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[Whitesnake] Day 2: “It just spawns a bunch of cubes….”

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Saturday, December 14th, 2013 6:33 pm

Day 2: #Rope Physics


#yogo Day 2:  #ropephysics demo featuring theChris

sigfig is putting some test levels together and is animating some of the enemies:

Level Geometry

The interns are getting the AI cracking:

The interns learn the #ropes

#Headdesk count at 1900 hours: 4

“Please, please let me undo… Why won’t you undo plz VI mode plz” -theChris



[Whitesnake] We’re In it!

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Friday, December 13th, 2013 9:22 pm

Hiya folks!

We’re Whitesnake out of Austin, TX.


A hardy and handsome bunch, right? We’re all students roughing it at The University of Texas at Austin. We’ve all just finished with our final exams and we’re raring to continue our trend of stressful, sleepless crunch work for LD28!

Here’s theChris, our lead programer and executive producer (we’re set up in his living room)


sigfig, our artguy and level designer! He’s pleased to meetcha!


Our excited interns interns Antonio and Axel (who are Latin American!)


Look how excited they are! It’s their first time working with Unity, so we’re having them and their youthful enthusiasm pair program.

I’m aomeng, here’s my ugly mug:


Whitesnake’s got a few ideas kicking around for a first-person Unity game, so stay tuned for when we decide on one! We’re currently networking our computers together and setting up git:


We’re looking forwards to scope creep and poor breakfast decisions! To be continued….




Linkrunner = Wikipedian Tag. Mostly.

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Sunday, September 13th, 2009 2:22 pm

I knew I’d seen a game like this somewhere; HybridMind surreptitiously reminded me that it belongs to Jeremy Bushnell, whom I dearly hope doesn’t mind my stealing it shamelessly. Perhaps I should ask.

I should ask.

Anyway, soldiering on in the face of an almost certain copyright violation:

Progress! Even though things look the same.

Progress! Even though things look the same.

I’ve got both AI players working — they’re not the smartest in the world, but they’ll do. And the Chaser will give you a run for your money if he picks up the trail. Pretty pleased about that. Still have a few bugs relating to turn length and whatnot floating around, but I welcome criticism! And suggestions!

You can download a windows build here, if you want to give it a spin. Or click mindlessly for half an hour in something other than Firefox. Same thing, really.

After re-discovering HybridMind’s friend’s ruleset, I realized I’m doing a pretty mediocre job of enforcing those rules. I may go back and make this an explicit version of Wikipedian Tag, just to go with the tried-and-playtested rules they’ve hammered out. Not without getting very definite permission, though — that would feel overwhelmingly like theft, even moreso than now.

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