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We’re IN !

Posted by (twitter: @@Drenghel)
Saturday, December 10th, 2016 1:20 am

First team game jam !  With my mate @maldeirra !

We’re representing ZE BAGUETTE ! And and I ran out of stuff to say….

So yeah, really excited and if by any chance a sound designer wants to join in, contact me on twitter ūüėÄ @Drenghel ! ( We have cookies )

Cheers ! And have fun guys !

LD36 – We’re IN!

Posted by (twitter: @ToastedGames)
Friday, August 26th, 2016 5:25 pm

Jesse, Justin, and I (Ben) will be participating in this Ludum Dare! You all ready to get pwn’d? (wow, that’s OLD, what am I doing???)

Good luck to you all!



Gamemaker Studio





London Dare!

Posted by (twitter: @AurelDev)
Friday, August 26th, 2016 3:16 pm

Obviously, I’m in.

Lots of things happened and will still be happening during this weekend … Notably, moved to London (ICL, woo) for my studies. Saturday afternoon is when we should check in at our new place, so hopefully I can get something done in a café with wi-fi nearby.


In other news, a new wallpaper.

And that link above now leads to my brand new server somewhere in the Netherlands. The domain is more appropriate now. :)

I’ve been trying to improve my workflow too,¬†to spend less time on the repetitive tasks. Right now, I have all of these to make my life easier:

  • TotalSpaces ‚Äď creates a grid of 3 x 3 desktops, 3rd party programme for this since OS X doesn’t allow it anymore
  • TotalTerminal ‚Äď a terminal ‘visor’ that’s accessible from anywhere, anytime using a single keystroke
  • autobuild ‚Äď a utility that I wrote that captures system-wide keystrokes and listens for a particular one (fn-a or fn-r) to build and run my code in the background; automatically activates the terminal and shows the correct tab if there’s an error; plays sound cues depending on the build result
  • TextMate ‚Äď almost perfect for my coding needs

Whenever I update assets in-game, the process is currently:

  • Make the changes in Photoshop
  • Save, Save as ‚Ķ select PNG, select correct filename
  • Recompile game
  • Rerun game
  • Repeat if not satisfied

This is kinda slow ‚Ķ I’m considering writing a script that would¬†detect changes to Photoshop¬†.psd files and use ImageMagick to automatically create .png versions. And then, an Asset manager for my ever-expanding library (to be released, of course) which would update the assets in-game live? If I can make it in time.

Hopefully this LD is interesting enough for all of us even without the ratings. Good luck!

I’m in!

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Wednesday, April 13th, 2016 12:48 am

I’m in! Fifth time that I’m participating (hopefully the third completion!!)


  • Language:¬†C
  • Graphics:¬†Krita,¬†Asesprite, Pyxel Edit
  • Sound:¬†sfxr
  • Text Editor: 4coder
  • Libraries: SDL2, PhysFS

I have a git repository with the source code here:  The base code that I will be using can be found in this first commit: ee4a94b.


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Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 12:58 am

UE4Editor 2015-12-07 23-51-29-54

Reporting in to attempt my 8th Ludum Dare.

I’m going to try something different this time around and use Unreal. In the past I’ve always used my own open source game engine, The Frank Engine, but I’ve been learning Unreal for about a month and I think this will be a good exercise. I’m also going to try making¬†it all in Blueprint, so no code either. This time I also want to make music, probably with Figure on iPhone.

Previous Entries

  • The Monster I Am (LD33) – A rampage demake with physics based destruction.
  • Scan Lines (LD31) –¬†A¬†platformer where the world is being rebuilt one scan line at a time.
  • (R, G, B) (LD26) –¬†A minimalist adventure game with cool¬†lighting effects.
  • Dark World¬†(LD25) – A platforming game from the enemy’s point of view.
  • Spacescape¬†(LD21) – Escape a self destructing¬†space station, with¬†hand drawn art and vocal sounds.
  • Light The Way¬†(LD20) – Guide the creatures to safety with your light, with minimalist art.
  • Protractor¬†(LD18) – A katamari shoot-em-up, with¬†a ship construction system and abstract visuals.

