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Herbert Crawler finished for October Challenge

Posted by (twitter: @Roninkoi)
Wednesday, October 1st, 2014 1:18 am


I’m planning on getting my LD29 game “Herbert Crawler” finished for this October Challenge and posting it on I was going to release the Post LD Edition before LD30 but I just couldn’t get the levels done. I have been working on it in my free time for a while now so there’s a plethora of new features. You could almost call it a game now!

New gubbins:

– More maps
– Mushrooms
– Potions
– Spikes
– Chests
– Fullscreen
– Saving
– New weapons & armour
– New tile textures
– Music by Kevin MacLeod

Play the pre-release version here


The game will be posted here when it’s finished:

2014-10-03 18_45_46-Embed Herbert Crawler Post LD Edition -


Herbert Crawler – An unfinished first entry

Posted by (twitter: @Roninkoi)
Saturday, May 10th, 2014 10:53 am


Due to the lack of time and several other factors, my first attempt at making a game for Ludum Dare was left rather unfinished. In Finland the competition starts at 3:00 am and I lost a few hours because of that. The first day was just making the engine and some of the core mechanics. I ordered a new Wacom tablet just before LD and drew most of the art on the second day. The animations were also coded that day. I couldn’t spend the third day just making the game. When I got home I made a test level and coded the AI for the skeletons. I made the sounds and last finishing touches at around 1:00 am and got only four hours of sleep.


I didn’t use the time as effectively as I could have. I also had trouble finding inspiration and ended up making a pretty generic dungeon crawler. With C++ it took a long time to get the mechanics coded. The competition is also a lot tougher physically than I thought and I underestimated the time needed to make a game like this with my inexperience. I think it’s best to keep the concept of the game simple and get the ruddy thing finished rather than trying to aim too high.

The game can be played here:

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