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I am in for the 4th time

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Friday, April 17th, 2015 7:45 pm

I will use the same framework as last time with one difference: I target web from the beginning on (and maybe only release a web build).

Here are the tools I will use:

  • Visual Studio 2013 with XNA 4.0 and C# (here is the base classes extracted from my previous LDs:
  • JSIL to target the web browser
  • Inkscape for graphics
  • bfxr for sound effects
  • some python script to randomly generate looping music (let’s hope I can find it again, don’t know the name or author, but it was posted on this blog on a previous contest)

I highly recommend JSIL if you are using XNA, because let’s be honest, most users can’t be bothered to download a game. In case anyone wonders what is involved in porting a XNA game to the web it is really straight forward (there is also a great if you are stuck):

  1. Check out the repository and its submodules: git clone –recursive
  2. Build JSIL with Visual Studio
  3. If you use audio you need an ogg encoder, download oggenc2.exe and place it into JSIL\Upstream\OggEnc
  4. Use the files from this gist:
  5. Copy the *.jsilconfig file in the same folder as your SLN and name it <YOUR SOLUTION NAME>.sln.jsilconfig
  6. Copy the buildJSIL.cmd in the same folder as your SLN and adapt the project names
  7. Copy index.html and index.css in the output folder specified in buildJSIL.cmd and replace the project specific names
  8. Copy the folder JSIL\Libraries in the output folder specified in buildJSIL.cmd

You can now run buildJSIL.cmd. It will compile your solution and generate JS files. If you want to test it, you can run a simple web server in the output directory (python -m http.server).


Kerinova Studios LD27 Report- Hour: 4

Friday, August 23rd, 2013 11:26 pm

The second bi-hourly post has come, and I am really late for it. One hour and 20 minutes late in fact. Oh well. Better late than never, as they always say.


I am starting to get really tired. Ludum Dare started at a fairly bad time for me. It started at 6:00 PM, so by the time Ludum Dare began, I was already wake for like 12 hours. Nevertheless, I continued on for as long as possible. So, what have I gotten done since the last post?


If you remember, during the last post, I had nothing playable. Just some engine level stuff. In the 3:30 hours since then, I have finished most of the core features. I finished about 25% of the assets, and got more done on ideas.


I now have a working menu :) Which is sort of playable I guess. So goal number 2 finished, Goal number 1 sort of failed.

I don’t really like this menu background. I will probably change it later.

I don’t however, like the menu. I think it is rather ugly, and will need a revamp later on.



The game itself isn’t playable. I still need to finish the tile, player, and enemy assets. Tomorrow will be a lot of asset work, then debugging all the things I couldn’t test, because I didn’t have assets.

You might say a solution to the debug problem, is to use placeholders. However I hate placeholders. I would rather spend the art time doing something that may end up in the final submission.


Nevertheless, I am making decent progress so far. 42 hours and a half to go.



Before the next post, my goals are:

  1. Get sleep.
  2. Work on the game in my dreams.

You can follow my live stream at, and my live tweets at

You can follow my Ludum Dare blogs at

Finished the web port of my XNA game!

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Thursday, May 2nd, 2013 11:24 am

In order to make my entry more accessible, I decided to port my game to the web using JSIL (check it out, the project is great:

It even supports an Xbox controller (at least in Chrome), so give it a try:

Oh, and if you also want to port your XNA game and get stuck, don’t hesitate to write me a message!

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