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Ludum Dare 31 — Coming December 5th-8th 2014!

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  • October Ends: in 8 days, 2 hours, 12 minutes, 19 seconds
  • Ludum Dare 31 begins: in 43 days, 3 hours, 0 minutes, 19 seconds
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    Note to self

    Posted by
    Friday, April 18th, 2014 1:32 pm

    23:16 < Jiggawatt> For Ludum Dare I’d actually like an idea guy
    23:16 < Jiggawatt> Who does some of the boring GUI coding and shiz
    23:16 < DesertRock> Yeah, I’d like a teammate who does all of the boring codinga s well
    23:16 < bitslap> those things are usually put in place in the end
    23:17 < Jiggawatt> When I get actual feedback beyond “this is confusing”, I usually instantly see what I could’ve done differently
    23:17 < bitslap> ah yes
    23:17 < Jiggawatt> And that would’ve been useful when I was making the damn thing
    23:17 < Sirikan> I would love a team mate who could do all the art and stuff lol
    23:17 < Beardbotnik> Id love a team mate who could do all the programming and stuff
    23:17 < Jiggawatt> I really have no problem doing code, design, art or audio
    23:17 < samooJAM> ludumdate
    23:18 < Jiggawatt> But there’s some gaps that could be fixed with a fresh pair of eyes
    23:18 < Jiggawatt> samooJAM: woah
    23:18 < Jiggawatt> Idea time
    23:18 < Sirikan> I am hoping this teaches me to do art though :p. Save so much money on other projects I want to eventually work on.
    23:18 < bitslap> haha
    23:18 < bitslap> go nuts
    23:18 < Jiggawatt> Imagine a site that matches people before Ludum Dare
    23:18 < Beardbotnik> that would be cool
    23:18 < Jiggawatt> You enter skills you have and skills you want
    23:18 < bitslap> <3 ludumdate could be big
    23:18 < Jiggawatt> And it’d match people based on that
    23:19 < DesertRock> Sounds like a new kind of game jam
    23:19 < Jiggawatt> It’s not really a new kind of game jam
    23:19 < Sirikan> lol only problem is i bet we all cbf creating it
    23:19 < bitslap> samooJAM: for idea president
    23:19 < Beardbotnik> maybe try to match people who are similar level in a way by matching up their Ludum Dare info
    23:19 < Jiggawatt> We did that in our local GGJ
    23:19 < Beardbotnik> like game ratings and how mayn they have entered
    23:19 < Jiggawatt> But it’d be especially useful in a large online event like LD
    23:19 < samooJAM> i heard ludumdate before, what was it about?
    23:19 < DesertRock> Naw, you get forced on a team based of your skill sets
    23:19 < Beardbotnik> The only problem is dependability at that point
    23:20 < Sirikan> yeah if one of your team members disapears your screwed
    23:20 < Beardbotnik> and ensuring that the artist and programmer have their tools matched up
    23:20 < Beardbotnik> like 3d artist vs 2d artist vs pixel artist
    23:20 < Sirikan> 2d artist can just do voxel art all good :P
    23:21 < Sirikan> kinda like pixels right? :P
    23:21 < Beardbotnik> yeah but some artists might be tired of that type of art
    23:21 < Jiggawatt> Okay so it’s settled
    23:21 < Jiggawatt> LD30: the premiere of Ludum Date
    23:21 < bitslap> cool
    23:21 < bitslap> do make it
    23:21 < Beardbotnik> especiallysince voxel art could easily be done by programmers
    23:21 < Jiggawatt> Who wants to code that thing with me after LD29

    An encounter with the LD28 winner

    Posted by
    Tuesday, January 7th, 2014 6:17 am

    15:00 < Jiggawatt> I liked the old Sheepolution better
    15:01 < bitslap> so much feel
    15:01 < Jiggawatt> Not this fame-dazzled abomination
    15:01 < Sheepolution> What did I say wrong?! T-T
    15:01 < bitslap> very heart
    15:01 < Jiggawatt> Look what’s happened to you man
    15:01 < Jiggawatt> We used to be friends
    15:01 < Sheepolution> Am I unaware of how much this victory is changing me?
    15:01 < Jiggawatt> Now you’re dumping me for some cocaine and ladies
    15:01 < bitslap> i am dumping cocaine on your laides
    15:02 < Jiggawatt> When we were kids, you were like “let’s make games together forever, aniki!”
    15:02 < Jiggawatt> And now there’s no room for Jigga in the limo
    15:02 < [popogames]nopogo> just fell asleep on my keyboard
    15:03 < [popogames]nopogo> woke up at a perfect time i see
    15:03 < Sheepolution> Jigga, listen to me. I want you to promise me something.
    15:03 < Sheepolution> Please.. please do this for me.
    15:03 < Sheepolution> If I ever touch any lady or cocaine again.
    15:03 < Sheepolution> Will you kill me?
    15:03 < Sheepolution> I.. I don’t want to hurt people like you any longer!
    15:03 < Jiggawatt> Now there’s a promise I can keep
    15:03 < Jiggawatt> C’mere bro
    15:03  * Jiggawatt MANHUG
    15:04  * Sheepolution HUG
    15:04  * bitslap shits a brick
    15:04 < Jiggawatt> (slow-motion footage)
    15:04 < Jiggawatt> (cheesy emotional music)
    15:05 < [popogames]nopogo> im waiting for the knife in the back hug move
    15:05 < Jiggawatt> Wait what
    15:05 < Jiggawatt> Where’d he go
    15:05  * Sheepolution sniffs
    15:05 < Jiggawatt> Suddenly I’m hugging a bag of rice
    15:06 < Jiggawatt> GODDAMMIT
    15:06 < Jiggawatt> He’s over there with the ladies again
    15:06 < [popogames]nopogo> classic
    15:06 < Sheepolution> OH SHIT
    15:06 < [popogames]nopogo> clearly sniffing coke
    15:06 < Sheepolution> These are just.. fans! Ludum Dare fans
    15:06 < Sheepolution> OH SHIT
    15:06 < Sheepolution> With bags of sugar!
    15:07  * Jiggawatt MANSTAB
    15:08 < Jiggawatt> Well… looks like there’s room for Jigga in the limo!
    15:08 < Jiggawatt> (laugh track)
    15:08 < Jiggawatt> (credits roll)

    Blind Date Micro-LD

    Posted by of Platymuus (twitter: @SpaceManiacX)
    Sunday, September 6th, 2009 8:27 pm

    A few of us in IRC did a Micro-LD to test out the blind date concept – each participant makes a set of graphics, and then gets assigned someone else’s set to use to make a game.

    Myself, Edwardoka, fydo, Almost, and MrDude did graphics. Fydo didn’t start on a game, and Edwardoka and I gave up – that leaves two (very good) entries:
    FLUTTER by Almost (MrDude’s graphics): http://filesmelt.com/downloader/FLUTTER.zip
    Space Dodger by MrDude (fydo’s graphics): http://pycron-ld48.googlecode.com/files/Space-Dodger.zip

    Just thought I’d give a shout-out :)

    towlr warm up.. because.. there are still 2 hours left!

    Posted by
    Friday, April 17th, 2009 4:45 pm

    just to let anyone who feels like warming up for the main compo with a little towlr action and who wasn’t hanging in IRC.. there is a little towlr precompo going on… you’ve been warned.  :)

    and for those of you who have been spared from towlr so far… here is the link: http://www.towlr.com

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