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Idea: Faustian Story

Posted by (twitter: @tkesgar)
Friday, August 21st, 2015 9:56 pm

So, the theme is “You Are A Monster”. A very cliched and specific theme, also spoils many possible twists one can make. My advice for everyone is not to think the theme too hard — people are already shared their ideas and most of them are a simple, easy-to-grasp ideas with good potential.

I thought for some time and came out with my own idea.

Here is the story: a character make a deal with the devil and gained ability to collect something. The devil allows the character to search the object the character truly desires in a trial of some sort.

From the story, you know where I will implement the theme: a Faustian plot point, deal with the devil makes you a monster. The gameplay can be implemented as either roguelike, dungeon crawling, or “Binding of Isaac”-like game I’ve attempted in a previous game jam.

I’m a lazy person and tired from a week of programming another game, so I’ll either make the idea or watch some anime. I’ve never finished my previous LD run, too, and I’m afraid I’ll not finish this one if I attempted it.

Idea ran away from it’s owner – needs immediate adoption

Posted by (twitter: @PhiPhi6972)
Saturday, April 18th, 2015 3:34 pm

Hi Ludum Darers!

I know I’m a bit late, but I had an idea and I don’t have time to make it real neither during the compo, nor for the jam. (University and work and other stuff in the way :/ )
So I decided to make it public if anyone want’s to make a game, but has no idea for it.
I think it can be done for the jam as you still have more than 2 days for it.
So here it goes.

The game is about a series of boss battles.
When you enter the arena a timer starts, counting up and you have to defeat the boss in the shortest time you can.
You enter with no weapons whatsoever and you have to fight the boss with bare hands…at first!
Then you can of course die from the bosses but when you die you just respawn immediately with some kind of time penalty (or no penalty at all) and you can continue the battle.
However you have the previous warrior’s body lying where he died and you can pick him up, aka use him as a weapon! (and here lies the theme)
You now have a better chance of killing the boss (as you can attack from far) but if you die, you respawn and see the last hero holding the first one, lying on the floor.
You pick them up and thus you have a more elongated weapon. This can go for as long as you’d like. Respawning heros fighting bosses with there predecessors’ dead body-chain.
After some time you defeat the boss, the timer stops and that’s your score.

– you can have an easy boss selector menu, where you can select which boss you’d like to fight, with some kind of indicator of the best time so far (easies menu system ever)
– you can have as many bosses as you like (if you only have time for two that’s good, but you can make 100s of bosses if you have the time and variety idea :) )
– you can make very different bosses with different abilities (live your dream of creating the most fierce monsters of the galaxy)
– no visual theme so far (it can take place in space or in the stone age or whatever you like)
– not too complicated (main) game mechanics (you can walk and hit, and pick up previous bodies)
– any dimension (in can be 2d or 3d…either works, i thought about it as a diablo-style game, except you move with WASD, but i can imagine a terraria-like bossfight too)
– you can have some point system taking the deaths and bodies used into count, and you can reward the player for defeating a boss with bare hands (but this is not necessary)

– you have to make a chain of dead ppl (depending on the engine you want to use it can be difficult, 3d/2d joints and whatever)
– you have to make the different bosses (bosses with the same abilities get boring in a while, it has to have variety)
– you have to make different models for bosses (i guess)
– IT MUST HAVE AN EPIC SOUNDTRACK 😛 (most necessary part of all, please :D)

The only thing I ask for in return is a “thanks bro” and a mention in the description if you manage to finish it :)

Have a good Compo/Jam everyone.
I hope I can enter the next Ludum Dare with yall. :)


One of our ideas

Posted by
Saturday, April 18th, 2015 7:15 am

Hello world! I’m first time here, so excuse me If I do something wrong. In collaboration &  we brain-stormed yestarday a lot of themes. This one of them. It has not yet approved by us.



My basic idea

Posted by (twitter: @coded_ninja)
Friday, December 5th, 2014 8:00 pm

At first I really like the theme, this is one of my favourites from the list.

My idea is to make a platformer, where the whole level is on the screen. If you go to upper levels, it’ll be bigger and you will see the level in smaller… I didn’t think more about the story, but maybe it’ll be something “light vs dark”.

Good luck everyone.

Idea for making the gameslist more fair for everyone!

