. If we want more people like them to take interest, we need to give newcomers a reason to spend time on us. Such a system would allow us to preserve the peer review element of the currently judged categories while allowing non contestants the ability to have their voices heard in an official capacity. I’m not suggesting we implement it for LD32 necessarily, but maybe for LD33 as part of our site rebuild.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on this!

Rating games: A Guide?

Posted by (twitter: @battlecoder)
Friday, August 29th, 2014 4:47 pm

It’s always pretty exciting to work on a game for  ludumdare. I’ve participated alone and in team and it’s always such a great experience!

I’ve seen a few discussions popping up here and there about the judging/review process. There are several instances where it’s not THAT easy to know how to rate a game!

While I’m not a veteran, during the time I’ve been here I’ve seen people agree on “best practices” that I’ll try to outline below or at least start a healthy open discussion about them! (if I’m wrong in any of them please let me know!)


Take into account  whether the game was submitted to the compo or the Jam!

This will let you rate the game better. I know bad graphics are bad graphics, but compo games can’t be judged with the same “harshness” you would use for Jam games because they were done in less time (48 hours instead of 72), by a single person (not a team) and -in theory- during the competition! (which is not necessarily true for Jam games, where using pre-existent assets is allowed). Same with music, or the level of polish. In fact, every aspect should be judged taking into account whether is a jam or a compo game!


Make sure you read the description!

The “description” is the first and main instance for developers to communicate with future players, so a lot of them will try to post information here that will help you play and rate their game.

I know sometimes there’s nothing relevant in the description, but you’ll find that in quite a lot of games reading the description first will definitely make a difference! Perhaps the developers didn’t have time for a tutorial and you’ll find the instructions there. Perhaps all the audio was taken from somewhere else and they are honest about it in the description (more on this later), perhaps you need to install something before playing the game.  Perhaps the web version has annoying bugs and glitches the other versions don’t have. All of this is relevant and will probably help you judge their game better!


The game doesn’t run? Don’t rate it!

If the game you are trying to play is not working for you, don’t give it a low score!. The most sensible thing to do is leave a comment saying that it didn’t run on your system. If you can provide relevant information (Operating System,  Processor, graphics card, Browser, A message that popped up before crashing, etc) all the better!


Remember that N/A means Not Applicable!

If the game lacks audio, for instance, the best thing to do is to NOT rate the game in that category.  Same with humor, for instance. If it’s an emotional game about a serious topic there’s no reason to give it a 1-star rating in humor when it’s not trying to be funny.


The audio or graphics are not their own? (Open to discussion)

For jam games where assets made before the competition or freely available on the internet can be used this is a really hard topic!. A lot of developers will tell you in the description if there’s something in their game they didn’t make themselves, while others simply won’t, which makes this issue all the more complicatedl! Not really sure what the “recommended course of action” is, but when the audio for a game wasn’t made by the team I usually don’t give the game a score in that category.

If they used a mix between things they made during the jam and things they borrowed from public sources then I try to “judge” the assets they did for the game and how they “blend” with everything else.  It’s a really complicated case (and hopefully uncommon) so I’d truly love  to know what other people do when this happens!


Leave a comment!

Leaving a comment after you’ve rated a game is not only a way to let the developer know you played their entry but also a way of helping them improve their game!  Bug reports, suggestions and feedback in general (e.g: “Loved your game!”) are always welcome by developers and will most likely help them continue working on the game beyond ludumdare. Plus, a lot of people (including myself) will return you the favor!



I think that’s all the advice I can give for rating games. If you know of other “best practices” please let me know and I’ll add them here!
Having said that, go and rate some games!


Time to judge! I’ve found some really awesome games

Posted by (twitter: @Hyde_WS)
Tuesday, December 17th, 2013 6:52 pm

It’s the first time I participate on a real Ludum Dare, last year I entered the charity mini jam but nothing else, so it’s the first time for me judging and I’m REALLY ENJOYING IT 😀 I’ve found some amazing entries so far like that you should check out:

♣Channel by BradleySmith:

♣The Last Rock by Ozeotropo:

♣Process Journey by Lissar:

♣Just One More Turn by Ithildin:

♣Out by SuperPokeunicorn:


I’m having an awesome time judging so leave the link to your entry on a comment and I’ll rate and comment your game 😉 Rate mine HERE! 

Thanks ^^ 

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Looks like I missed LD25 judging.

Posted by (twitter: @Pitzik4)
Tuesday, January 8th, 2013 9:14 pm

I found time to make a playable alpha version of Prophecy of the Villain for LD25 and submit it to the Jam. Unfortunately, I have not yet had time to finish the game or to judge other games, both of which I would really have liked to do. Oh, well, I can still play the games now.

As another note, it seems like every compo I’ve gotten more ambitious. In LD23, my first Ludum Dare, I completed a rather poor game in 48 hours. In LD24, I completed what I consider to be quite a good game in 72 hours. This Ludum Dare, I aimed to make a top-down RPG, even though I’ve never made an RPG, or even a story-based game, before, and didn’t finish in time. The engine’s quite good in my opinion, though. I’m going to have to remember not to be too ambitious next compo… and not to work on the game engine for too long.


Posted by (twitter: @csanyk)
Monday, December 17th, 2012 8:25 am

The day after a Ludum Dare compo is one of my favorite days.  I am really looking forward to hearing from players about how they found my game.  I’m looking forward even more to playing other people’s games.

As always, if you play, rate, and comment on my game, I guarantee I will play, rate, and comment your game in return (assuming it’s available on a platform I have access to).

Play Bad Puppy.

Coolness and Judging People’s Entries for LD24

Posted by (twitter: @RobProductions)
Tuesday, September 4th, 2012 6:14 pm

This time around I saw a lot of good games with a lot of great art styles! Unfortunately I didn’t see much use of distinct music in a lot of games, but they were still nice.

Some things I noticed were:


(with the exception of Accidental Rebel’s Complexivity )

I ALWAYS have a pause screen in my games and for some that I played, it wasn’t even possible to quit without Force Quiting the App.

Please people think about BASICS in a first person game.

However most people nailed the graphics style, and that was nice.

Anyways thats me rambling, play my game HERE and happy gaming! <3

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