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Soaked with tears letter

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Tuesday, April 12th, 2016 5:28 pm

Dear GOD of GameDev,

My nickname is Linver~ This year I have been naughty boring boy, and don’t play games a lot!
But I drew until I can draw!
And I played with all these music generators!
and I created and posted a warmup test!
Can I have fun and playable game for my first Ludum Dare, please? Happy Ludum!
With love, Linver.

PS: I am In! (Is this a tradition or a rule?? _o/)

Some of us are in

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Saturday, November 29th, 2014 3:44 am

Last year, this time, we got together a couple of friends and made a game.

The main character.

Protagonist last year

It was said to be disturbing and other adjectives that we appreciated. We hope to repeat those feelings in the unfortunate players who have the bad luck of playing what we make. Since it isn’t even clear who “we” will be this time, it’s even less clear what tools we will be using, but if I am to guess we will use cameras, microphones, toys, scissors, pens, pencils and various software (GIMP, Audacity, Inkscape, and others). Probably it will be Unity that assembles it all into a game, but that is of course also not decided until we start.

Whatever the theme is, I wow to manipulate my co-conspirators into creating something that will have people saying This game is completly mindfuck and scary again.

And even more urgent than last year, it will of course be #NoSexism.
Depending on what you consider violence, it will probably be #NoViolence too.

My own personal programming goals are to succeed in:

  • having easily understood controls
  • having smooth controls
  • having a reasonable difficulty progression

Let’s forget life and have a fantastic ludum weekend!

I’m in!

Thursday, April 25th, 2013 9:22 pm

First LD! I will try first the compo, why not?

Language: C#

Engine: Unity3D

Plugins (Considering): Itween, GameDraw for modeling

Graphics: Paint .Net

Sound: sfxr looks cool

Music: Maybe I will sing something or use a generator… dunno.

Base code, right now just an empty project with some folders.


I want to make something with pyramids and maybe a transparent shader as I have seen in

Of course I’m In!

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Friday, December 14th, 2012 6:31 pm

30 minutes left!

My tools:

  • IDE: Eclipse
  • Language:  Java
  • Framework: Libgdx
  • Art: Paint.Net and Photoshop
  • Sound: Bfxr and LSDJ
  • Music: LSDJ and Ableton Live

I’ll be using my base library wich you can check it out here.

Desk photo!

2012-12-15 02.27.09

And remember! The most important thing is have fun! Good luck everybody!

First Day of Progress

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Saturday, August 25th, 2012 5:54 pm

Hello fellow Ludum Darers…

At last i find the time to do such a trivial thing as writing a blog post…

Evolution was a hard pick for me…after 2 unsuccessful attempts, i finally narrowed it down to a acceptable game idea.

The first day for me was spend mostly coding ( and doing art when tired of good ol bugs). So far, i can say that i got the basic framework going..and the last 2 days are for levels and polish(and bug squishing of course). But at the moment my game is still all out of colorful blocks.. so i spare you the sight of these thingies and give you the title animation of my game instead.

Click to see animation

Click to see animation

next up for me :  sleep


PS: i almost forgot… i am in :) in the jam that is(although alone … but i need my time to finish)

I will be using xna with a custom ludum proven engine build on top of it. And this time i will hopefully be able to cross-compile for Linux and mac as well.

ni ma I – arielsan – Gemserk

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Friday, August 19th, 2011 5:58 am

I will be probably joining this Ludum Dare as I did with the previous four:

I will be using similar tools and libraries as I used for the others:

Good luck to everyone

arielsan – Gemserk

Right, I’m in too.

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Friday, April 17th, 2009 11:00 am

Hello everyone; I’m Dan! I’m 29, don’t work professionally on games, but I am a GIS developer and it tends to involve a lot of the same graphics skills, and I’ve dabbled in gamedev for years including a few not-entirely-successful LD48 attempts. Hopefully I won’t be too far out to sea this time around.

Chances are, unfortunately, that this will be a 18-to-25 hour contest for me though. I’m going snowshoeing on Sunday morning/afternoon, tonight is date night, and I need to be (mostly) normal on sleep come Monday a.m.

Which means I’m going to have to seriously address the personal weaknesses that have kept me from finishing in the past:

  • Planning. I need to have a roadmap and stick to it! I’ve got something sketched out, and am now working on some base code to have that in before things begin.
  • Ambition. No full 3D rigid body dynamics for my game this time around, alas. (I consider a prior LD48 to be a resounding success, despite how pitifully far I still had to go, simply because I had a cube fall, bounce, and come to a rest on the floor. This was before ODE was considered kosher.)
  • Procrastination. As helpful as brain-breaks can be, I won’t really have the time for any (besides my already-scheduled prior commitments).
  • Commitment. In the past when I was limited to well under the full 48, I sort of waffled around and gave up within the first six hours. Won’t be the end of the world if I do this again, but this time I’m being a bit more serious about the goal of finishing.

Now that I’ve reminded myself of my priorites and committed myself to them by posting them for all of you to see….

Best of luck to everyone! Once I have a working basecode (priority #1 is to be able to start working on the actual game right away) I’ll see if I can get a pic o’ my desk, etc., before 9pm tonight.

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