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I’m in #9

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Wednesday, August 20th, 2014 12:18 pm

For the last two Ludum Dares, the themes have been really uninspiring and I was feeling overworked and tired before the compos. Not completing them I realized that change was needed. So we decided to take a vacation and then come back and completely change what we were using to create games in for the last 3 years. As much as I’m worried about Unity’s domination over the market in the future, I gave in to its overpowered awesomeness. I don’t regret it.

My History with Ludum Dare
LD 22: Didn’t complete a game but turned it in anyways.
LD 23: Hard to track down bug killed the game 8-hours before the end of the jam.
LD 24: Did as much as LD 22.
LD 25: Finally finished a game first time. Both in the LD and ever.
LD 26: Finished second game ever and by myself in the 2-day time squeeze.
LD 27: Was really sick the whole compo. Didn’t finish (because I slept too much), but made the most complex game mechanics I’ve ever made.
LD 28/29: Cancelled both for reasons of being uninspired (believe me, 4 hours into LD29 we went, “crap, this game is terrible”)…

The goal set forth for this Ludum Dare is to create something “simple” since I’ve only been using Unity for a handful of weeks…or in general to just create something which hasn’t happened for 2 LDs. It will happen, there’s high energy this time around (and pizza!).

What we’re using!
Engine: Unity (2D)
Programming Language(s): C# / JS(Unity)
Editor(s): Visual Studio 2010, Notepad++, Sublime Text
Graphic: Graphics Gale, Photoshop
Sound Effects and Music: bfxr, Soundation, FL Studio, or public domain music/sounds
Library/Framework: Unity 2D, Toolkit2D

I’m In!

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Thursday, April 25th, 2013 8:45 am

When I first entered Ludum Dare, it was April of 2011. 2011 was a good year for making games for me. Throwbots, Aphelion Incident and Blue Moon were my creations for 2011, and I still feel that for all their flaws they are still reasonably solid entries.

2012 was not so good. This time last year I came down ill. In August I was busy with preparations for an academic conference. In December? In December, my only excuse was absolutely hating the theme. (If “You Are Your Enemy” wins I will go mad. MAD)

Let’s hope things go better this time around!


IDE: IntelliJ

Library: Flixel

Map/Level Editor: DAME

Image Editor: Photoshop/GraphicsGale/Paint Tool SAI

Sound Generator: BFXR

Music Editor: SunVox

Timelapse: Chronolapse

Streaming: Open Broadcaster Software

(disclaimer: some of these tools might not end up being used at all)



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