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Heart Heist Post-Jam version!

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Tuesday, December 20th, 2016 5:26 pm

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This Ludum has been a bit of a crazy one for us however with only about 48 hours of work we’re quite proud of the project we’ve put together:

Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to introduce two key mechanics to the game: lasers and keys but fortunately we managed to finish these off in a post-jam version. Lasers are randomly generated and randomly blink on and off (on a pre-set timer) – colliding with them will kill you.

Secondly, each level has a key that you need to pickup in order to unlock the heart. This adds another layer of necessary difficulty to the game since sometimes it could be quite easy to just find the heart. Now the main mechanic, becoming a shadow in order to hide, is much more necessary since you’ll be looking around for the key and waiting for lasers to turn on and off.

Finally, we’ve added controller support – just to see what LibGDX controllers are like. LibGDX’s lwjgl3 backend adds controller hot-loading¬†however for some reason it swaps the sticks and requires a weird JVM argument to run so we just went back to the original LibGDX backend.

Thanks to everyone whose left feedback on the game so far, you should definitely try out the post-jam version. If you’d like to rate the Ludum Dare version, it’s here.

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