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Ambassadors of Ruin

Posted by (twitter: @losttraindude)
Monday, August 25th, 2014 11:22 am

My first Ludum Dare entry ever. I’m so excited that I can’t get to sleep even if I’m completely out of energy!

I spent most of the 48 hours drawing pixels in Hexels and trying to make them move in Game Maker, trying to find a way to connect those two planets I drew on the screen.

Then the little spark arrived and made room for an avalanche of ideas which I had to skim almost entirely. I’m too bad as a programmer to make those ideas actually work in just 48 hours.

Anyway this is it!

Ambassadors of Ruin

Ambassadors of Ruin, Ludum Dare 30, LostTrainDude
Entry page

In a nutshell: a trading game in which you must lead a planet to a new beginning by tradingcreating what your citizens demand.

The game was developed with GameMaker: Studio (Standard Edition). That’s why the build is currently available on Windows only.

All graphics were made with Hexels Pro while the looping music was rendered from a slightly modified version of a very little ChucK script I wrote last month. I’ve tried to describe it in detail here, and as you can see it’s pretty basic (and very spaghetti as well).

I really hope that this is not an issue, since I programmed it a month ago. It’s a really really simple script, which of course is also included in the source for everybody to expand and use.

By the way, I hope you can enjoy this little experiment which lives by miracle thanks to caffeine, poorly managed polyphasic sleep, spaghetti code, good will and, of course, Ludum Dare!

Can’t wait to play all your games and, most of all, can’t wait for the next edition!

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