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#ludumdare is a fun place

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Wednesday, December 30th, 2015 9:11 am

15:36 < LiamLime> The distribution of ratings in LD is literally a gaussian curve
15:36 < LiamLime> Which does not represent the actual quality
15:37 < LiamLime>
15:37 < LiamLime> that’s for overall from the last jam, for example
15:37 < LiamLime> blue being compo, green being jam
15:37 < LiamLime> theme:
15:37 < LiamLime> fun:
15:38 < LiamLime> audio:
15:38 < LiamLime> etc
15:38 < LiamLime> It’s all normal distributions
15:38 < LiamLime> Basically what you’d get if everyone cast a completely random vote
15:39 < Inari[Neppy]> LiamLime: with a random vote you’d get random games gettin good votes
15:40 < Inari[Neppy]> not good games getting good votes
15:40 < LiamLime> Inari[Neppy] The distribution does not represent what the games are like in LD
15:40 < Inari[Neppy]> LiamLime: how so?
15:40 < LiamLime> The majority of the graph should be descending
15:41 < LiamLime> Especially for overall
15:41 < LiamLime> there should be many games with an average overall of 1 and 2, and ever fewer as you get towards the 5 region
15:42 < LiamLime> I mean literally
15:42 < LiamLime> If you had a random number generator make up votes, this is what you’d get:
15:42 < LiamLime> Peek at 3, as you’d expect
15:42 < Inari[Neppy]> sure, but not the same games would ge tthe same votes
15:42 < Fine> that depends on the number generator
15:43 < Fine> normal distribution is probably a good approximation for the average back-pat LD vote, though
15:43 < Jwatt> Yeah
15:43 < Jwatt> The sorta person who leaves a comment like “nice”
15:43 < Jwatt> And rates everything 3
15:43 < Fine> alliel_a says …
15:43 < Fine> Dec 26, 2015 @ 1:00pm
15:43 < Fine> nice game
15:43 < Jwatt> The sorta person who owns flanel shirts
15:43 < LiamLime> But if backpatting is a consideration, then you are left with 3 votes to cast
15:43 < Fine> I am basically Notch now
15:43 < Jwatt> The sorta person who likes vanilla ice cream
15:43 < LiamLime> 3 = horrible, bad, awful, medicore, back pat
15:43 < LiamLime> 4 = alright
15:43 < LiamLime> 5 = good
15:44 < Jwatt> The sorta person who thinks space is kinda cool but only looks at pictures of nebulae with quotes on them
15:44 < Inari[Neppy]> whats wrong iwth liking vanilla icecream
15:44 < LiamLime> Hey, remember when demotivators were a thing?
15:44 < Jwatt> The sorta person who isn’t affected by post-9/11 zeitgeist
15:44 < Inari[Neppy]> just cause you like your icecream kinky
15:44 < Fine> holy shit my game has like 30% nice-rate
15:45 < Jwatt> The sorta person who codes in Java
15:45 < Fine> it’s terrible isn’t it
15:45 < LiamLime> Anyway
15:45 < LiamLime>
15:45 < Jwatt> The sorta person who uses windshield wipers in the summer
15:45 < Jwatt> The sorta person who doesn’t discriminate between varieties of orange juice
15:46 < Inari[Neppy]> OJ is a nice topic
15:46 < Jwatt> Let me have this guys I’m having a field day
15:46 < Inari[Neppy]> i have to yet find one that tastes good
15:46 < Inari[Neppy]> they all dont taste like OJ
15:46 < Inari[Neppy]> :<
15:46 < Jwatt> The sorta person who thinks Kindle books are the same thing as physical books
15:46 < Inari[Neppy]> they mostly are ;D
15:46 < Fine> do they think Minecraft is great
15:46 < Jwatt> The sorta person who hasn’t cancelled their subscription to newspapers in 2015
15:47 < Inari[Neppy]> lol
15:47 < Inari[Neppy]> jwatt typing out all the things she hates
15:47 < Jwatt> The sorta person who thinks cannibalism is morally wrong but hasn’t ever had to argue against it
15:48 < Jwatt> The sorta person whose favorite color is “plaid”
15:48 < Jwatt> The sorta person who played the guitar in high school but hasn’t since
15:48 < Fine> you sure hate plaid, don’t you
15:48 < Fine> what did the scotsmen do to you
15:49 < Jwatt> Hold on we’re almost at the end guys
15:49 < Fine> are you gonna keep going until this is specific enough to identify a single person you particularly dislike
15:49 < Jwatt> The sorta person who doesn’t care about the distinction between “bit” and “byte”
15:50 < Jwatt> The sorta person who’s gonna call you out if you say “tomorrow” when you mean the day that’s already changed at 00:20
15:50 < Inari[Neppy]> days change at 00:20?
15:51 < Jwatt> The sorta person who would be a smartass about the thing I am criticising about smartasses
15:51 < Fine> the sorta person who points out your slightly unclear wording when you are quickly typing out train-of-thought
15:51 < Inari[Neppy]> lol
15:51 < Jwatt> The sorta person who owns those little wet towel things
15:52 < Inari[Neppy]> the sorta person that dislikes polygamy by principle :<
15:52 < Jwatt> The sorta person who thinks 128 kbps sounds okay and consequently has their entire music library at that quality
15:52 < Jwatt> The sorta person whose favorite band is “whatever’s on the radio but no rap or country”
15:53 < Fine> rap is awful though
15:53 < Inari[Neppy]> interesting point
15:53 < Inari[Neppy]> i dont have a favourite band, mostly because no band i’Ve found yet had more than a few songs i liked 😛
15:53 < Jwatt> (The implication is that that’s all the genres they can name but we’ll get to that once I’m done with this gold mine)
15:53 < Inari[Neppy]> usually i like 1-2
15:53 < Inari[Neppy]> and then none
15:54 < Jwatt> The sorta person who takes yearly photos of themselves in the same set with the same clothes and the same expression
15:55 < Jwatt> And the sorta person who read all this shit and finds nothing amusing in any of it
15:55 < Jwatt> There
15:55 < Jwatt> I’m done
15:55 < Jwatt> For now DUN DUN DUNNN
15:55 * Inari[Neppy] hands Jwatt a medal
15:59 < Fine> Jwatt: oh, oh, the sorta person who lists “Having fun” as one of their interest
16:00 < VDZ> I personally consider ‘nice concept’ to be worse than ‘nice’
16:00 < VDZ> Like, what’s that supposed to mean? ‘At least you tried’?
16:01 < Jwatt> Fine: I like that
16:01 < Inari[Neppy]> it means they like your take on the theme
16:01 < Inari[Neppy]> imo 😛
16:01 < VDZ> Probably not what the poster is trying to say, they’re just posting a random positive comment
16:01 < Fine> I also had comments in the past tense
16:01 < VDZ> But like, what about the actual thing I made
16:01 < Jwatt> They just felt like they had to say something
16:01 < Jwatt> Cause they’re that sorta person
16:01 < Fine> I guess what I’ll take home is the game doesn’t hold your interest that long
16:01 < Inari[Neppy]> VDZ: well it might imply your concept is nicer than your execution
16:01 < VDZ> I spent like half an hour coming up with an idea, then I worked my ass off to make it
16:02 < Jwatt> Who thinks silence is worse than pooping out some noise from your mouth

