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Made a tool to convert images/videos into 8Bit/Pixel Style

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Monday, February 5th, 2018 4:31 am

If you are on a gamejam with short time and you need some pixel assets you can use PixaTool that easily help you to convert images/videos into 8bit / Pixel style.

So you can use 3D render images, illustrations or painted images to give that PixelArt feeling. Also have batch processing and can export videos, look the info in the official page and their tutorial to learn how they are done.

Here is an example of the conversion quality

Software link:

Hope you like it! 😉

MF100 – Post-Mortem

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Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 3:07 am

If you are bored with gamedev or programming, game jams is a thing you need to try. In october 2016 I found my self bored with c++ madness. Suddenly, I found a blog post about great game jam, that will help you to re-think your skills.

Ludum dare is one of the worlds largest and longest running Game Jam events. Every 4 months, people make a game from scratch in a weekend.

Sounds neat right?

I though, I will have a try. My first LD (37), I wrote an RPG-kind of game:


It was my first experience of java game development, I was completely to game jams. Any way, I did a great job, and I was proud of my self, because I did compo first try. Things I noticed:

  • Ascii art is great, but doen’t fit game jams
  • My java framework was buggy
  • I did not have any clue, how to make music

But, what I enjoyed a lot, that I got new inspiration from the jam and the positive feedback from people. It was so lovely, to hear great words about your game!


Till the LD, there is always a few streamers, that stream their development. When I saw that on LD 37, I thought, that it would be nice to try this. I wrote a small plugin, witch can be found here. Not the best code ever, and the idea is taken from Drunk Devs on twitch.

The plugin it self is a twitch chat bot, that displays all of the users, that had typed something in the chat, on the screen. And every 7-10 minutes happens a random event, that users can vote for.


The truth

My stream got 0 viewers :) Strange, isn’t it? Also, my PC was not powerful enough. When the chat bot was active, my PC was lagging so much…

Another way to do this

Next LD (it will be in summer 2017), I will record a time lapse, and post it on youtube. Hope, that it will go better.

Wait, but what about LD 38?

Ah.. it was a complete fail.. First of all, in a few hours before jam, i found pico-8. I thought: “Well, I write a game-emulator, this can fit almost every theme..”. I created a prototype console, and got to bed.

When the theme was announced (it was Small World), I though, that this theme is great for writing an emulator.

The first day went alright. But on the second day, I just did not know, what to do.. I mean, I run out of ideas. My game was not playable enough. There was not enough time to start another game.

I just failed.

By the way, game is here:



Never start a brain storming before LD. Otherwise, you will fail.. Trust me. Next time, I will use lua + love2d for my game. And no ascii art!!

Our game from LD 34, Zaba the frog is on Steam Greenlight now!

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Saturday, March 11th, 2017 10:09 am


In December 2015, on Ludum dare 34, me and my brother made a game about one lazy frog.

There were two themes at this jam: two button controls and growing. We made a game in which player must rotate the world to move the main character – a frog, and get it to the end of the level, eating flies on the way.

After few months of additional work on this game, we finally finished it and put it on steam greenlight.

It would be a really big help if the community of Ludum Dare could help us put another LD game on Steam.

Here is a link to greenlight page. Thanks in advance.



I’m in ! #LD38

Posted by (twitter: @Lothrinn)
Tuesday, February 28th, 2017 10:22 pm

Hello everyone, my name is Lothrinn, I’m from France and this will be my first Ludum Dare ! I know it is a little bit early to register for this one but anyway 😛

On this one, I will work alone and I know it will be extremely difficult as it’s my first LD and my very first event of this genre ! I started coding very recently (2 months ago) and I’m slowly learning C#, working with Unity. I’m actually in university majoring Art, intending to enter in another uni specialized in videogames developement.

I know as it’s my first LD I might not be able to finish my game in time or erasing the biggest bugs but who cares ? I’m here only to have fun, to discover my limits and to learn from my mistakes ! I’d also love to see the awesome work you all will realize ! I strongly believe this event will be really interesting and will help me to progress.

Of course, I’m participating at the Jam, the Compo would be too hardcore for me 😛 I may even stream my progression during the whole event !

So, see you all in April and good luck !


PS : Oh, I almost forgot : I’M IN !

PPS : I apologize for my poor english, I’m trying my best :p

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Monday, January 2nd, 2017 10:46 am

Legendary Legionnaire 3 – Food Massacre | Post Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @bananafourlife)
Wednesday, December 14th, 2016 8:00 pm

Hey fellow gamedevs,

We are a team of german students that participated the fifth time now. We name ourselfs “Banana4Life” and have developed the game “Legendary Legionnaire 3 – Food Massacre“. It was really fun to develop a successor to our last two ludum dare entries that was totally different in terms of gameplay, but takes place in the same universe, where a legionnaire tries to kill the alien overlords.

