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One Room Hotel

Posted by (twitter: @@manuScythe)
Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 2:28 pm

I made it!
Here’s my game:

You are the cheeky owner of a Hotel with just one room and a bus full of blind clients just broke down in front of your #OneRoomHotel!

Use your left click and right click to build walls to avoid guests from noticing each other!

Guests will keep coming from time to time and for you to keep cashing in! 100€ each. But if one finds another, its game over lady!
How usurer can you get??



(Click on the “Play” sign on the reception table to start playing)

->> Let everyone know how much money you made in the comments below! <<-

note: Made by ManuScythe using GameMaker, Audacity. All code,  graphics, music and sfx were made from scratch. Ye music and sfx is me mumbling  hahaha

Floor is lava !

Posted by (twitter: @wawruch_szymon)
Monday, December 12th, 2016 7:41 pm



Team “Barely possible” is done !

It was great fun for us and we are happy with the final shape of the game, but don’t believe us see for yourself


Play game

When I asked team what thoughts they want to share they said :

” I had twisted wrist, and 6 hours long internet breakdown!” – Programmer

” It was my first game jam, it was cool.” – Lead Senior Art

“It sucks to quote yourself.” – Designer

“Lava game? Pretty cool. 8/10” – Rock, Pipeline, Shogun
“Hotter than Icy Tower. 6/9”     – Kamasutra
“Better than Pompeii.  7/9”        – Times New Roman


Performance issues? Try other memory modes: 128Mb, 256Mb or 512Mb

Hello everybody!

Posted by
Saturday, December 10th, 2016 6:40 am

We’re joining for another year!! This time we will try making the game with:

  • unity
  • photoshop or similar
  • music is in discuss

We’ll be posting our progress in the next hours.

Good luck! 😉


Touch the Monolith! DONE!

Sunday, August 28th, 2016 11:19 am

With a bunch of time to spare.

Touch the Monolith is a micropuzzle game akin to something like WarioWare but without a time limit. Take your time.. back in time to the Dawn of Man and make some discoveries!

Try it!





Friday, August 5th, 2016 10:50 am

Hey, Ludum Dare!


We create game-ready Art. Over one thousand #developers use our assets now!

We organize specially discounts for LD36 on Cubebrush. All products have a discount of 60%
Check out store on Cubebrush (.unitypackage + source files)

Discount code: Ludum-dare-august

Also, check our Unity AssetStore (Only .unitypackage)

Box scr_01Boxscr_03


Posted by (twitter: @Doubstract)
Monday, April 11th, 2016 5:04 am

I will be participating for my 7th time this time :). I am so excited for this one! Someone just give me a theme, I want to make a game NOW!!!

Technical stuff that I will be using:

  1. Unity
  2. Blender
  4. Photoshop (if needed)
  5. And the most important thing – BRAIN POWER by NOMA


My votes for themes:

Round 1: Votes

Round 2: Votes

This time I will try to make a game with my beloved low poly minimalistic art style, what do you think about this piece:



October Challenge: Bionic 1.0.0 Alpha

Posted by (twitter: @mattlawrdev)
Friday, October 30th, 2015 9:30 am

Hello devs,

I posted here about the alpha version of my game, Bionic, a couple weeks back (and this is not an accidental post like a couple nights ago). The game is a multiplayer fps, and I’ve spent time on my own putting it together over the past year or so. My deadline is today, so here are links to my precious game (that you can check out for free):

Entry Page

Game Jolt


YouTube Trailer

Thumbnail B

I’ve entered it in the October Challenge… hopefully I can earn $1! ☺

There’s bound to be many problems related to networking… so please tolerate any inconvenience for now. I will continue to add to the game in the afternoon, when I am not busy.

Find me on Twitter and Facebook and expect an event to play with me this weekend. Thanks for reading, enjoy!

Bionic and the October Challenge…

Posted by (twitter: @mattlawrdev)
Wednesday, October 14th, 2015 10:51 am

Hey fellow devs,

I have some good news. I’ve been slowly working on a browser-based multiplayer FPS called Bionic for the past year or so. My goal for this game has been to create a complete, 100% free shooter experience. Since I also have school to worry about, this project has definitely been time consuming, but also rewarding. I have enjoyed every stage of development and I’ve learned priceless skills making Bionic.