Ludum Dare on IRC!

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Friday, December 5th, 2014 5:23 pm

Remember that when the theme is announced, the website usually shuts down for a while. The theme is available on Twitter, of course…But what you might not be aware of is that the theme is announced on IRC, with lots of people watching! The channel is silenced while the theme is announced, then a couple minutes later it’s un-silenced and everyone celebrates or complains…It’s an all-around fun event! So join us on IRC in a couple hours. I’ll be sticking around a while after the announcement to brainstorm game ideas with everyone in the channel!

(…unless the theme is ☃, in which case I may be completely out of ideas)

Note to self

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Friday, April 18th, 2014 1:32 pm

23:16 < Jiggawatt> For Ludum Dare I’d actually like an idea guy
23:16 < Jiggawatt> Who does some of the boring GUI coding and shiz
23:16 < DesertRock> Yeah, I’d like a teammate who does all of the boring codinga s well
23:16 < bitslap> those things are usually put in place in the end
23:17 < Jiggawatt> When I get actual feedback beyond “this is confusing”, I usually instantly see what I could’ve done differently
23:17 < bitslap> ah yes
23:17 < Jiggawatt> And that would’ve been useful when I was making the damn thing
23:17 < Sirikan> I would love a team mate who could do all the art and stuff lol
23:17 < Beardbotnik> Id love a team mate who could do all the programming and stuff
23:17 < Jiggawatt> I really have no problem doing code, design, art or audio
23:17 < samooJAM> ludumdate
23:18 < Jiggawatt> But there’s some gaps that could be fixed with a fresh pair of eyes
23:18 < Jiggawatt> samooJAM: woah
23:18 < Jiggawatt> Idea time
23:18 < Sirikan> I am hoping this teaches me to do art though :p. Save so much money on other projects I want to eventually work on.
23:18 < bitslap> haha
23:18 < bitslap> go nuts
23:18 < Jiggawatt> Imagine a site that matches people before Ludum Dare
23:18 < Beardbotnik> that would be cool
23:18 < Jiggawatt> You enter skills you have and skills you want
23:18 < bitslap> <3 ludumdate could be big
23:18 < Jiggawatt> And it’d match people based on that
23:19 < DesertRock> Sounds like a new kind of game jam
23:19 < Jiggawatt> It’s not really a new kind of game jam
23:19 < Sirikan> lol only problem is i bet we all cbf creating it
23:19 < bitslap> samooJAM: for idea president
23:19 < Beardbotnik> maybe try to match people who are similar level in a way by matching up their Ludum Dare info
23:19 < Jiggawatt> We did that in our local GGJ
23:19 < Beardbotnik> like game ratings and how mayn they have entered
23:19 < Jiggawatt> But it’d be especially useful in a large online event like LD
23:19 < samooJAM> i heard ludumdate before, what was it about?
23:19 < DesertRock> Naw, you get forced on a team based of your skill sets
23:19 < Beardbotnik> The only problem is dependability at that point
23:20 < Sirikan> yeah if one of your team members disapears your screwed
23:20 < Beardbotnik> and ensuring that the artist and programmer have their tools matched up
23:20 < Beardbotnik> like 3d artist vs 2d artist vs pixel artist
23:20 < Sirikan> 2d artist can just do voxel art all good 😛
23:21 < Sirikan> kinda like pixels right? 😛
23:21 < Beardbotnik> yeah but some artists might be tired of that type of art
23:21 < Jiggawatt> Okay so it’s settled
23:21 < Jiggawatt> LD30: the premiere of Ludum Date
23:21 < bitslap> cool
23:21 < bitslap> do make it
23:21 < Beardbotnik> especiallysince voxel art could easily be done by programmers
23:21 < Jiggawatt> Who wants to code that thing with me after LD29