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Monday, August 25th, 2014 12:43 pm

You know the list, that has 66 Pages to click through all the games made by everyone…

and you know that if your game is on page 54, it is more likely that the game on page 1 will be played/voted 100 times more!

I think it is kind of unfair to always place the same games on the same pages. It is a natural behaviour of humans to only look at page 1, 2, 3 and, if the person

is nice, click on some random pages.


How about changing the database query to an algorithm that returns the gamelist at completely random order !!

And this should be the default behaviour. But of course the user can search for specific games or change the order to be alphabetic or something.


What do you think?


Ceiling LD Game Watches You!

Posted by (twitter: @caranha)
Friday, August 22nd, 2014 10:28 pm


Not a game yet, but after 4 hours, I have an idea down and the main mechanic implemented.

Funny thing is, I was thinking about this game for the whole week. I was lucky that the theme fits the idea that I want to implement so perfectly.

So the idea is this: a top-down action game. Normal stuff: walls, enemies that shoot you, weapons. I was thinking about something a bit like the air combat of Xenonauts.

But here is the twist: the rooms and dungeons that you fight in are generated randomly, based on your geocoordinates! Is the current level too easy? Go to a nearby coffee shop and see if you can find something better. Need a green key? Somewhere in the way between your house and your supermarket, there may be a dungeon containing it.

Your world and the game world, connected.

Now to make that game happen!

TimeLapse and how our game idea evolved

Wednesday, December 25th, 2013 9:31 am

Here is one of our programmers timelapse.

And our designer timelapses

Plus a little retrospect on how things went(Postmortem comes little bit later)
On day one, we gathered up on Saturday and spend first I think 4 hours writing ideas in to a Google Doc, and then going over them discussing.
We had plenty of funny ideas on a level of a story. But none were exactly that good in terms of game play idea.

We decided, why not to use all of them and make a quest game :) And so we did. Or at least started.

Idea was that you have only one day of life left, and at the end of it you die and go to hell or haven(or may be even other options).
Idea was to have linear quests, aka go there fetch that, with characters and other interactive items and some funny stories that effect where you end up in the end.

Then second day of compo came. By that time it was clear we are behind the scheduled so we did first pivot.
We decided that we will have kinda 4 story lines and which you play is random. First random element was on who you are. If you are atheist, satanist or some other not exactly haven material guy you actually want to go to hell(to hang around with atheists and other cool people). Or you do want to go to haven(such a cliche these days :D).
Anyways, second random element is which quest we give you, which determines if you win or loose. Soo, you may want to go to haven, you get a quest to help a child, but trough quest end up ruining his childhood and go to hell in the end :)

Then 3rd day came. We have day jobs so we gathered at 6pm to finis it up. And we worked till 5:30am considering some had a job to go to at 9am -_-
By now we decided to do another pivot. It would not change much, just make more use of content we had. Ida was to use Giant Turnip fairy tail as example

Basically ideas is that instead of “go there fetch that” all characters run with you. It saves time and leads to some funny combinations. All we needed was to add reactions of characters and achievements based combinations you got.
And we do have some such achievements there, like stopped zombie apocalypse, ruined childhood or stolen Christmas :)

That’s I think it, we would be thankful if you went and rated our game 😉 And may be have idea how to improve it too?

Our game

Our game

What I’ve Learned from not Finishing: A Postmortem

Posted by (twitter: @gamepopper)
Wednesday, December 18th, 2013 4:44 pm

Hey all! I’ve been enjoying a lot of games from this Ludum Dare, and I hope you all have to. I participated myself in the jam, collaborating with another indie game dev known as Code_Assassin. However, through details I’ll explain below, we didn’t finish. While we did submit an entry, it wasn’t a finished game like we hoped, and after a day of thought, we requested the entry to be taken down, and the game removed from Newgrounds.

The idea

Our game originally started off with a premise of finding a mob boss out of a group of people, the levels and the clues would be random each time, but you only had one chance at killing the boss. We agreed on using Flixel as our framework due to its ease of use, my experience from using it in last year’s Ludum Dare and CA’s experience with Actionscript3, and that we could upload it to the web. We got a Git repository set up and we were hyped up and ready to go!


You only get one!

Posted by (twitter: @@UprightPath)
Friday, December 13th, 2013 7:20 pm

Well, well, well! This is a theme I can actually get behind. I’ve already got a game idea to play around with and if I can get it done quickly enough I might work on a second one.

