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    Posted by (twitter: @@tman_BOSS)
    Monday, June 13th, 2011 5:57 am

    Hi guys, the game that qwezc and I are making is moving right along. Its now got actual game play! Every time a baby is born you get points that you can spend to introduce new technology to the humans. It still doesn’t have much dialogue or a story but that will come later. I’m thinking of adding some special powers that drastically change the humans’ opinion of you.

    Here’s another screenshot:

    Alien Flight Academy: Graduation Day (FINAL)

    Posted by
    Sunday, February 21st, 2010 6:19 pm

    Alien Flight Academy: Graduation Day

    You can play this game in your browser (warning: sounds will play)

    It’s time for your final exam to graduate from your UFO school. Only problem is you were a complete slacker. You have no idea how to fly your ship. You have 3 minutes to impress your commander by destroying as many humans, cars, helicopters, tanks and jets as you can–or suffer the consequences!

    All you can remember is to use the keys 1,2,3,4 and 7,8,9,0

    Tools used:
    * Coded in ActionScript 3.0 using the Flash CS4 IDE and using my mouth and microphone and Audacity to process the sound effects. I composed the music loop in Reason.

    The Angry Caverns

    Posted by
    Saturday, August 29th, 2009 5:26 am

    Yes.. plural.  Been refining my idea a little.  I think I want to keep it more fun and interesting by making hopefully 5 different cavern levels.  Each with a slightly different theme and weapons and targets.  Each level will have a short time limit (1 minute?) in which you’ve tried to use the levels weapons (stalactites, steam vents, rock falls etc) to take out any life forms.  It will be a score based game tuned to encourage compelling replays and leaderboard competition.

    I am thinking of some various themes for the cavern levels which are like 1920s bootleggers, 1700s pirates, 2000 teen hangout, 20,000 BC cavemen/critters, far future theme.

    Potential Targets in the above themes:

    • creatures (sprinkled throughout all themes…?)
      • bats
      • centipedes
      • lizards
      • fish
      • bears
      • wolves
    • humanoids
      • teens (doing drugs? hanging out? contemporary theme)
      • cavemen (20,000BC theme)
      • explorers (going from A to B? contemporary theme)
      • pirates (after their treasure 1700s theme)
      • criminals (whiskey bootleggers (jugs / barrels with xxx, 1920s theme)
      • spacemen / aliens (future theme?

    I’m excited about this game so far.  I think that with the variety of each cavern level having a different configuration of weapons layouts, path layouts and creatures with a unique theme it will be an amusing and humorous game.  Now I just have to see how much content I can pull off in the compo time limit.  I will attempt to get one playable theme first in case that is all I manage to pull off.  I’m thinking I’ll go for 20,000 BC wrapper first because I can do many cave creatures as well as humorous cavemen for targets.

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