I’m finally ready to announce that the Alpha version of Bionic is to be released this month, and that I will enter it in the October Challenge. This is a big step because I’ve never released a huge project like this, let alone a multiplayer FPS game, which is something few indie developers make. Here’s the Alpha announcement trailer:

So sure, maybe I’ll earn a dollar or two for the challenge… but that’s not the point of this at all. I see the October Challenge as the perfect event to push me to release my game for everyone to play. I’d greatly appreciate any support, so please share the news with your friends. Please keep an eye on this game using the links below! Thanks!




Feedback for Space survival odyssey [Indies Vs Gamers]

Posted by (twitter: @gillenewnovo)
Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015 4:27 pm
Space survival odyssey Gameplay

This time it was a hard time creating the game.. I started trying to create a multiplayer but I give up, and when left 16 hours to deadline I decided to start another game that was this spaceman game.

Survive in the space, collect itens exploding meteors and explore the vast outer space.

How to play?

Basically you have three status bars and they measure the percentage of: oxygen; plasma (ammunition) and foot jet fuel.

  • Oxygen | Your oxygen will be constantly running out, for get more and to also continue alive you need to explore the pieces of meteors
  • Plasma | Ammunition for your gun, auto reloads when the gun is not being used
  • Foot jet fuel | Fuel of jet boots, auto reloads when on the ground

Currently there are 3 types of items: golden coins; blue jewelry and capsules of oxygen.

The time in space passes very quickly, so the longer you survive, better for your health 😀

Please play and rate it or just leave a feedback :)

link to Game Jolt game > Here!

and also check out this video below to see how it born!

Greedy Knight – New updates!

Posted by
Saturday, May 9th, 2015 7:15 pm

Hey, what’s up guys?!

We have been working on some new updates and bug fixes!
Play the new version in your browser


Greedy Knight gameplay

Don’t forget to check it out and rate our game at Greedy Knight’s entry!!!
See ya!!!

Hazardisc Post Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @JerryLeeLodbrok)
Wednesday, April 29th, 2015 1:16 am

Hazardisc is a single-screen action/fighting with single player and two player local competitive modes. You can play with the Keyboard or Xinput Gamepads, no need to toggle between the two the game will recognize which input you are using.


Check out Hazardisc on the Ludum Dare Page Here


The ugly gif !!!

Posted by (twitter: @Freaknarf)
Sunday, December 21st, 2014 8:39 am

Another late stuff : an ugly gif, badly compressed, of infamous DEATHMETALSLUG jam entry !

I know everyone loves ugly gameplay small animations, so here it comes, in case you didn’t tried the game or hadn’t a chance to see what it looked like until now. You see? there is blood, and destruction, and tiny guys killing each others. Sounds fun no ? Come on, I know this gif horror makes you horny, give it a try now :)

I hope the next ugly gameplay animation will be made under a less ugly game version.



HA and if you is ever convinced by this incredible unholy mediatic strike :

1 If you are not under windows, sorry it won’t work :( you  rather watch this gif until you eyes bleed than try to struggle with gamejolt URL version : it is just a java launcher of the executable, sorry for those who had the guts to avoid MS.

2 Even if you’re in love with MS you better download the game rather than have trouble with java. Quickplay works… if java version is exactly the same gamejolt expects (I think 7.51. ; 8 .xx will not work, nor under 7.51). Itch or gamejolt’s executable works 100%. (just tell me if it sucks)

3 No really leave java aside. I’ll be very long to load even if you’re ok with versions… Why did i put a shitty java version in url ? because i could, and i am someone annoying. If you persist,have a black screen but no java error, it’s loading.Nothing will happen until everything is loaded.This sucks.

4 Thanks to those who already gave good comments, and enjoyed it, this is heart reviving :)


Making a game

Posted by
Wednesday, December 17th, 2014 2:43 am


Hey guys, I wanted to share with you the story of my first officially released game…

I had many attempts before this, had great plans great ideas but unfortunate none of them get anywhere…. why ? because I aimed to high, I wanted to create the best game ever with all the possible features and all this by my self.

With this last game, I approached differently, with the idea, I will create a game with the basic features in place and after I released it will add more, if I have the mood and the time… and as it seems this worked.

Here is the game : for now just Android, will add iOS asap.

It’s insane to realize how many details you need for a little game like this, banners, images, descriptions, icons, etc.

I also setup a facebook app and a facebook page to promote the app :

The effort involved :

  • about 300 hours of my work, programming, art, facebook page, webservice, other accounts requred (abmob, etc)
  • about 100$ in art
  • about 50$ in sound
  • 150$ in unity plugins (which I will use in other projects)

The tools used ware very basic :

The art and the sound for purchased from envato websites.