Fire Damp

You play the part of a Knocker Man, a person who is called when Fire Damp– Methane and the other flammable gasses that accumulate in coal mines– is discovered. It’s your job to go into the deeps, with little more than a glowing worm and a little cricket that makes noise when around Fire Damp and set it off. To do this, you have two tools: The Candle-ona-Stick and the Flaming Rag Slinger. The Candle-ona-Stick allows you to light fire damp from a short distance away. The Flaming Rag Slinger launches a fiery rag in the chosen direction, lighting the fire damp. Depending on how far you are away from the fire is how much damage you take. Too close and you die!

Now, why would you EVER want to use the Candle-ona-Stick? Well, because the Flaming Rag Slinger doesn’t make for good stories. And that’s what you’re trying for. You’re trying to accumulate the best record and story, so that when you finally retire you’ll have an easy time finding yourself a wife and believe you me saying, “An’ then I lit the candle, the sounds of the mine shiftin’ an’ the props creakin’ all ’round me, an’ I thrust it forward into the heart of the darkness. There was a moment of silence, then the ROAR of Fire Damp burning hit me, an’ then the BLAST hit me, an’ I was thrown back. But here I am, alive and well.” is quite a bit more interesting to the opposite sex than “I ran back a ways and chucked a burnin’ ball of rags down the tunnel. The explosion barely even reached me.” After all, who wants a SMART mate when you can have a DARING one.

(The idea is vaguely based on the Knocker Men described in the Fifth Elephant by Terry Pratchet. :D)

I haz awoken~!

Posted by (twitter: @McDaan)
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 2:11 am


Woke up to an semi-expected theme: 10 Seconds! Quite a bit better than the previous theme. I have some inspirations – not looking at the LD posts because I do not want to be spoiled with other peoples great ideas tho. 😛

My co-compo-er Jod came over with breakfast, and we set out to brainstorm on ideas. Some of my ideas:

  • 10 Second Strategy – Turn based game, but you have 10 seconds per move, the amount of things you need to do each 10 seconds increases
  • 10 Second Fight – Most fights are short & dirty –  a entire fight is 10 seconds, and you fight Slo-Mo vs one or more opponents, ragdoll-stylee – lots of death, with a 10 seconds ‘real time’ recap at the end of each round
  • 10 Second RPG – You start in the middle of a dark/unknown surrounding, you preprogram some moves for your guy, after which the guy executes them! You will die alot running into nasty things, but you are reset each round. The end goal is to get to the ‘exit’ within X moves (which are 10 seconds in ‘execute’ time)

#3 is probably going to be it, lots of ideas spinning off that one. One thing to consider though is art-style. I want something doable, and not too ugly! :) The setting of the RPG can influence that alot.

Some setting ideas:

  • Classic RPG, wizards, skeletons, zombies, etc – Good link with the player experience, art difficulty: medium
  • India Jones stylee – Fits the ‘escape the temple’ template perfectly, art difficulty: medium / hard
  • Hacker Electronics – You are a ‘hacker’ in a hostile computer network. More unique / distinct, but not as relatable perhaps, and harder to conceptualize, easier to make my own – art difficulty: easy / medium

I am tempted to do the last, even though it is more work – it has the potential to be better / prettier, given my (not so advanced) graphical skillz.


I have an idea, I guess…

Posted by (twitter: @sirGustav)
Friday, April 26th, 2013 10:30 pm

Ok, minimalism…. I googled it and the first image it returned was a art piece by Piet Mondrian:

And my initial reaction was to create a casual puzzle/touch game so to break my pattern of platformergames and since I missed the “F this game jam” and I hate casual puzzle games I’m going to make a casual puzzle game.

Hopefully I can achieve something as I basically have no time at all this weekend.

And already I have an idea.

Posted by (twitter: @@hunterstuff)
Friday, April 26th, 2013 8:21 pm

Well, that was quick to get down on virtual paper. My idea is a top-down scrolling shooter, in which throughout each level, your weapons and functions go offline, one by one, and during the final level, you would get them all back throughout the level. Where does the “minimalist” theme come in? Your ship’s skill set gets more minimal throughout each level, up until the halfway point of the second-to-last level, where it’s as minimalist as it can get. I was thinking of having a mother ship power one of the abilities, but then I just felt that it was too gimmicky and too hard to program, and didn’t fit with the “minimalist” theme overall. So, yeah, that’s my idea. I’d welcome any comments and constructive criticism on the idea, as well as any improvements of the overall idea.

