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Post Mortem of HanniBall

Posted by (twitter: @snooze82)
Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 7:00 pm

Nearly two days later, I can call HanniBall a success.

After two finished LD’s, I gave up during LD31 and missed LD32.
But this time, I managed to finish a game. Woohoo \o/

It’s a little 2-Player Battle Game to find out, who the real Hannibal is.

Play and Rate it here :)



What went wrong

  • I was not prepared enough, I struggled the first 2 hours with bringing a simple box with a light to the screen, just because I forgot, how to do so. And it took forever to record the few seconds of annoying music.
  • I didn’t invole people for playtesting or give me some advises or ideas. Aftwards, friends came up with nice little ideas, which would have made the game real fun to play.
  • I lost a couple of hours doing nothing. Or watching a movie. I could have use my time for creating properly 3d models – Now, I have only balls.
  • The floating island is dynamically generated, because I thought it would be more fun/ challenging. But no one noticed it. I would have saved hours, if I simply would have modelled it with blender.
  • Although I was streaming the whole progress on twitch, I had nearly no visitors. I should have advertise this more, and do more socializing on IRC, Twitter, etc.

What went right

  • I chose the most simple idea. And it was one of the first idea – playing with the name “Hannibal” (my girlfriend is currently reading the novels) seeded into this game. No, it’s not shoehorned.
  • To chose plain JavaScript and the incredible THREE.js framework was the right decision. I loved to come up with such a nice result despite not using a full featured game framework
  • I finished the gameplay development first, and had afterwards enough time for building up the floating island, making music and to add the postprocessing.
  • It’s a game I can play with my 7y old daughter – despite the theme :)
  • My PC was capable enough to do a FullHD stream to twitch while developing with WebGL stuff. Nice baby :)


  • JavaScript, THREE.js
  • THREE.Terrain
  • gimp
  • bfxr, bosca ceoil, audacity (see the tools section)

See you next time <3 

Hannibal vs. Will?

Posted by (twitter: @snooze82)
Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 3:19 pm

HanniBall is coming along :)


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