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    Posts Tagged ‘Game Maker Studio’

    “Flesh Hunter” Timelapse

    Posted by (twitter: @TomboFry)
    Friday, May 2nd, 2014 4:52 am

    I will be writing a post-mortem very shortly, but in the mean time you can still vote on my game ;)

    Vote on Flesh Hunter here!

    May I Help you? Now on Mac !

    Posted by
    Thursday, May 1st, 2014 5:12 am

    It’s funny, I wouldn’t have thought that with a tool like game maker and it’s long list of available platforms, at the end making ports will be the hardest thing.

    But now we had our Compo version available for Mac OsX… except for Mavericks (10.9) :(


    So far, we have a windows version (except windows 8) and mac version (except os 10.9). The html 5 version has issues with the dialogues and it will be our first fix as soon as we can spend some time on it. And making a windows 8 version looks very annoying, so we’ll see. The mavericks version is a known bug, but I didn’t find the fix or it’s not released yet (hey guys, maverick is out since 6 months).

    At the end exporting, testing and releasing your game is very stressfull but it’s a good lesson.

    So here is our adventure reverse-cluedo game : May I Help You ?

    Tentacle Rails: Post Mortem

    Posted by (twitter: @https://twitter.com/javifugitivo)
    Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 11:53 am

    Hello, we are very proud about our entry this edition with Tentacle Rails. In the last edition of LD our game had a lot of problem with path-finding and a game of “stealth” was very frustating due the guard-Ai was very awful and didnt work well. Few months have passed and now I have learn a few tricks about Game Maker and coding that have been very useful this time…

    When we read about the theme, we did a list of ideas about doing the game. But finally, the chosen idea was thought by the designer Eduardo Perez. I wanted a game with puzzles and he wanted a game with a lot of action. The final idea was a mix of both terms. We didnt wanted to do a runner, and then I thought about a top-view with a wagon.  The art and the magic of “Edu” did the rest and I was focused in find the best way to program this little monster.


    A comparison between the first design of the level and the final one.

    The Best

    – This time we haven’t important problems with the code and the understanding between me and the designer artist was perfect. We wanted to offer a good fast experience with few bugs, and it seems that we have got it. The first day was used to design the basis of the game, the second one to develop a lot of auxiliar system and the core of the experience and the last day was used to add all the final art, animations and sounds.

    The timing to complete a full level was very close, but eventually, we got it. The last three hours were very stressful: The “end screen” was done few minutes before the sending time.

    Another triumph about I am very satisfied, is that this is the first edition where we have exported the game to Html5. In other editions of Ludum Dare I only could submit the game for Windows / Android, and a lot of people couldn’t play them because they use Mac or Linux. This time there aren’t regrets: You only need a beowser to play to Tentacle Rails!


    The difference between first day version and third day one.

    The Worst

    – Using Game Maker Studio to export to Html5 gives a lot of problems. The random numbers didnt work well and I coulnd’t use random elements to complete the levels. A lot of mechanics depended of random numbers like the life of mobs, their size, etc. The position of some objects were to be random too, their scale..

    – I wanted that the paths of the mine-cart were dynamic to play with a lot of combinations and more well-thought puzzles. But I had problems with collisions and when a lot of curves where allocated very near one to another. Eventually I had to do a lot of long pre-saved paths that would change in a specify position to charge the path depending of each level.

    – We had planned to do a minimum of 4 levels and maybe a final boss. But the timing was (again) bad. The mapping of each level with a lot of individual elements was really slow (each rock wall has about 16 pieces + other details). I didn`t had time to program an automatic system to distribute the items, as a consecuence I only had time to map one level and do the paths code.

    Here are some design in paper for two more levels that aren’t in the game:

    boceto_1 boceto_2

    The learning

    As usual, Taking part in Ludum Dare is one of the best experiences that one can have as a indie developer. I had learned a lot about planning, working as a team and trying to release a polished, fun and challenging game. I think that nowadays, the games are each time easier, and one of the targets was to make a classic-style gameplay, difficult to pass but easy to play.

    It’s important to believe in your game, in your work, and we will support Tentacle Rails with a Android version in the future with more levels (using ideas that we didn’t have time to implement). Thanks for playing it!


