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Last chance to rate + Post Mortem.

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Monday, January 2nd, 2017 9:24 am

Thank you to everybody that played our game and left a nice comment! We appreciate your feedback and we’re thrilled that you all seemed to enjoy it. Neither of us had the willpower for this Ludum Dare but we’re glad we did it, it was loads of fun!

What Did You Make?

How To Cope With Boredom & Loneliness – A Guide For The Isolated – A Documentary Filmmaker Simulator

(Play It Here)

So, our game is a create your own documentary kind of thing. You play as Nigel Wimble, hard hitting filmmaker. To complete the final episode of your series you must create a film about Harold, a man who has been grounded to his room for the past 30 years.

To do this you must examine items in his room and choose the ones that will elicit the best responses. You then sit back and watch the documentary unravel.

Our game is light on gameplay but we hoped it would be entertaining enough anyway.

How Did You Make it?

A few days before Ludum Dare we had briefly spoke about framing our main project as a mockumentary. We decided against it but thought maybe we could do something similar for Ludum Dare, depending on the theme. Once we saw the theme was One Room an idea popped up for a documentary based on someone who has been grounded to his bedroom for his entire adult life. It seemed like a daft scenario so went with it, as we usually do.

We created ten items of interest which when selected would trigger a short cutscene. We then had to tie the player chosen ones together with an intro and outro which would play once the player confirms their selection.

We added clues to the examinations and a point system based on how relevant the item is but there’s no winning or losing. You enjoy the scenes you’ve picked or you don’t!

Day One


I always spend the first morning working on placeholder graphics with music on and a steady stream of tea. At the same time trying to work out what the game actually is. Once Rodo wakes up I bombard him with assets and bad ideas.

Rodo is in charge of scope and can be down right mean with it sometimes, so when I said we needed 10 fully voiced cutscenes I was surprised he went along with it. He even said yes to writing and singing a song too! I spend the rest of the day drawing and writing the examinations for the items.


I always wake up the first morning with a massive list of bad and ridiculous ideas to reject. Mainly due to the fact that most of the time, they would take a lot of coding time to implement just to gain a few seconds of features.
This time, however, I woke up with only a really ridiculous but hilarious idea, and on top of that all the hard work would be on Poffle’s side, so it was a no-brainer for me.

I’ve been working on adding speech support on the Unity Adventure Framework for our Vic Raider Trailer so this seemed a perfect time to test it in a real project.

Day 1 for me was setting up the rooms on unity, defining actors, cut-scenes, hotspots. In short, making the game world playable.

2016-12-12 20_53_20-Jump List for Notepad

Day Two


I like to do the writing on Day 2. I take my dogs for a walk in the morning and that seems to help with ideas opposed to staring at a blank text file. I came back and wrote the cutscene scripts and handed them over to Rodo. Then we had the monumental task of recording all the voices and processing the audio for lipsyncing. This went surprisingly well though. I recorded the lines in about an hour, Rodo processed it all and we had a playable build by the end of the night that was pretty funny and surprisingly low on bugs.


I woke up with a lot of hilarious recorded lines to process. We had to process some lines before for the trailer, but now the amount of lines were a lot more, REAPER was a blessing for this task.
Essentially, I would open an objects speech line and then split it into multiple chunks of audio.

2017-01-02 10_44_16-Cortana

Then with the amazing batch/convert tool, I added all chunks and with the $track$itemnumber variables I create a consecutive sequence of audio clips.

Don’t forget to add the FX Chain!!

2017-01-02 10_48_22-Batch File_Item Converter

After that, we needed to add a suffix for all lines that will be dubbed.

::Narrator::I noticed a poster for an old children's movie.
::Narrator::For some, movies are an escape from reality. For Harold, his reality is like a movie.


::Narrator::I noticed a poster for an old children's movie.[#beeposter01]
::Narrator::For some, movies are an escape from reality. For Harold, his reality is like a movie,[#beeposter02]

Day Three


Day three on a good Ludum Dare is spent on music and polish. On a bad one it can be 60% of your game which is what happened last time for us. This time it was a good one so it was mostly music and polish. There were a few more things we wanted to squeeze in but didn’t want to kill ourselves so polished what we had. I am pleased with what we managed to complete.


