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It begins!

Posted by (twitter: @Dahold)
Friday, April 26th, 2013 6:51 pm

I’ve been wanting to Ludum Dare for a while, but I can’t code for beans. Seriously. The last time a bean asked me to write a function, I just froze up. Mostly because my beans were talking to me. So instead, I’m going to “compete” in the Game Jam alongside a code-savvy teammate or two, but will otherwise be following the rules for the solo Compo.

We’ll be dual-screen streaming over here, as soon as the theme is announced:

Hybrid Compo-Jam Rules are as follows:
1) You can work alone or on a team.
2) All game code and content must be created within the 48 hours (72 if we blow it).
3) Games must be based on the theme.
4) All publicly available libraries and middleware are allowed.
5) All content creation, and development tools are allowed.
6) Source code must be included.

As for the project specs:
Language: Java
IDE: Eclipse (with Saros plugin)
Libraries: LWJGL and Slick-Util
Sound: FruityLoops, bfxr, audacity
Graphics: GraphicsGale, maybe PaintToolSAI
Food: Leftover Chicken Penne Rosa (from scratch; I cook better than I code)
Beverage: Excessive ammounts of Chai Tea.

Insane Idea

Posted by (twitter: @bob_george33)
Wednesday, December 14th, 2011 1:47 am

So I’m entering Ludum Dare 22. So’s my brother and friend. The plan is to live stream our desktops (or the primary screen of them at least) , take a photo every 5 seconds for a time lapse, and record the information we place on out whiteboards. And here’s where I’m insane, I’m coding in a language I only decided to start learning today: Java. In about half an hour I set up a development environment, scripts to compile and run and a base program to do my logic loop (which I won’t be using come this weekend).
My set up is as follows:

  • Intel Core i7 950
  • 10GB DDR3 RAM
  • 2 x 22″ 1080p LED Monitors
  • 1 x 19″ 1440×900 LCD Screen in Portrait.
  • Windows 7 Ultimate x64

And here’s a pretty picture of it all.

Home Desk Space


  • Java (Main Client)
  • PHP (High Scores or anything web based I want to implement)
  • Game Maker (Fall back if Java ends up being insanely hard)


  • Paint.Net (Pixel Art and Touch Ups)
  • Fireworks/Photoshop (Vectorising Drawn Art)
  • Notepad ++ (Programming)
  • Open Office (Documentation)
  • Game Maker (Fall Back Programming)
  • VirtuaWin (Desktop Management, 3 Screens isn’t enough)
  • pixie (Colour Selection)

Plan is to use mainly black and white, and maybe a red or two for colours.  I’m going to be drawing and scanning my menu systems in, and then vectorising them. As for game ideas, I have a few, some that I won’t be able to do easily due to the lack of knowledge of Java, and some that would look epic and take virtually no time. Worst comes to worst I’ll make a text based adventure game and make a single nice piece of art for it.



Lost Roads Finished!

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Sunday, December 7th, 2008 12:56 am

Finally, my game is finished. If I had more time, I would’ve added a lot more stuff. But I am too tired of this game, so I am just going to release it now. If you have any problems, comment!

Made by: Game Maker 7.0

Difficulty: Depends on how you play.

Length: I never finished it, but should take 30 minutes-1 hour.


A battle:

A screenshot of the map screen, taken from the beginning of the game.


Source Code:

[cache: storing page]