My Tools

  • Unreal Engine 4 – Epic’s Game Engine
  • TortoiseSVN¬†‚Äď Revision Tracking
  • GIMP¬†‚Äď Image Manipulation
  • Audacity¬†‚Äď Audio Editing
  • SFXR¬†‚Äď Sound Effect Generator
  • Figure – Music Creation App¬†for iPhone



Posted by (twitter: @AurelDev)
Saturday, December 5th, 2015 12:57 pm

Here we go again.

16th time entering (21st including mini LDs), 7th time submitting¬†(hopefully!) and it’s time for some changes once again. As much as I disliked the trend of Flash dying, I guess I’ll get over it ‚Äď might¬†try to go for HTML / JS this time, if I get my libraries running for JS. So:

  • language and compiler: haxe
  • IDE: a¬†terminal and TextMate
  • graphics: Photoshop,¬†a Wacom¬†cintiq tablet
  • audio: custom libraries?
  • fuel: pistachios, sushi

And a wallpaper teaser:


So, good luck everyone!


Posted by (twitter: @rojomojogogo)
Friday, August 21st, 2015 1:54 pm

…I’m in, of course! Probly go for the Jam again for the 5th or 6th time. I’m using Unity 5 and a smattering of asset creation tools such as FL Studio, Photoshop, etc.

Looking forward to making something cool this weekend!

SKT team is in !

Posted by
Wednesday, August 19th, 2015 4:29 pm

Good news, everyone !

Today our little team from France is officially in. We’ll all get together in my house for the three days so, here you go, mini real-life event !

Let me introduce us :

Antoine avatar


I will be doing some programming, the music and the sounds and I’ll probably take part in the game design and that kind of stuff I also have some photoshop wisardry that I could use… maybe.

marjorie Avatar


I will focus primarily on graphics but I should take part in game design, level design and all those things, I might also throw in a bit of code.

thomas avatar


I should focus mainly on code and will take part in game design and all those good things … If we are desperate, I can draw a square pretty good …


What we will be using :

  • Javascript with Phaser, on diverse IDEs (Notepad++ and¬† Sublime Text mainly)
  • A dangerous mixture of PaintTool SAI, Photoshop, Photofiltre (dear lord) and maybe a little PyxelEdit
  • Cubase and Bfxr for the sound
  • Annnnnd that should be all … oh Wamp for testing and Git for uploading … you might also find trace amount of Tiled depending on what we go for…

So here we are, thanks for reading !

We wish you all a great LD, may your ideas be plentyfull, and your code free of bugs !

See you around ūüėÄ


Posted by (twitter: @rojomojogogo)
Thursday, April 16th, 2015 1:44 pm

Hey, folks! I’m in for what will be my fifth time participating in Ludum Dare. I’m glad to say that I’ve come a long way as a developer since my first entry. Now that I’m an adult and jaded on holidays, LD is my new Christmas that comes thrice a year! In between events I’ve been working on building a small YouTube channel, and due to fortunate timing, I’ve just started up an LP of an LD28 game: Titan Souls. Take a look and see what could be if you create something awesome this time around and stick with it, and congrats the Acid Nerve team for taking a great entry to the next level!

I plan to participate

Posted by (twitter: @AlmostMatt)
Thursday, April 16th, 2015 3:21 am

I counted a bunch of the tools that people plan to use to see which are the most common. You can see the list of popular tools at

I’ve participated in a few Ludum Dares before, but not very consistently. I’m pretty excited about being able to do it again.

Previously I’ve mostly used Love2D, but I think I’m going to use Unity (2D) this time and develop with Web or Mobile in mind. The HTML5 export seems pretty cool.

I also use Paint.NET, BFXR, and Audacity. Music is still a mystery to me, so I’ll try to make enough sound effects to prevent the game from feeling silent.

I’m in, as usual!

Posted by (twitter: @MaddeMichael)
Sunday, April 12th, 2015 8:50 am

Yup, I’m in again!

What? Don’t recognise me? Oh, yeah, I changed my username and pic for now, used to be MaddeStudios with the funky M, but for now I’m just pointing at failing code :P.