You can rate and play our game here: Legendary Legionnaire 3 – Food Massacre

You can find our last two games for the full experience here:

But now lets get to the post-mortem. Some circumstances led to us being 7 people this ludum dare. Two up from the five last time. Surprisingly this did not lead to much more confusion and some work that would always be done in the last hour (like UIs) were worked on earlier. All in all the many people were a good thing and the single person could concentrate better on their task.

After our first steps with Unity and C# last time we used it this time too, however this time we really encountered problems with it. After we did version control with git for some hours in the first day, we switched to Unity collaboration which did all the merging that had to be done for each pull, but also led to loss of data especially in the scene. We generated the whole map in a script, however the UI constantly lost parameter assignments after pulling from Unity Collab. This was really annoying and we want to have a solution for this problem the next ludum dare. Maybe we will even try something new in regards to the engine next time.

As we always try to make the ludum dare more interesting by trying out new stuff, we got our hand dirty with 3D this time. Nobody in the team has created 3D models or code for a 3D game before so we sticked with voxel models as you see it in the picture up top. This proved to be a good decision, because I (Jonas) as the artist for the last game always did pixel art before and could transfer my skills to the third dimension. The game logic as we did a restaurant management game with a top down perspective was two dimensional.

For the 3D modelling we used MagicaVoxel which is a great tool for voxel art and from the twitter of the creator will probably be perfect after the next update. Before the jam our idea was to rig the models and create the animations ourself, but Niko did decide to use the auto-rigger Adobe’s Mixamo. The animations look great even on the voxel model. This leads into the biggest pain point of this ludum dare. We rewrote our movement code three times and did not even work in the end. In the first iteration, the logic was separated from the animations, but the animations did not really work for some reason. The second iteration made heavy use of the animation state machine, however we found that the animation state machine did not really work as expected. Triggers did not trigger at the right time and somehow we could not retrieve if the state machine was currently in a transition. The third time we used the root motion of the animations, which were however for the running animation not straight and introduced their own set of problems. Nobody was satisfied with the movement in the end, however we just focused on the gameplay on the last day and submitted a game which was good.

(The particle system of Unity works great.)

A small degradation to last time was that the same setup for the streaming did not work and we completely dropped streaming for the first and last day, whereas we streamed all three days with a cool setup last time.

What went right?

  • We expanded the story of our legionnaire.
  • The game is playable and the idea still seems fun.
  • We were really productive and learned a lot.
  • Due to the many people in the team I could focus on graphics entirely, which lead to cool models and particle effects.
  • We implemented the hardest parts first (for example pathfinding) and after that connected all lose ends to a cool game.
  • Almost all planed features went into the final release.
  • We slept a reasonable amount of time.

As you see the most important parts went right and I think we did a pretty good job developing the game, however a few crucial things went wrong.

What went wrong?

  • We thought the theme wasn’t really that great. People please don’t vote these restrictive and uncreative themes.
  • The movement code and animations is where everything went wrong. It was the core feature and did not work until the very end where it was the least shitty. This also delayed all the features of the game to the last day.
  • Version control

What we want to do better?

  • Have a better theme. 😛
  • Learn how to write movement code.
  • Solve the version control problem.

I hoped you liked my writeup and visit our website for more of our games. Greetings,

Team Banana4Life

P.S.: Play and rate our game please.

One Room Hotel

Posted by (twitter: @@manuScythe)
Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 2:28 pm

I made it!
Here’s my game:

You are the cheeky owner of a Hotel with just one room and a bus full of blind clients just broke down in front of your #OneRoomHotel!

Use your left click and right click to build walls to avoid guests from noticing each other!

Guests will keep coming from time to time and for you to keep cashing in! 100€ each. But if one finds another, its game over lady!
How usurer can you get??



(Click on the “Play” sign on the reception table to start playing)

->> Let everyone know how much money you made in the comments below! <<-

note: Made by ManuScythe using GameMaker, Audacity. All code,  graphics, music and sfx were made from scratch. Ye music and sfx is me mumbling  hahaha

Survive the Barbaric Vikings

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 2:38 am

Our second Ludumdare but this time we had less time but still had fun!

Things we learned

  • Creating weapons that the AI and player use exactly the same way. Don’t have to change anything specific for the AI or player.
  • Animations in Unity. Our doors were animated in Unity because they have their own colliders that move
  • Complex animations with layers etc.

We couldn’t get in everything we wanted but its still enjoyable with its infinite wave generator!


screenshot1 screenshot2 screenshot3 screenshot4

Click here to play our game


Crazy-crazy-crazy #BUTERATOS very-very soon!

