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My picks after 100 games played

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Thursday, May 16th, 2013 11:44 am

I played around 100 games and still feel that it’s not enough. I find great new games & concepts on an everyday basis. These are the ones that I enjoyed the most (and were not featured that much afaik). Those already featured only got links 😛

Metahotel by Christian S.


Very addictive, very polished. I’d love to play this on my Nexus 7.

METROCRAFT by gregdevice


Blocky (Minecraft alike) graphics plus 3D Puzzles equals awesome.

Tubulance by merteor


Not the newest concept but a great take on it!

Dropblocks by Doctor Broccoli


Collect “bullets” and cut off parts of the world. It’s fun and looks absolutely stunning.

RogueOut by badlydrawnrod


The unholy child of breakout and rogue. A lot of fun! It actually plays way better than you think it would.

Save the Potato, Save the world. by JohnnySix

Save the Potato, Save the world

Very nice platformer. Has potatoes in it.

hru by gilmore606


Get a ball higher and higher. Very addictive gameplay and nice visuals.

Escape Shaft by Zathalos

Escape Shaft

The concept is easy: Survive! With only 3 lives & 3 shots per level.

GRAViTRON by grimpunch


Collect or get collected! 😀


And don’t forget (if you haven’t already played):

Budget Squad by deepnight


QbQbQb (cube cube cube) by rezoner

… by Dir3kt

Mono Caves by Jools64


Also be sure to check out:

WORDHUNTER by myself 😉

wordhunter v100 in-game

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