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Ex-Sword-Stential Crisis — Day Zero Development

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Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015 6:54 am

When the theme was announced on Friday evening, Team Infection’s Daniel Snd and Thiago Adamo (PXLDJ) hurriedly sat down with Rachel Rios and I (Taunia Sabanski) and we immediately had troubles coming up with a simplistic concept that people likely would not have thought of yet. After ditching an overly-ambitious idea about WW2 and bird poop, we ultimately resorted back to one of the first concepts that were pitched: “You are the weapon.”

At this point, I expressed extreme frustration at how most people seemed to be falling into the trap of handling the concept of “An Unconventional Weapon”. With this sort of theme, most people were focusing on what their weapon was going to be, rather than how the weapon would function in terms of play and fun-factor. Instead of going from game play concept to weapon, people were going from weapon to game play — I wanted to be extremely adamant about not falling into that trap. Game play and fun-factor would always come first — the weapon design would then follow.

As we began pondering exactly how to implement the sort of game play we wanted, Daniel started messing around with Unity. It was then that he made a simple sword shape, enabled movement on the sword shape, and began laughing.

He then sent us this.

The collective shouting of “THIS IS PERFECT!!”, “OH MY GOD YES!” and “LET’S DO THIS.” could likely be heard from orbit.

The concept of the game simply fell into place after this. Naturally, it was decided that the sword should cut grass. Now, not wanting this to be “Lawn Maintenance Simulator 2015”, we decided that this would be an unconventional sword — an enchanted sword, with a face, a name and a personality. A pacifist sword, that disliked killing things.

Our sword was then named Rusty, and given real googly eyes.

Why googly eyes? Because we could.

At this point, we were pretty pleased with ourselves, but we couldn’t start work on the game yet. Unbeknownst to most, there was another game that needed to be finished and submitted to another contest (Daniel Snd’s “Rocket Fist”) on Saturday evening that was monopolizing Daniel’s (and Thiago’s) time. I helped where I could, but our Ludum Dare development was tied up until the submission deadline for “Rocket Fist” wooshed past.

In the meantime, I worked on some concept art, as I knew Rachel Rios needed solid references to assist in creating 3D models. I also decided this would be the best way to solidify our color palette, stylize the graphics and map out exactly what we needed in terms of “loose” assets.

Here’s Rusty.

I had initially wanted to give Rusty hand-drawn/animated eyes, a mouth and eyebrows. I’d also wanted to position them on the blade of the sword. I realize now that you likely would not have been able to see the eyes. I wanted the hilt to look like the collar of a shirt, and be representative of his body, but with how the googly eyes got placed, the hilt still looks like the collar of a shirt — but the blue jewel and blade look like a giant tie. So, you end up cutting grass with his tie. Which is awesome.


Here is the concept art/3D reference and color palette for the animals.

As you can see, we also planned on having chickens, but simply ran out of time. The method behind the madness of having goats and sheep is that we could use one rig and one set of animations for both, as well as use a modified goat mesh for a sheep mesh. With minimal alteration, we could have two animal types meandering around instead of just one. I’m fairly sure that if we had chickens, they’d also ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO lay eggs. There is simply no working around that.


Environment concept art/3D reference and color palette.

As you can see, the trees also didn’t make it past the cut. Simply not enough time. Also, we had planned to have a “sword in the stone”-esque platform to act as a “start and/or end level” — this also didn’t make the cut, though it was simply superfluous to have it in the first place. We wanted everything realistically destructible to be destructible. We wanted sign posts to become chopped up, and trees to leave stumps when hit multiple times. We had also planned destructible fences. Again, all superfluous.

I’m starting to really realize that all my years experience scaling down and scaling down and scaling down projects has really been worth its weight in time and effort. It really is something you need to learn to do — simply, how to strip projects down, realize what you don’t need, get rid of it as quick as you can and implement what you do have to its utmost potential. Figure out what can be re-used, reconfigured or most easily created, and prioritize accordingly.

More on that in my next post. :)


Ghost Digger

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Monday, December 8th, 2014 6:51 pm

We have just submitted our first Ludum Dare game! It was a great experience and it will certainly not be our last LD.

Play Ghost Digger

Ghost Digger

Ogre’s Gold – be a greedy goblin

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Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 4:46 pm

This the 3D game we did for LD29 Jam. Find your way to the Ogre’s gold in 4 different levels.


icon OgresGold


Had a blast on my first LD ever. Somehow we all agree to make a game at the last minute before the jam started. What makes me the most proud is that we are able to make a 3D game in such a short time and 100% remotely. Right now I am living in Florida, US; while the rest of the team is living in Lima, Peru (where I am from). We are conscious that this game has a lot of flaws, especially in what comes to the mechanics (we didn’t had enough time to make the illumination work as we wanted); however, this projects gives us the confidence that we can make 3d games in a short period of time.



