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Iceberg Explorer : Post Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @tinyruin)
Saturday, May 4th, 2013 4:09 am

Iceberg Explorer - screenshot main with logo


What went right:

  • Making a non-violent, exploration-based game.
  • Creating textures, sounds and the map in time (72 hours).
  • Keeping the games mechanics understandable.
  • Providing stunning graphics, but still having a relatively small size (16,6 megs .zip with all executables) and good performance.
  • Recording (few) suiting sounds.
  • Approaching the theme in an non-obvious way.
  • Making a few cents trough GameJolts ad-share.


What went wrong:

  • Implementing a cutscene reflecting on the players discoveries.
  • Creating the terrain in less time,  using the heightmap function right from the beginning.
  • Making the journal appealing for most players.
  • Providing executables for Linux 64bit and Windows initially – ports are avaible now.

I really enjoyed working on the game and I’m planning to sell an extended version in Summer.
If you haven’t explored the iceberg yet, start your discovery here.

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