Poffle broke all the lip-sync tags and almost had a nervous collapse. Hopefully he managed to re-tag every line!
Meanwhile I had the task of making the score system, the intro and outro scenes, post production effects and tie it all together.

The result is this guy making an awesome film.


What Went Wrong?

Nothing too harrowing aside from Rodo having a power cut. If we had more time we would have added an interview with Harold’s mother and extra intro/outro scenes. It was exhausting like every Ludum Dare but it went smoothly and never felt like a grind. It was a fun weekend and we look forward to the next!

Play and Rate the Game!

Check out this game!

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Sunday, January 1st, 2017 11:16 pm

This game is not mine, but it deserves way more than it is getting.

PLAY THIS NOW!!! – Pinch

Check out my entry! Horror Hotel – Room #13

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Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 2:39 pm

I finished making the game about 30 mins before the Jam ended. Check it over here :


This is my 2nd Ludum Dare and I’m more satisfied with this entry compared to the last one.

Forgive me if the art is horrible, but I tried my best.

Leaving Earth in style: Bye.

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Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 8:31 am

Bye. is a simulation game in which you hire workers, assign them tasks, research tech and try to finish your modular colony ship, Beware, accidents are common!


You can play it here

Wooh! I almost didn’t make it… but it was a ton of fun and very exciting! This was a really interesting second LD experience for me and one I started a bit late, since I was still playing MHO in the night (3AM for me) when LD37 started, delaying myself to about 9 hours before I got going.

My idea was simple at first. A genius scientist in his basement is sick of Earth and doesn’t give a damn about anybody. Climate change is breaking down the planet and he has 30 days to build a big spaceship to flee with the most competent people he can find. I wanted it to be very Rick & Morty-ish, but I didn’t actually have time to do anything in that direction.

How to even go about this genre?
Since I’ve never done a simulation game before and not many different genres in general I didn’t know how to start. That means I started with the 3D model. It had to be a colony ship, so I found inspiration from Star Citizen’s Endeavor and colony ships from Macross Frontier and adding my own tweaks. While doing that the idea sprung me to make the ship modular, so that the player can built it piece for piece.

The final colony ship in UE4

The final colony ship in UE4

After putting the model into UE4 and setting up the camera I didn’t actually touch it for most of the project. I started with the menus and background systems, mostly the NPCs. All my player does is store the Gold and Score as well as move the camera. Everything else is stored in different actors: Workers, Jobs, WorldEvents, some small stuff like spawning and moving Workers around in the scene (which got implemented an hour before I finished) and all the menus.

Over time... so many menus...

Over time… so many menus…

By saturday night/sunday morning I had already redesigned the main menus once and still hadn’t actual gameplay. You could get to the next day which would refresh the workers, hire them and let them be assigned to a task. The dropdown menu for assigning tasks had a bug that cost me 1 hour to find. Naturally the solution was in theory simple. For some reason I stored all workers in the “Workers” actor and hired workers in the player. Then I realized it would be much easier to manage if I just put them in “Workers” where all the stuff happens and set a boolean in their Struct if they’re currently hired. Changing that lead to an old reference to the player that I didn’t even think had something to do with it.

And then… there was feature creep…

Saturday. At 17:30 all I had was the 3D model of the ship, some basic basic setups for some mechanics and a couple concepts in my mind. At 23:00 I had the NPC logic finished and was working on finishing up the menus that I would change a couple hours later. This is where I lost one hour due to the aforementioned bug.

Sunday, 01:00 and no gameplay. At 14:30 I thought up the tech tree. thinking it would be a great idea to have the Tech Tree graphically shown.  Ship from the side, parts of the ship covered in black or not, depending on what your research status is, 30 minutes later I started actually building the menu inside of UE4. At 8:00 in the morning I slept for 30 minutes, then continued on till midday and slept two hours from 12:00 to 14:00, feeling extremely done. Luckily I was able to focus for the rest of the journey after that, finishing all gameplay critical tasks from here on.

