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NotZilla Ice Cream Vendor: Credits on the description!

Posted by (twitter: @RisingPixel)
Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 5:11 pm

Hey everyone!

First of all, thanks for all the comments so far. We really love reading them, and it’s great to see what you guys think of the game :)

So, if you wanna know who the people behind this game are, now you can check out the description, in the game’s page, and maybe even say hi!

Thanks again, and good luck to everyone!


Click here to go to the game’s page.

I’m gonna go back and try selling ice creams for now!


Egg’s Survive

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Sunday, April 19th, 2015 7:55 pm



Development Team


Trigueiro Neto (Programmer)


Ewerton Roberto (Game Designer)


Weslley Sousa (Artist and Animator)


Fabrício Costa (Sound Designer and Musical Composer)


We decided to participate to create something cool and funny that involved all the team. We started with a chicken launching egg and the idea evolved to a crazy ambient with a cook that uses the  chicken as a weapon in a cathouse full of zombie girls. Then first, we did  the art of the scenary and the draws of the zombies girls and of the cook. Second, the cook and zombies were animated. After we programmed using the art created and  finally we put the sounds.




  • Story:

The history is simple. Mr. Banana is a cook that works in a cathouse doing the tits and pussies cakes. A night, the girls of the cathouse become zombies and alone in the middle of night, he uses the chicken that it was the dinner as weapon against the zombie girls to survive.

  • Aesthetycs:

Cartoon 2D was chosen to represents the comic style of the game in top down view. To draw the art was utilized the Photoshop in the creation of the cook, zombies and objects and in the paint of the scenary. The Illustrator was also utilized to make the layout of the menu and a part of the kitchen.

  •  Mechanics:

The game is a 4-direccion survival game whose the goal is kill the  zombies using the chicken to shoot eggs . For each zombie girl dead the score increases. The cook moves in directional arrows and shoot in Space bar. He has three lifes and lost them every time that the zombies hit him. The problem in beginning  was that there was a point in screen that it permited to kill the zombies without moving and die. That was fixed and  the zombies became very fast and killed the cook easilly.

  • Technology:

We used Constuct 2 because is a tool very fast and easy to develop the game and has everything necessary to creation of the mechanics. This technology is familiar to members and was utilized in other jams. It permits find bugs fast and correct them without much difficult.  In the production of sound was used Sound Forge , Reaper and Fl Studio.










What we’ ve learned: 

We learned that a good team work is essential to have a good idea and after get to develop it in a game.

  • Good: Did a game! And we develop a good relationship among team that can be used in the future to produce more games and participate of more jams.
  • Bad:



Don’t push too hard or you’ll shart!

Posted by (twitter: @greeny_games)
Saturday, April 18th, 2015 11:28 am

Afternoon from the UK! A solid 6 hours into development, spent a couple on watching F1, and I have a solid idea, a bunch of art and some core mechanics.

You play as an as yet unnamed chefs assistant, given the task of cleaning a disgusting kitchen before it opens. Unfortunately your only weapon is your equally disgusting flatulence. Manage your pressure and stink meters to create a range of different toots, each with different effects and visuals, but don’t push too hard for too long. Wouldn’t want to shart your pants now would you?

Here’s a tease. 😀 Having fun with this one. It’s so stupid.


How I made X=3-1 (Jam Theme winner)

Posted by (twitter: @VanMerwan)
Tuesday, May 21st, 2013 2:35 am

The first thing I said to myself before the start of the Jam was this : “I will do my best to respect the theme in every aspect of interpretation or development.” Then the theme was announced : “Minimalism“. I was very frustrated because I knew that obeying THAT theme would kill almost every fragment of creativity I have could put into it my game. I wasn’t creating a personal game anymore, but a thing resulting of the maximum extrapolation of an invasive theme.

My thoughts are a battlefield with Conformism (C) against Anticonformism (A).
I do hate the C part, but it’s keeping me sane. This is how I proceed, talking to myself :

  • A : What is the Minimal in a Game?
    C : Interactivity. Without interactivity, it’s just a show.
    A : But is a show a real game with unconscious inputs and inexplicit outputs?
    C : Don’t mix show and game or people won’t understand.
  • A : What is the Minimal in Interactivity?
    C : An input, an output.
    A : It seems to be true with 2 people (considering Player and Game).
  • A : What is the Minimal Input or Output?
    C : A click and displaying a pixel I think.
    A : Where are your arguments?
    C : In common games you just have to click and pixels are small and light.
    C : Remember, people need to understand.
    A : MAN, stop attacking your liberty of thinking by using understandability as a filter.
    C : Do a game for your yourself if you want BUT UNDERSTAND that shareability is primordial in LD.
    A : Go **** ******** C!

— Cerebral Meltdown —
I’m not going to show you everything, because it took hours.
And my head hurts.

  • A : So… what’s the minimal game engine?
    C : Notepad.
    A : LOL, are you trying to mimic me? You’re bad at this, you know.C : It was a serious answer.
    A : It was unoriginal originality, around 10 people will have the same idea.
    C : So what’s your idea?
    A : No game engine.
    C : WHAT???!! We are NOT going to make a game??
    C : GOOD JOB, YOU’RE RIGHT : 0 octets, that’s Minimal!
    C : Who won? Everyone who did NOT submit a game.
    C : You’re going to be hated for that.

