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Sunday, May 4th, 2014 7:54 am

I made some .gif screenshots of gnome fortress. MoviePy is a fantastic library for making animated gifs in python. The post-compo version of gnome fortress will create gifs if you have MoviePy installed.

Now I can show you the garden gnomes in action:



Building / Teamwork


play and rate it here

Who’s Awesome:

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Sunday, May 6th, 2012 9:02 pm

I’ve played 100 games, and now I’m doing a post on my favs. (I’ll update it if I find more really good games.)

Here, in roughly the order I found them in, are my favourite games from this LD:

Tiny Stomp:   Nice simple 3d graphics, including stomp marks. You stomp on tiny creatures, trying not to trip over your feet or puncture yourself. Very fun, addicting, and easy to pick up! Like the sound fx too.       link
Invasion of Tiny World: A  good core mechanic that the game revolves around, creative, lots of destruction, great graphics, great audio, an all around winner!   link   
Fracuum: Awesome! Lots of gameplay, and the zooming thing gives you a sense of the world like  few other games do! Best level design.  link
Asylum:  Beautiful! A good story AND a great way of telling it that takes advantage of various game elements, just like a videogame story should.  This game is awesome. link 
Obsolecence: Most polished entry! Also has a really good sense of mood.  link
subAtomic: Most funny!  link
Planet Zoob: Best audio!  link
Tiny Worlds (the one with all the blue and orange): Gameplay isn’t the best…but it has the most stick-in-your-head music by far!  link
 Moon Base: Third most unique mechanic!    link
Tiny Computer People: Innovative, and relaxing to play! A very cool idea.    link
Pow! Pow! Pow! Best graphical style! Very nice-looking!  link
Diety: For simple all-around enjoyability.  link
Pioneer: Very replayable!      link  
Dave Is In A Fish Tank: For high replayability, and being the game i played MORE than any other entry!     link    
Casal Navity: Best readme introduction! (Although unfortunately I couldn’t play it…letdown!)      link
Going Rogue: For the music, and the great fun I had discovering different ways of causing havoc. Also because it’s a LD entry with random generation!      link     
Stellar Nurse: Very unique mechanic, fun,  good graphics, good music, all around winner! Second most unique mechanic.    linkety link
Super Ant Surfer Hero (or some such): Lots of gameplay, feels polished, and the ant is really cool! Deserves mentioning just for the ant companion. Feels very complete.   link
Evolve: Best combination of simple fun, relaxing to play, awesome graphics, and humour. Lots of games had those, but this one really brought them all together nicely.  link
Path O Invasion: Best bacteria game!  link 
Bipolar: Best pychosis game! Really zany. REALLY zany.   link to gender switching madness
Michael Is Myopic: Best unique mechanic! It’s everything a good core mechanic should be. link
Overpopulous: Best animated intro! link 

It’s A Tab: Most innovative take on theme. Play it. You’ll see what I mean.  link  

Walker: Gnarly! Very cool idea, great execution.  another link  

TinyTanic: Pure awesomeness!   link 

If your game is on the list..come and play mine!

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