As usual, I’ll be doing the compo, not the jam. Why? I love a challenge, and I’m an idiot. Saying that, I’ve only ever done the compo o.O

Anyways, here’s my setup, I think:

  • Code/Engine: Probably GameMaker: Studio, or just Java if I can be bothered.
  • Audio: BFXR, FamiTracker, my Stupid face+Audacity
  • Graphics: MS Paint, maybe for funky details. Oh, and¬†maybe the new animation tool I’m working on if it’s done enough in time

Oh, new animation tool? Yup, I’m coding something funky, that makes animation easy while staying true to classic art programs (a feature I’m struggling to find, so, eh, why not make it?). If at a working state, I’ll release a version before LD too. Here’s a pic:


Silk icons = 10/10 sexiness


As you might be able to tell, it’s styled similarly to SAI, on purpose, just because that interface is simple and intuative to use!

I don’t think it’ll be fully finished before Dare starts, but it should be able to export animation strips by that time, so I could use it for sprites. Most of the important stuff is already done. (Basically everything visible except audio already works). I do want to release at least a Spriters Helper version before LD.

It’s coded in Java, so it should be cross platform, too. Assuming any libraries I decide to add are, too.


So, that aside, I’ll probably also do my usual “Tweet Me Yo’ Games”, post compo.

Anyway, get HYPED AND GOOD LUCK! Have a fun LD when it’s time, you guys!

I’m In!

Posted by (twitter: @rojomojogogo)
Friday, December 5th, 2014 5:33 pm

Well, it’s been a year since I started participating in Ludum Dare, and I’m just as excited now as I was then! I’m looking forward to another round of great games from everybody.

I’ll be using Unity again, almost certainly for a Jam entry. On top of that I’ve got Photoshop, Audacity, Blender, sfxr, and FL Studio at the ready.

Good luck, and I’ll see you all on the other side!


Posted by (twitter: @rojomojogogo)
Friday, August 22nd, 2014 4:51 pm

It seems to be a thing so I figured I’d show of where I’ll be spending all my time this weekend.¬† The two monitors are attached to my Windows machine, and then I have my Mac setup for build testing later / Tweetdeck / etc.¬† Can’t wait for the theme to be revealed in about an hour!

Rojo's LD30 Battlestation



Shall we play make a game?

Posted by (twitter: @rojomojogogo)
Tuesday, August 19th, 2014 11:41 am

This’ll be my 3rd time participating in the jam side of Ludum Dare.¬† And as it just so happens I turned 30 this year and this is round 30.¬† Truly, the stars have aligned!

As for tools, it’ll be the usual.¬† Unity (crossing fingers for a Unity 5 release), maybe a Unity plugin or two, FL Studio, sfxr, Audacity, Illustrator, Photoshop.

There are some great themes, as always.  Looking forward to seeing how things pan out!

Let’s make some noise, we are in.

Posted by (twitter: @Muciojad)
Saturday, August 16th, 2014 11:02 am

Jam jam jam. Jam 4th time!
Every time alone. But this time no, and yes.
This time we are here with my half-ended-not-ended framework, my cute Pysia-Mysia! Pysia-Mysia is my little small-code-girl.
I shouldn’t love her(‘ it’ ?! ) because she isn’t beauty, she hasn’t rich interior, but she is… easy. ūüėÄ
Our love is simple system: Me + she = game, good fun, no questions, something like this:

May the force be with me and my framework. Here we go!

Och! I forgot. Dubstep is with us too. Dubstep is hard, spicy girl. I love both of them. Let’s go!

All Systems Go!

Posted by
Friday, April 25th, 2014 5:40 pm

HybridMind is in!


For the first time in a long while I’ve got the weekend completely free so I’m going to make the best of it.

This is my six year anniversary in participating in Ludum Dare. My first was April of 2008, LD11!

I got my home office¬†all setup and ready to go. Not sure yet if I’ll be using Flash or Unity. It will likely depend on the theme. I’m hoping to for getting some good ¬†inspiration once the theme is announced.

If I’m lucky I’ll be able to use my preferred music program below.

HybridMind Music


I might also mess around with game genres that I haven’t typically explored in the past. Maybe something that involves writing, choices, dialog. Could be a fun experiment! We’ll see though.

Oh, I’ll also be streaming the¬†development over on my TwitchTV channel!

Well, I hope everyone has a really good time doing Ludum Dare this weekend. I’m going to try and remember to stay as relaxed as possible and focus on having fun.

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