Have unlimited fun playing autogenerated maps.

automap - OgreGold


Web (Kongregate), Windows, Mac, Linux. Web version recommended.

kongregate - OgreGold


-Made with Unity3D

-3Ds Max


Alexis Sotelo

Alvaro Barua

Alonso Caballero

Edwin Cornejo




Saturday, April 26th, 2014 10:28 am


We found gold! Now we have 3 floors.

How I made X=3-1 (Jam Theme winner)

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Tuesday, May 21st, 2013 2:35 am

The first thing I said to myself before the start of the Jam was this : “I will do my best to respect the theme in every aspect of interpretation or development.” Then the theme was announced : “Minimalism“. I was very frustrated because I knew that obeying THAT theme would kill almost every fragment of creativity I have could put into it my game. I wasn’t creating a personal game anymore, but a thing resulting of the maximum extrapolation of an invasive theme.

My thoughts are a battlefield with Conformism (C) against Anticonformism (A).
I do hate the C part, but it’s keeping me sane. This is how I proceed, talking to myself :

  • A : What is the Minimal in a Game?
    C : Interactivity. Without interactivity, it’s just a show.
    A : But is a show a real game with unconscious inputs and inexplicit outputs?
    C : Don’t mix show and game or people won’t understand.
  • A : What is the Minimal in Interactivity?
    C : An input, an output.
    A : It seems to be true with 2 people (considering Player and Game).
  • A : What is the Minimal Input or Output?
    C : A click and displaying a pixel I think.
    A : Where are your arguments?
    C : In common games you just have to click and pixels are small and light.
    C : Remember, people need to understand.
    A : MAN, stop attacking your liberty of thinking by using understandability as a filter.
    C : Do a game for your yourself if you want BUT UNDERSTAND that shareability is primordial in LD.
    A : Go **** ******** C!

— Cerebral Meltdown —
I’m not going to show you everything, because it took hours.
And my head hurts.

  • A : So… what’s the minimal game engine?
    C : Notepad.
    A : LOL, are you trying to mimic me? You’re bad at this, you know.C : It was a serious answer.
    A : It was unoriginal originality, around 10 people will have the same idea.
    C : So what’s your idea?
    A : No game engine.
    C : WHAT???!! We are NOT going to make a game??
    C : GOOD JOB, YOU’RE RIGHT : 0 octets, that’s Minimal!
    C : Who won? Everyone who did NOT submit a game.
    C : You’re going to be hated for that.

— Conformism ragequit — Long wait — Conformism comeback —

  • A : Bro, try to understand me,
    A : I was saying : no “standard” game engine.
    A : Let’s use Ludum Dare website as a game engine.
    A : One possibility : Title = Question ; Download links = Answers.
    A : Let’s minimize everything
    C : Wow, you’re a genius, no kiddin, but can we?
    A : It’s not forbidden, I think. Let’s submit in “Jam”. In case of.
  • C : So, what’s the minimal question for you?A : “How are you?”
    C : Answer links : “Fine, thank you” and “Not so well”?
    A : I don’t like this, the question must be more challenging.
    A : What about “X = 3 – 1“, btw : weird name, easy to see.
    C : That’s not challenging at all.
    A : Well, it looks challenging so people UNDERSTAND where the game is.
    A : Remember, there’s no downloadable game, no Flash, no HTML5!
    C : Why not “48÷2(9+3) = ?“, we will get more points in fun.
    A : Too hard, and minimalism has a difficulty interpretation.
    A : Note : We must do minimalism in the most diverse field of interpretations!
  • C : Where the “download” links are going to redirect?
    A : Maybe to wikipedia, to the true or false page.
    C : I like the “true” or “false” idea, it’s very “game-like”.
    C : However, some people will not understand that wikipedia is a part of the game.
    C : They will say “the link is broken” or something else.
    C : I will write “you need a web browser” so people don’t search a “physical” game.
    C : And it’s funny at the same time.
  • A : Good idea, hhmm, for the links I will write true or false in images.
    A : I will then upload the images and use their direct links.
    A : It’s important to lure people into thinking we spent minimal time and skill.
    C : I think you’re right.
    A : Haha.
    C : Be careful, some people will look at the URL, so upload the false image several times.

And that’s roughly how I got this :

Theme(Jam) 4.65
Humor(Jam) 4.40


DiggR: Gold and bombs

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Sunday, August 30th, 2009 10:54 am
Gold and bombs!

Gold and bombs!

Arrows + Z + X

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