Thanks !

Some more progress with Director’s Cut!

Posted by (twitter: @OtroraGames)
Sunday, December 14th, 2014 8:34 am

Post compo version is coming along pretty nice. Since last weekend I’ve added a new background and some tunes. Now it was time to tweaks the controls a bit and put some emphasis on characters animations. Check out the game in motion with this gif and give it a try if you haven’t.


Posted by (twitter: @_is_this_the_)
Sunday, August 31st, 2014 2:04 am

Hello, everyone. Iam ‘the’, and i made a game for this Ludum Dare, named ‘KOSMOVALSE‘. It is a game where you fly in open space around asteroids, kill monsters, collect armor and health bonuses and earn scores.
Of course, i planned to make something more, but it is a 48 hours competition, right?


So, let’s talk firstly about two big fails in my game:

  1. Theme. I wanted to do really small worlds in every asteroids with bosses and NPC. And enemies in space just must interfere to player to travel between them. Now it is sounds funny, but every time i planned to make a game, it is looks like Fallout, even not first. So, after a 24 hours when only mechanics was done, i decide to do something more then color changes only when i have enough time at the end of second day.
  2. PyOpenGL. It was first public game i made with PyOpenGL API instead of pure pygame and now i have a lot of comments like “crashed after button pressed”. That is means OpenGl shaders really do not work in many systems even between gamers from ludum dare community and i need to find a way to do something with that if i want to use them. Because of this I spend Monday morning to recompile sources with exceptions and also i very very sad now.


After this i want to say what in my opinion was a good in my game :

  1. Walking on asteroids. I do not know any other 2d games when you can walk on surfaces that placed at any angle (comment, if you know). Mostly people do platformers with simple gravitation scheme and sometimes with wall jumping, because of this it was pretty interesting for me to made a game where player can run on non-spherical asteroids.
  2. Black-white color scheme. I spend a lot of time in first day to understand how the game world will be looks like, especially asteroids (try to write shaders for them, use brown texture), and finally found this awesome simple scheme. I am not god at drawing (you can check my previous ludum dare game for example) and it was really great decision.


In addition this is a history of my ludum dare weekend:

  • Day 1, progress 0% ) O no, they chose this theme =(
  • Day 1, progress 2% ) This green rectangle is player and he is moving, not bad.
  • Day 1, progress 5% ) This connected lines are asteroids, let’s make a collision system.
  • Day 1, progress 15% ) Ok, i did it!
  • Day 1, progress 10% ) No, i dont =( need to find a bag
  • Day 1, progress 25% ) Now it is a lot of asteroids and i can walk on them and fly between them!
  • Day 1, progress 35% ) Made shader for player rocket-pack trace, not bad.
  • Day 1, progress 35% ) This shader for asteroids looks ugly.
  • Day 1, progress 35% ) This shader for asteroids still looks ugly.
  • Day 1, progress 35% ) x_X
  • Day 1, progress 35% ) Why i even decide to take a part in this ludum dare when i can spend my weekends for something else, i will never add a second world and complete this game in time!(
  • Day 1, progress 45% ) This black and white scheme looks cool, draw a player sprites in them.
  • Day ?, progress 50% ) First enemy appeared, need to sleep
  • Day 2, progress 60% ) Now player can shoot, also added new enemy.
  • Day 2, progress 70% ) Now with three enemy classes and routine with they sprites load code looks terribly, no way to found something in.
  • Day 2, progress 80% ) Finally I have a headache from all of this generated sounds.
  • Day 2, progress 90% ) Hey, this menu appeared when i smashed my head on keyboard.
  • Day 2, progress 95% ) Ok, compiled file do not work under Windows, need to load extra GLUT dlls.
  • Day 2, progress 100% ) Uploa….. sleep.

PS. You can find my entry here, some of my previous games available here and here. If you know what is a problem with OpenGl shaders please post some information or link, i will be really happy. Sorry for bad English!.

My Game Super Sky Hero on Kickstarter!

Posted by (twitter: @superjustin5000)
Sunday, November 24th, 2013 10:22 am

Super Sky Hero Header


Please help this game go beyond its potential by backing the project or sharing. Making this game will rely greatly on the outcome of this Kickstarter campaign. I think this is a great community here and thank you for any help. Also any feedback is also greatly appreciated.




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