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Hide Them – Why it’s an Arcade game ?

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Wednesday, May 7th, 2014 8:04 am

Hello guys !

I’m Silii (from and i’m the graphist and leveldesigner of “Hide them” a ld29 Jam Entry (With Yacodo at dev).

We have actually many good feedback for Hide Them. So I talked with my imaginary twin (Not Yacodo, just another me), and we decided to share… why it’s an arcade game.
First, The Theme.

When the bell rang, and the theme was revealed, we remained skeptical. (Yacodo & me, already.)
Many, many, many games would take place underwater, or on the ground, where you would have to dig for win.

So we made a “Brainstorming” and scratched all raw ideas. (To avoid that we make a game “like everyone else”). After that, we went to sleep ( The theme was revealed at “3h am” in France).

Our last ideas (after removed ~15-20) :

  • “you can’t judge a book by its cover”  (In France, the term talking about someone’s appearance, and says it does not reflect the person for sure, and we must look below. “Il ne faut pas se fier aux apparences”)
  • Dome, under a dome (Control of an ecosystem through a window, or a dome)
  • Minimalist Grrr this theme is everywhere!
  • A mole must uproot all the carrots in garden. (Not really good, it’s same the idea : “dig for win”)
  • Beneath the surface… of the atmosphere. (can be compared to “dome”)

Yacodo and I decided after very, very lengthy deliberations (5 minutes ?) to work on a prototype.

I drew this, with Yacodo’s idea (Dôme) :

First Draw ld29 - Hide them


So, a count of hours later, we have other look for the game.



We thought our game with controls finally based on the “platforms”. And “item_personage” want to go in front of him, always.. same.. Lemmings, or… Ants.
the platforms can Upwards or downwards.

After, for a better challenge,  we thought the plateforms wasn’t all upwards or all downwards. So, was better if we can just “change the plateform position” with.. one button.




(I don’t have screen for Saturdays night or sunday morning.. :/)

But, in the night… brain work. 😀

Characters walking underground after falling into the pit for an unknow reason … It’s still a game under ground like any other. We need something else … What is our game, if we forget the graphis … OH. it’s Like ..  an arcade game!

Yes! The player goes play on the arcade box in his living room, insert a coin and play “Hide them”!

We have to change graphism !  ( for screen I only have Interface)



Oh, and it also changes the window for an arcade look.



It was a fast story about the Hide Them‘s “Arcade skin”


I hope you like it (More than my bad english.)

If you want to see the “Congrulatation” or “Game over” screen, try to finish the game !

Play : Hide Them


Play : Hide Them

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