An encounter with the LD28 winner

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Tuesday, January 7th, 2014 6:17 am

15:00 < Jiggawatt> I liked the old Sheepolution better
15:01 < bitslap> so much feel
15:01 < Jiggawatt> Not this fame-dazzled abomination
15:01 < Sheepolution> What did I say wrong?! T-T
15:01 < bitslap> very heart
15:01 < Jiggawatt> Look what’s happened to you man
15:01 < Jiggawatt> We used to be friends
15:01 < Sheepolution> Am I unaware of how much this victory is changing me?
15:01 < Jiggawatt> Now you’re dumping me for some cocaine and ladies
15:01 < bitslap> i am dumping cocaine on your laides
15:02 < Jiggawatt> When we were kids, you were like “let’s make games together forever, aniki!”
15:02 < Jiggawatt> And now there’s no room for Jigga in the limo
15:02 < [popogames]nopogo> just fell asleep on my keyboard
15:03 < [popogames]nopogo> woke up at a perfect time i see
15:03 < Sheepolution> Jigga, listen to me. I want you to promise me something.
15:03 < Sheepolution> Please.. please do this for me.
15:03 < Sheepolution> If I ever touch any lady or cocaine again.
15:03 < Sheepolution> Will you kill me?
15:03 < Sheepolution> I.. I don’t want to hurt people like you any longer!
15:03 < Jiggawatt> Now there’s a promise I can keep
15:03 < Jiggawatt> C’mere bro
15:03  * Jiggawatt MANHUG
15:04  * Sheepolution HUG
15:04  * bitslap shits a brick
15:04 < Jiggawatt> (slow-motion footage)
15:04 < Jiggawatt> (cheesy emotional music)
15:05 < [popogames]nopogo> im waiting for the knife in the back hug move
15:05 < Jiggawatt> Wait what
15:05 < Jiggawatt> Where’d he go
15:05  * Sheepolution sniffs
15:05 < Jiggawatt> Suddenly I’m hugging a bag of rice
15:06 < Jiggawatt> GODDAMMIT
15:06 < Jiggawatt> He’s over there with the ladies again
15:06 < [popogames]nopogo> classic
15:06 < Sheepolution> OH SHIT
15:06 < [popogames]nopogo> clearly sniffing coke
15:06 < Sheepolution> These are just.. fans! Ludum Dare fans
15:06 < Sheepolution> OH SHIT
15:06 < Sheepolution> With bags of sugar!
15:07  * Jiggawatt MANSTAB
15:08 < Jiggawatt> Well… looks like there’s room for Jigga in the limo!
15:08 < Jiggawatt> (laugh track)
15:08 < Jiggawatt> (credits roll)

Blind Date Micro-LD

Posted by of Platymuus (twitter: @SpaceManiacX)
Sunday, September 6th, 2009 8:27 pm

A few of us in IRC did a Micro-LD to test out the blind date concept – each participant makes a set of graphics, and then gets assigned someone else’s set to use to make a game.

Myself, Edwardoka, fydo, Almost, and MrDude did graphics. Fydo didn’t start on a game, and Edwardoka and I gave up – that leaves two (very good) entries:
FLUTTER by Almost (MrDude’s graphics):
Space Dodger by MrDude (fydo’s graphics):

Just thought I’d give a shout-out :)

towlr warm up.. because.. there are still 2 hours left!

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Friday, April 17th, 2009 4:45 pm

just to let anyone who feels like warming up for the main compo with a little towlr action and who wasn’t hanging in IRC.. there is a little towlr precompo going on… you’ve been warned.  :)

and for those of you who have been spared from towlr so far… here is the link:

[cache: storing page]