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The Time of Half the Time – A post-mortem

Posted by (twitter: @ZepCap)
Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 1:56 pm

So this weekend I made a game.


So this weekend I made a game that I am actually proud of.


So this weekend I made a game that I am actually proud of AND people in the comments seem to like it*, especially the story which is what I am the most proud of as well.

The feeling I get from that is indescribable.

If people keep posting comments like that, I think my head might get so light with happiness that I float all the way to the moon. This might have been my first Ludum Dare, but it sure as heck won’t be the last.

But anyway, since I really like all the post-mortem lists of rights/wrongs, I am going to copy that very idea. Here goes:

Where I rocked

  • Good idea choices. Got an idea that I liked very quickly. I scrapped that after a few minutes of thoughts. Then I had breakfast and showered and got a much, much better idea, which is pretty much unaltered in the final game.
  • Awesome work ethic. I looked at the theme, went to eat, shower, stuff like that, had the idea and then worked pretty much uninterrupted until night, where I actually went to bed at the responsible time of 11 pm (which seems to be an extreme exception to 5 am in this jam). I was then well rested for the next day, and worked till 12:30 pm the next night (2½ hours before time limit). Never lost motivation, probably due to how much I liked the idea.
  • Story. Wrote a, in my humble opinion, touching little story, and put it nicely into the game. And the thing that I am much more proud of is that the gameplay actually supported the emotions of the story, especially towards the end. I’m very very happy about having achieved that.
  • Gameplay. Although not as flavored or challenging as I would have liked, I am rather content with the gameplay. The main mechanic, spinning, feels very good.
  • Game feedback. Something that I once had a lot of problems with, now came pretty easily. It is quite clear to see/feel when you get hit, when you hit enemies and so on. <3 particles <3
  • Finishing. Yay! I could have added a lot more, and there are some small tweaks that I could have made, which would have improved the quality of the challenge a bunch, but which I only thought of later, but I had to sleep, and so I just told myself that it was finished and submitted. Feels good.

Where I sucked

  • The tools. I had not prepared them, so lost at least an hour downloading and setting up Flash Develop and Flixel. And I wasn’t really comfortable using them, since I haven’t made a game with them for a while, so had to spend a lot of time refreshing as well. Rookie mistakes, I know, but it is my first time.
  • Sound. Never made/got it. A nice quiet soundtrack could have improved this game by miles.
  • Art. Just look at it. I am not good at art, and I never had time to even try.
  • Testing. The only ones who I had time to test with were my parents, and neither of them know how to play video games. Part of the reason why the game is too easy, probably.
  • Challenge. As stated before. The initial idea involved more types of enemies. Another way to make it more challenging in a good way that is glaring me in the eyes, would be to require the player to kill a set number of enemies before being able to grab the night stash. Boom.

All in all, I am so happy about participating and about my game, that something VERY important will have to be scheduled in the next LD weekend for me to not participate again.
Thank you for reading this 😀

*Of course, on all the games people are very polite and mostly say the good things, so I can’t really be sure if it’s actually any good, before I see the ratings. I am aiming for a relatively good mood score most of all.


Posted by (twitter: @ZepCap)
Sunday, August 25th, 2013 6:08 am

After hours of thinking about this, while showering, running, sleeping, coding other stuff, then finally, my proudest achievement in this weekend:

P = NP

So. Simple.

(it changes the 8-way movement of a topdown character so that when he moves diagonally, he doesn’t move faster than when travelling vertically or horizontally.)

2nd day 2do

Posted by (twitter: @ZepCap)
Sunday, August 25th, 2013 1:02 am

Today I have to finish the following:

  • Implement the story
  • Make moar enemies (at least 3)
  • Make moar levels (like 5?)
  • Menu + game over screens
  • Correct the character movement (if anyone has any experience with making realistic 8-way movement, it would be much appreciated!)

Finishing those things would make me satisfied, and would let me consider the game “finished”. I also have some “stretch goals” so to say:

  • Sounds! And music! I have no idea how to this! Free online sound files I guess!
  • Polish!
  • Art update!
  • Exclamation points!

And 3. 2. 1. GO

Good luck everyone!

His and Her time

Posted by (twitter: @ZepCap)
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 1:31 pm

First real screenshot from my game, Half the Time!

Painted by Pablo Picasso

Look at those HALF CIRCLES

I’ve implemented the main mechanics (except for win/loss conditions) and the most basic enemy. I feel like it is going soooo slowly compared to all you guys (been at it for almost 11 hours now). I think it is partly because I was not as comfortable with Flixel as I thought I was. A lot of googling is being done.

I know the art is very boring, but I’m either keeping it like this, or making a last minute art update. I’m still very pleased with the main gameplay idea, though. Pretty sure it’s unique :D. Now I just have to find out if it’s fun…

I’m loving the feeling of finally being part of this (I’ve been a lurker for over 3 years), it’s so great watching everyone’s progress (even if it makes me feel a little bit inferior…).

Good luck everyone!
-The Zeppelin Captain

Finally begining

Posted by (twitter: @ZepCap)
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 3:20 am

Hello everybody!

This is my very first Ludum Dare, and I really like the way people post about their progress on this site, so I’ll join the choir.
So far I am off to a not very good start. I started late (around 10:30 my time (GMT+1)) and I was sure that I already had the tools ready for work, but when I wanted to boot up Flash Develop, it was not on my list of programs… Apparently I’ve uninstalled sometime in the past, and never reinstalled it.
But now, after one failed attempt at installing, I have finally made my own little “Hello World”:

Ludum Motherfucking Dare

The new and improved Hello World (also: FLIXEL)

At least I already have the idea for gameplay and the basic story of the game down, so that’s good, I guess. It will be very simple art as that is my weakest skill (well, maybe apart from sound. We’ll see about sound…), but there will hopefully be a sweet little lovestory and some (wish me luck!) entertaining gameplay. The whole story and gameplay is crafted specially for the theme, which I think is a wonderful theme, with so many possibilities if you dare be a little creative with it.

Working title: Half the Time
Cheesy phrase of the day: “She completes me.”

Good luck!

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