Thinking about Minimalism

Posted by (twitter: @caranha)
Friday, April 26th, 2013 7:23 pm

That is a hard theme… but using the good, old “think of 5 ideas, throw them away, and pick the 6th”, I think I got something.

I have this notion that “theme” is something your game should move around, not just the window dressing. Using “minimalist art and sound” is something that went out of the window right away.

So what can we do? Minimalistic gameplay… another quick idea is a “1 button game”. That might be fun, but I decided to think about things a little bit more.

How about a game where “minimalism” is the goal? A game where “less is more”? (Strip poker? Lol, kidding) – Hmmm, I work a lot with “minimization functions”. Not the same thing as minimalism, but close.

Most “puzzle” games are about putting pieces together to form a system. How about the opposite? A puzzle game where you have a very complex system, and you need to take as many pieces from it as possible, while still allowing it to work.

Now we got something! Of course, creating rules for such a different puzzle game might be a bit complicated. I will give myself one hour to think about it, and if it doesn’t work, I might just go with a 1-button action game anyway.


Thinking about the theme

Thinking about the theme

Jam Idea: Online Multiplayer — Discuss

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Saturday, February 9th, 2013 9:55 pm

When I was new to game making, I have been dreamed of making a massive multiplayer online role-playing game! And seriously, who didn’t at some point? So lets help to make that dream a reality!

We should have a mini ludum dare at some point called the Online Multiplayer Game Challenge, People would be able to make anything from a open world multiplayer game to some online app. anything that uses some server-side (or peer-to-peer) connection. The point of this jam would be to learn how to make something with computer networking — just that. To experience something new in a supportive community.

Since people would be learning something new, this jam should be longer than usual, 3 to 5 weeks with the last week for submitting the game, and 1 to 2 intense playing weekends afterwards.

This is just a proposition, and it would be good to know what you think about it. It would be also good to know what the Admins think about this. 

Additionally, since probably people would host their game on their own computer, to prevent having their computer running all the time, we should plan when to play wich game. We could have some kind of up-to-the-hour calendar (Google calendar?) where people would mark their disponibility during the submission week. That way, they wouldn’t need to host their game for much more than 12 (?) hours (to pass through all the time belts). Even if the game would be hosted on a server, this would be a great thing, to have as much players as possible at a certain moment in time.

For anyone out there still missing an idea…

Posted by (twitter: @sirGustav)
Saturday, December 15th, 2012 7:31 am

Dr. Horrible the game should be made and it fits the theme, just saying…

What is a villain?

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Saturday, December 15th, 2012 6:26 am

Had to out and do stuff instead of programing…  But that gave me time to think and plan my game. Due of my rather philosophical nature I started to think about what being a villain actually is. I really wanted to find an odd view to the subject so I could make something least partially unique.

Evil is something that we, people, don’t like to be done to us or others. It’s usually something that causes harm or loss of power and freedom. When a person is described as evil, we usually mean that he does not really care what others think and freely does these evil things, such as steals, kills, destroys and so on.

Villain is, in my opinion, somebody that can be described as evil, harmful to others. They usually do things that we consider bad to reach personal goals, witch are also usually “rather evil” (destroying the world, global domination, money…).

So, typical villain has an evil goal  (personal gain, satisfaction) and evil actions (generally ignoring will and rights of others).

And we can say that typical hero will have good goals (“common good”) and good actions (treats others as equals).

Both of earlier definitions are inaccurate, however. Usually heroes have to do “bad” things, such as killing, to reach their noble goal. And our villains might also be just misunderstood. Robin Hood was clearly a hero (or least shown as a hero), but why today’s pirates stealing for their families to eat aren’t?

Do actions make your goals evil? Do goals make your actions evil? Is a person with noble goal doing evil things to reach that goal a villain? Or is a good doing person with bad intentions evil?

These are the questions in my head right now. I will try to make a game with somehow odd way to view villains. I just hope I can start it soon, ‘cos time is running out…

So, to make sure that my main character is a villain, are evil actions or evil motives enough, or should he/she have both to be a true villain?


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