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Hidden Prison: Good feedback = Remake?

Thursday, December 19th, 2013 2:40 am

Hidden Prison entry

Hello everybody. We are very pleased with the feedback of our game, Hidden Prison. We know that we didn’t have time to finish it and polish, but we have worked to fix some bugs (critical bugs) and do the game enjoyable (now you can finish it). The main reason of this post is asking you about the possibility to do a remake, only based in the feedback. We believe that our idea es very good and interesting to develop and create new levels, develop the plot, dialogues and do a really complete game.

The main reason to do the remake is to thanks to everybody that played (tested) our game an told us that they wanted more! We think that we can improve the experience with some aditions:

  • Better graphics and ilumination system
  • Faster characters
  • Better AI (We will use the grid system of GM Studio to do the paths)
  • More skills
  • A good story with a surprising plot and dialogues
  • More puzzles, traps, and stealth!
  • And, of course, more levels.

We want to start the remake in a few weeks (after Christmas), and I beg you to vote us and help us with your feedback, to try to achieve some advertisement and financing in the future, that REALLY will help to do an awesome game. Thanks for reading!

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