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     (speed is too slow ToT just finished not a few days…orz)

                     my game ‘s name is <The Flower of Sphinx> ;  

as the title,the topic is about [life-stage] and [flower] (also about some small critters :D)

actually (of course) there are not any super-deeply admonition/sermonize at all, just a simple and short game, I hope could to give player some relaxed feeling by this simple game. ^-^



 Share some fun things:  

-at first ,i think if i hide the key word<sphinx> , it may be better?( for example use T.F.O.S as the title…  oh i really not only for cool :D)

-recently , i have relaized that it maybe not the best practice (,Ծ‸Ծ,) :

—-one aspect  may becasue these tipes /informs/guides  which  in my game was done not good enough ( ok ok… maybe very bad  i think…ಥoಥ)

—-    (L-A and L-B may liitle confused you…so the tip is just . try to [find]  the flower(or leaves?/petals?)  …)

—– another aspect was the title will be seen when player real in game  sooner or later! orz

so, i  start to know: it seems like that i have nothing to be hide…  ( how  torn am i   before > < o) 


Simple summarize :

my game’s elements’s build method was  partly  based on one of my old works which was built for a speed concept painting;

and the other parts (for example this game’s concpet/experience preset  ) was  inspired by @mizou ‘s artwork a lot  (Interestingly,that two image happened to  be set to our page’s banner.> < really fun!)

about that ,it  let me think about [流] [气] [韵]  preliminary.   i even attempt to combine my game’s main rhythm to those feeling which i got from her artwork…  but to be honest, this is   a little bit difficulty for me ( what i done was also not considered to got the core deeply  at the finish …)


(btw, @mizou also participate in this LD and was team with , you must have seen the <LD Picked Volume> which biult by his collect and recoomand in homepage before.

their work < Mountain> this LD also really great !  i’ve always liked  their works )


in addition,there are some design points were  inspired  by  some sketches which from my 2013design-sketch note ,when this game just  at the brain-strom stage…

some sketches from my old design-note.

To a certain extent,these sketches also influenced  this game’s theme and some character’s design.

some sketches from my old design-note.

<—> for example this  shy-boy( i called it prowler)

shy boy

i have tried to set it(he) as an emotion-toggle in the LevelB

just to communicate the world rhythm’s  little shift,  also hope it could as an image for a type of disposition(temperament)

of course, he is also the only character which have eyes in this game   ( i think ,eyes is so impotrant key  espically when we want to build some emotion..)


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