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Monday, December 12th, 2016 5:40 pm


Before we finish…

Posted by (twitter: @@bigbuggames)
Monday, December 12th, 2016 5:16 pm

Hi everyone!

While we’re debugging and checking the last details before we submit our game, we want to show you the main theme of ”The Dash Club”.

We hope you enjoy!!

The Compo is Finished! But my game is not :O

Posted by (twitter: @geekdima)
Monday, December 12th, 2016 2:46 am
Floor is Lava Banner

Floor is Lava Banner

So yeah, I didn’t have enough time to finish my game. I still published it, but it only has 2 levels.
You can check it out here: post

So what happened? Well, during day one I only worked on the game for few hours (busy weekend and such) but it was pretty productive. I made a prototype with my friend’s and Standard Unity’s assets.

Level 2: Bedroom

Level 2: Bedroom

On the second day things went south though, I woke up to find myself oversleeping half a day and to add to that the busy weekend wasn’t done yet, and to add to that my mood wasn’t the best. Cue demotivation.
So taking all the time I could from day 2 I created menus and started creating levels in Blender. I only managed to make 2, but I squeezed in few sound effects I made with my mouth.

So that’s the story of Floor is Lava, please do check it out, I hope you like it!
I’ll leave you with this post compo vid: youtubez

Oh, and. Good luck with the judging everyone!

First Character building.

The first Multiplayer Part ist finished.
The Team have so much fun to play.


Stage 1. Generated Ideas

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Saturday, December 10th, 2016 4:23 am

Okay, I have few ideas and, as I promised, I arranged the vote! Write in the comments idea’s number that you like the most and the top two ideas will go into next round!
Oh yes, also i will develop very simple clicker-game as a bonus!

So, the voting started and will continue until 12:00 a.m.


  1. Quest room with procedurally generated rooms
  2. To clean the snow by shovel when you are being chased by snowmen that make snow.
  3. Santa Claus must to find a Christmas tree and put gifts there. At the same time not to wake up residents and have a short time.
  4. Regular TDS Shooter.
  5. Watch for the “pirates” in the cinema.
  6. Sandbox terrarium (thx to Leon Möhring)

Stage 1. Idea of the game…

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Saturday, December 10th, 2016 2:51 am

So, ideas…

Nothing in my head. STOP! New Year and winter is a good theme!!!
But also let’s take a look to game idea generators XD




By the way, the best idea proposed in the comments will be awarded in my profile!

Ready to #LD37. Introducing.

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Friday, December 9th, 2016 6:35 pm

The first post of my #LD37 blog will be in acquaintance with me and my plans to this Game Compo.
My name is Egor Davidov, russian indie developer and freelancer. I started programming when I was 12 years old.

The basic profile – web development, but also I’m developer of games,Server administrator and application programming (eg IoT and Smart House).

That’s all information you need :-)

About plans and my project.
I did not come up with a unique idea for a game, the more vote for the theme of the contest is still going. Most of all I love the one-screen games, runners and simple RPG. I am sure that future development is to build on these areas! And certainly it’s will be in 2D!!! Becouse 2D is AWESOME!!!

For the competition I have chosen category Ludum Dare Jam, because this is my first experience of participating in this competition


And by the way, I am very respectful attitude to time management, so now I publish my work schedule, and at all times will adhere to it!

All the time will be divided into 5 stages:

  1. Thinking through ideas and concepts.
  2. Prototyping.
  3. Work on the design.
  4. Work on gameplay.
  5. Optimization.



  • Sleeping before sleepless seventy-two hours
10.12.16 06:00
  • Generate 5 or more ideas of game
10.12.16 10:00
  • Choose 2 best ideas by voting
10.12.16 12:00
  • Make concept prototype of each idea
10.12.16 17:00
  • Choose the best prototype by voting
10.12.16 19:00
  • Make the first playable version of the game
11.12.16 03:00
  • Turn bags into features
11.12.16 06:00
  • First working on design
11.12.16 14:00
  • First working on gameplay
11.12.16 20:00
  • Public Alpha Test!!!
  • Turn bags into features
12.12.16 00:00
  • Second working on design
12.12.16 09:00
  • Making new gameplay features, selected by voting
12.12.16 15:00
  • Second working on gameplay
12.12.16 18:00
  • Public Beta Test!!!

We’re in!!!

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Friday, December 9th, 2016 3:33 pm

First time we’re joining but we’re joining good!! We will be participating with a team of 3.

Located in Maasbracht/Limburg/Netherlands this is going to be fun!!!!

Only downside is that the theme is told to us at local time 3 AM…

Using the following tools:

  • Unity 3D (personal edition) c#
  • Blender for models
  • Cinema 4D
  • Visual Studio
  • Fl Studio for audio
  • Photoshop for Art


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