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Altered Beard Post Mortem – LD#35

Posted by (twitter: @gillenewnovo)
Saturday, April 30th, 2016 5:51 pm

Altered Beard Header

The Game

Altered Beard is a game made to honor an icon, our friend Fabiano.
Here you control Beardanu, a peaceful citizen who decided to distribute some blows to see how it is. Precisely at the time he decided to do this, the city is invaded by aliens! Thanks to the power of the majority vote, Beardanu can become president to kick the ass of aliens.

play Altered Beard

Defeat the alien invaders!

Altered Beard new intro
Altered Beard Gameplay demo1


Art, Code and SE – Gillenew

Music – Saulo

Our team was formed spontaneous-ish, when I decided to join the Ludum Dare 35 and in need for a music, Saulo offered to lend a helping hand.
I trust enough in his abilities so I tried to be quick on ideas to provide enough material for him to come up with something in the music with the mood of the game.


For this game we used various types of tools, I was responsible for the visual part, the code and sound effects. The programs I used were chosen mostly because they are the tool that I have more dominance.

Photoshop – used to create all the graphics of the game, both static and animated. Photoshop is a program that I use for many years, it is very versatile since it can enable a range of facilities for matrix graphic editing in general. Creating animations with it cannot be recommended in general, but depending on what the demand is it is very easy to use, such as small frame-by-frame animations.

Construct2 – all interactive part of the game was made using Construct2. Despite being a program that does not require knowledge of programming language, Construct2 has great potential, especially when you want to develop something fast or with tight deadline. Perfect for this game, then.

BFXR – This program was recommended here in ludum dare, some time ago. Since then I use it whenever I need to do more retro sound effects, as well as being quick and easy, the result so far pleased me :)

Audacity – widely used by people who need to convert audio or just make some adjustments in the audio file. I used to adjust the volume and tone of some sounds, also to convert to *.ogg format, which is smaller than traditional .wav and still very high quality.


For this jam (most jams, actually) Saulo and I made our communications and collaborate via facebook chat, we can say that join forces on the internet goes right when you have a few people involved, or when the people involved are committed, so I believe it worked very well.

Altered Beard Collaborative


I started my participation thinking about making a game where you controlled a character who turned into animals, and the world and gameplay would be like Zelda, A Link to the past. But then talking to another friend (Jorge Malaquias), he gave me this great idea to do something about our friend Fabiano using the Altered Beast reference. This idea seemed to be very hard to be done, as it would require a long time to create and balance the challenges, but I accepted for the dare and thus began the challenge of creating all the material for the game before the deadline.

Our friend used as protagonist

Altered Beard fabiano avatar

Altered Beard brainstorm2
Altered Beard brainstorm


The process of creation that I chose to do was as follows:

1- I started creating the graphic and visual concept for the game.
2- With a better sense of the size of the game screen and the ideal size for the main character, I`ve began creating a scenario that best fit the screen.
3- The scene took a little longer to be done. I decided to put it all in Construct2 to check the major problems that could occur with the parallax.
4- Solved the main problems with the scenario so I added a player placeholder without animations.
5- Now came the part to animate the player, as he would have at least two physical forms so I tried to make a character less complex, yet it took a good time creating all the animations (there are 9 animations for the player: Idle; Jump, Fall ; Fall2; Walk; Crouch; Attk001; Hit and Appear).
6- I put all made animations in Construct2, added the drivers and tested the game mechanics, now working with animations.
7- I resolved some animation bugs and then created an enemy. He had only three states (Idle; Attk001 and Hit).
8- Added the enemy in the game and tested the mechanics along with the state of it.
9- I created the second form for the player. I`ve spent less time on it because I used enough of the first animation.
10- Added the second form in the game.
11- I created the animation effect when the character shapeshift. I`ve had to create the avatar for the two forms of player, and background images.
12- I created the explosion effects, the effect of the punch and the item.
13- Added the interface to display the texts.
14- I put the garbage cans to disrupt.
15- I created the sound effects using BFXR.
16- I added the sound effects in the game, and also added a song that Saulo sent me.
17- I put the HP and life to work.

What Went Well

My favorite part was being able to create a beat em up game without seriousness in the game theme.

Altered Beard Funny moments

I think we got what we wanted about the question to show something fun, colorful and lively.

Altered Beard funny moments 2

What Didn’t Go Well

The greatest difficulty in doing this genre according to the Jam theme, is to balance or create challenges in a way that let the game at least playable. For this reason I believe that we have sinned in terms of gameplay and progression of the game.

Altered Beard saddly moments

In addition to failing to finish one complete phase, I also could not fix all the bugs related to collision and weight mechanics.

Altered Beard saddly moments

What’s Next

We are planning to complete the game with at least five stages. I am at that time involved in several projects, but intend to give special attention to this game in the near future.

Team Thoughts

We liked very much the result. Despite the game is still very raw, we think the feedback received by people who have played it shows it has a really cool potential, and for this reason we are excited to continue improve it.

Tired of Programing

Posted by (twitter: @@JeffersonSN)
Saturday, April 16th, 2016 10:26 pm

I’m not a programer and the last time I have do a game is 5 month ago, my head is confuse with this thing, time to relax with concepts.


SOrry for any english issue.


Posted by (twitter: @@JeffersonSN)
Saturday, April 16th, 2016 7:19 pm

I’m back baby, after 5 months without dev anything because things :( Ok, sadness of the lonely dev cave, now I’m back with two friends!!! Yeeeeeyyyy
Some concepts and dev screenshot!

Concept of the main gameplay

Hello Construct2 my old friend…


Concept art!



Day 1 progress

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Saturday, April 16th, 2016 6:59 pm

I do not really resonate with this theme, but I try to create a game anyways. Lacking any artists I decided to experiment with free unity assets (opt-out on graphics category, of course). Some of them are really good. The progress so far is a fully created level, basic enemies, combat system (damage/hp/regeneration/armor), spawning enemies with minimal AI.


First steps

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Saturday, April 16th, 2016 8:56 am

Hi there!
We starts the Jam today and will make great game :)

We make first concept:

Some Progress With Art and Music

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Saturday, April 16th, 2016 12:52 am

Screenshot1 LD35

The goal is to make it back to barn alive whilst escaping hawks, cats, and other predators.  Walk/jump around as harmless little egg/chick and eat seed/insects until shapeshift to chicken mode. Once in chicken mode, you can do short ranged fly. I have 4 bars of music inspired by Yakety Sax at the moment, sounds actually like a Polka or something… 😛 I struggled a lot with the ground, because I’ve never tried to make tiles before and this is my first 2D game.

Yeah, this time i am going all in!!

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Friday, April 15th, 2016 6:02 pm

Hello everyone from Ludum Dare 35!!

My name is David, or “Asturk” if you prefer, and this is my 2nd try on this gamejam. I will be working alone, so my guarantees on this project is more on the game design and Programation area. I will try to be clever on the art design (since my drawing skills is almost obsolete!) and i can give a try on something or another at sound editing, maybe with the help of some Free Public content.


But anyway, i will be using:

Unity + C# language for game developing / engine and programming language.

Adobe Flash and/or Photoshop for the artistic part.

Adobe Audition for the sound editing.

Maybe there will be another programs that i will find out to use later.


That’s it! I wish good luck to every developer ou there that will be participating here (Indie or not)! And lets do some very awesome games here!! =D

i’m in!

Posted by (twitter: @Tinysized)
Friday, April 15th, 2016 11:46 am

first ludum dare!

tools game maker


good luck to everybody and have fun!

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