A worker is born: From World Event to Global Bonus to Create Worker to the menu

A worker is born: Influecnes from World Event to Global Bonus to Create Worker to the menu

Then feature creep tho, and from 16:00 on I still had a big list to finish:

  • Planned:
  • Contracts (Get money by assigning workers and starting a project)
  • Being able to fire a worker
  • World Events (changes stats/cost of workers to hire) + Announcements
    • TV that shows World Events in a news show (didn’t make it)
  • Music
  • Make basement somewhat pretty (In the end surrounding cube, containers, gate)
  • Variation for worker avatars
  • Intro (reduced from story to splashscreen)
  • Hacking (didn’t make it)
    • Caused me more work by disabling or greying it out everywhere
  • Sounds (didn’t make it)
  • Outro (didn’t make it, would have been a cinematic of the ship flying away if you finished it)
  • Feature creep:
  • Workers can die or cause a project to fail
    • For failed projects I needed explosions
    • Announcements (Finished project parts, deaths, failed projects)
    • Come up with a way to determine failing (when a worker with too low stats works with workers too high the low worker gets a red stat and can fail) or dying (random chance to die, reduced by Speed stat)
  • A WiP state for ship parts (Ended up being blue material and sparks. Those and explosions use the same sockets in UE4 to save time)
  • Show expected daily output in the “Manage Workers” table
  • Tutorial (“Help” button with how to play and tips)
  • Calculate and show score at the end. I made a Score variable at the beginning, but never thought of using it.
  • Workers as 3D models in the scene that walk around and spawn when you hire workers/despawn when you fie workers or somebody dies
Workers in the scene came to life just about an hour before submission end

Workers in the scene came to life just about an hour before submission end

After all that, minus the “didn’t make it” parts, it was 02:45 on Monday morning. I just had problems with the music, VLC trying to crash my explorer multiple times after converting. I hacked the description for the submission in my keyboard and shot 4 screenshots very fast while uploading my files and was done at 02:57. Then I remembered… submission hour is 03:00 to 04:00. So I didn’t need to rush the way I did. But whatever. It was done.

The only thing I wish I could have done is taking a calm look over it, balancing stats/cost/money/RNG and fixing some obvious bugs that I would have noticed quickly (and have after upload). But I didn’t even had the time to play through the game once myself. A very exciting Ludum Dare… and I’m looking forward to the next one! Till then I’ll check out some games myself! I’ve already played some amazing ones.

Thanks for reading!

Nest; Our first Ludum!

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Monday, December 12th, 2016 10:23 pm

Our game, Nest, took all weekend for my buddy programming it, and several hours for me to do the art. In the end we have a playable game! Some parts like the menus are unfinished, and we didn’t have time to implement some animations, but the sound was a pleasant last minute addition!

My first idea was basically Smash TV with one room. You control a guy constantly being assaulted by different minions. By the time I had the knight and the monster drawn and animated I realized this probably was about as much as I could do in the time I had (due to other responsibilities over the weekend.) And besides, having enemies teleport in is kind of a lame trope at this point.

So I flipped the idea on its head and turned the room into a monsters lair which the people are assaulting. This gave me an objective, protect the eggs, and allowed me to flesh out my much nicer monster sprite.

Check it out!
Anyway, we both learned a LOT and plan on making more games in the future, using what we learned here. Enjoy!

By Alexzander Stone (Programmer) and Casey Fallon (Artist,

Escape from the Writers Library

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Monday, December 12th, 2016 7:25 am

Hi all!!

Finish!! I completed my second Jam with a new game! Are you going to be ready to escape from the words of the best writers?

Hope you enjoy! Check it out! PLAY

Final touches

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Sunday, December 11th, 2016 12:26 pm

After a weekend of hard work now we are doing final touches, music, SFX and fixing some bugs.

We all are tired but satisfied with the result.


Night progress

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Sunday, December 11th, 2016 4:39 am

Our programmer (Daniel Parra) never sleep… he has been all the night working and now the game works! xD


Do you like it? Yeah!

Almost all art is finished, Carol our artist also works hard and she is doing gorgeous drawings!

We hope to finish today…

Making progress!

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Saturday, December 10th, 2016 1:52 pm

Most art done and part of the programming, looks really nice!


But there is still a lot of work to do…

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