— Conformism ragequit — Long wait — Conformism comeback —

  • A : Bro, try to understand me,
    A : I was saying : no “standard” game engine.
    A : Let’s use Ludum Dare website as a game engine.
    A : One possibility : Title = Question ; Download links = Answers.
    A : Let’s minimize everything
    C : Wow, you’re a genius, no kiddin, but can we?
    A : It’s not forbidden, I think. Let’s submit in “Jam”. In case of.
  • C : So, what’s the minimal question for you?A : “How are you?”
    C : Answer links : “Fine, thank you” and “Not so well”?
    A : I don’t like this, the question must be more challenging.
    A : What about “X = 3 – 1“, btw : weird name, easy to see.
    C : That’s not challenging at all.
    A : Well, it looks challenging so people UNDERSTAND where the game is.
    A : Remember, there’s no downloadable game, no Flash, no HTML5!
    C : Why not “48÷2(9+3) = ?“, we will get more points in fun.
    A : Too hard, and minimalism has a difficulty interpretation.
    A : Note : We must do minimalism in the most diverse field of interpretations!
  • C : Where the “download” links are going to redirect?
    A : Maybe to wikipedia, to the true or false page.
    C : I like the “true” or “false” idea, it’s very “game-like”.
    C : However, some people will not understand that wikipedia is a part of the game.
    C : They will say “the link is broken” or something else.
    C : I will write “you need a web browser” so people don’t search a “physical” game.
    C : And it’s funny at the same time.
  • A : Good idea, hhmm, for the links I will write true or false in images.
    A : I will then upload the images and use their direct links.
    A : It’s important to lure people into thinking we spent minimal time and skill.
    C : I think you’re right.
    A : Haha.
    C : Be careful, some people will look at the URL, so upload the false image several times.

And that’s roughly how I got this :

Theme(Jam) 4.65
Humor(Jam) 4.40


Ming Imah Lism The Wizard !

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Sunday, April 28th, 2013 4:48 pm

3 2


Im very happy :)
I have finished my game.


I hope you enjoy!
Thx a lot for playing

Progressing and getting inspired

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Saturday, April 27th, 2013 7:09 am

Nothing better then getting inspired from incredible D&D monster book drawings to draw my own minimalistic…. eeee… pixels! -_-

2013-04-27 17


Actually just drawing to help me understand conversions from one space to another when zooming in weird engine I am building :)

Mr Head and the Cow Drowning

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Sunday, February 24th, 2008 10:18 am

Mr Head and the Cow Drowning is now complete. Or as complete as it will get this weekend. I have many ideas on improvements, but they must, alas, wait. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

As said earlier, the game is about drowning cows to prevent them from dying. Granted, they die anyway, but in a much more nice way, and outside the screen, mostly. Anyway, to drown cows, you must use key 1-5 to select which slot is currently bouncy, which will make any cows falling there to bounce out into the water. If you fail to catch a cow, you lose a life, but if you catch two in a row, you gain a life. You can have ten lives, and if they run out, the game is over.


During the game, Mr Head will observe and give you points and make announcements. He’s the mastermind behind everything, but exactly how is not certain. Do use his combo scheme to get many, many points. I’ve gotten 22 million as best so far. There’s no highscore in this version, but maybe I can add one later.

So, except for what has been told here, and what can be seen, there’s also a fancy intro, and mighty fine sound effects.

You probably want to download Mr Head and the Cow Drowning. Binary and source are included, the binary is for Windows, but with the right libraries and some changes to the makefile, you’ll be alright on other platforms too. Hopefully.

Also, make sure you don’t miss the Banana Ship text adventure non-entry, also made during this warmup.

Banana Ship

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Saturday, February 23rd, 2008 5:10 am

While trying to think of a decent game to make for the Weird/Unexpected/Surprise theme (a theme I had voted for, but never expected to win, so I never thought about any real game ideas before start), I sat down at wrote Banana Ship.

It’s not meant to be a real entry, but yet follows the theme quite well. If anything, it lacks in that it’s not much of a game, you just have to figure out what to do, and it’s not much of that either. It’s more like a short story, really, but you might enjoy it for a minute or so before it ends.

You materialize out of nowhere, and have no idea who you 
are, or what you are expected to do.    

You are wearing a pink sheet cut into a really ugly robe.  

All around you are filled with nothingness, except for a 
small, yellow banana, floating in the air right in front 
of you.  


Phil’s Ultimate Game Builder Kit!

Posted by (twitter: @philhassey)
Sunday, December 2nd, 2007 3:56 pm

Really, my LD9 entry was my crowning acheivment. I originally had some grand schemes to dominate the competition with a distributed networked web based magic thing. Those schemes amounted this:


All things considered, I placed fairly well.

The Hat Swarm Attack on Dance Islands

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Sunday, December 2nd, 2007 6:20 am

The Hat Swarm Attack on Dance Islands is a game made within 14h for the LD8 Swarms compo. However, it was never really entered into the compo, because I felt it wasn’t quite enough, but also couldn’t figure out how to make something more of it. In the end, I abandoned it, and instead used it as a base for Ultra Fleet, which I did enter. This might not have been the best of decisions, but no matter.

You navigated your hat swarm around islands to destroy dancers that tried to defend the islands, while at the same time trying to avoid the deadly dances that was danced at you.


The Hat Swarm Attack on Dance Islands prime features was an intro, an island generator (that I later used as a base for rather prettier islands), the famous Hoids algorithm that simulates hats in groups flocking behaviour (later adopted for the fleets in Ultra Fleet), stick figures, and a lot of dancing. Strangely, it was also my very first LD game (together with Ultra Fleet) that didn’t use tiles.

There’s no dedicated distribution for The Hat Swarm Attack on Dance Islands, but you can get it as the bonus in the Ultra Fleet compo version. It’s for Windows, but if you’re a bit clever, you can probably compile it for Linux. It requires OpenGL with 512×512 sized textures support.

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