    Tentacle Rails Entry: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-29/?action=preview&uid=25708

    Tentacle Rails was live some hours ago!

    Posted by (twitter: @https://twitter.com/javifugitivo)
    Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 1:35 am

    Hello everybody, some hours ago, we could finish our game in time. We are very satisfied of the result this LD, Tentacle Rails is finally live without important bugs or glitches.

    The game is hard to complete but easy to control, you only has to worry about kill everything. It’s a funny game perfect for a five minutes session. I will try to write a long post-mortem about the development with some concept-arts and interesting stuff. Tentacle Rails has been developed with Game Maker Studio.

    Now is the moment to rest a bit  and soon we will begin to test and rate other games. You can try my game in this link, and if you want to post a comment, please link your game to test it too ;-)


    May I help you? Released

    Posted by
    Monday, April 28th, 2014 1:41 pm

    It’s with a great pleasure that we have released “May I help you?” and we invite you to try it here : http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-29/?action=preview&uid=25936

    Currently we only have a windows version (html5 has too much issues so far). Therefore we had a query: if anyone out there owns a version of Game Maker for mac or linux and is willing to build us a version of the game, it will be very helpful !

    As for us, we are going to sleep !

    Good night jammers !

    May I help you? Final hours

    Posted by
    Monday, April 28th, 2014 9:47 am

    Hi everyone !

    We are so excited to see all the games being uploaded now. Here is a final WIP update on our own one.

    Yesterday night, at 9:18pm, we were facing the very first casualty. The first death of our mate Robert that I was able to catch. RIP man. That meant we finaly had some gameplay ! Quickly we were able to kill everyone in the mansion ! Then we re-coded all the dialogues systems which is the base for trying to change the others characters behavior or kill them so we can play the game.


    Slowly today, we had all the core features coming in. Lose/win detection, balancing some stuff here and there, animated sprites, some sounds, updating the look of the map, etc.


    Now Maxime is making the menus and Paul is finishing the first version, the one we’ll upload in a couple of hours. Saddly we won’t probably have time to implement more levels (maybe an update post-jam if players are interested?). At least we’ll have a full playable level that we can restart as much as we want :)


    Ahead of us is the final step : exporting and having a stable exe. Let’s see how it goes !

    Enjoy the final hours !


    EDIT : We are looking for someone with Game Maker Studio for Mac or/and Linux to make a build if possible ! Cheers ! :)

    Game Over!

    Posted by (twitter: @TomboFry)
    Sunday, April 27th, 2014 3:14 pm

    You thought I was quitting? Hah, shame on you!

    Flesh Hunter - Game Over

    So close to finishing now! Just got to add a couple more sounds, and a few little things that I keep noticing will be fixed.


    May I help you? Day 2

    Posted by
    Sunday, April 27th, 2014 11:58 am


    Hi everyone ! Here is a little update for our second day on the LD29.

    Today we have been finishing the characters (some sprites are missing but it’s on the way). Here you can see an update on our character, Tim, which you will be able to kill in our game :)


    We’ve spend some time trying to fix the size of the elements, putting together some of the characters and the environment. We should have done it earlier, but we were all focus on different things.



    So we figured out that our characters were too small, that the rooms where wayyy too big and this kind of stuff. Then we resized everything untill we got something we liked.

    I have to admit that we don’t have a playable version yet. Paul, our dev, is working hard on implementing the basic actions (kill, NPC objectives) and, I hope, we might play it tonight. But we have so much to fix yet. The first playable version will help us to decide some of the actions like how is the game over, how hard is our test level, how can we balance the number of NPC, etc. So much to do.

    Discovering a software (game maker) during a game jam is interesting but not the most productive and fast move we can do. Figuring out how to update elements, how to script on it (how the variables work between rooms, how instanciation works), takes time.

    Good luck for the guys finishing today. See you tomorrow !

    Tentacle Rails: Jam entry

    Posted by (twitter: @https://twitter.com/javifugitivo)
    Sunday, April 27th, 2014 2:32 am

    Hello, this is my third time in Ludum Dare (My second with a Team: Mechanic Moon Studio).

    Our idea for the theme is a Rail game that mix Puzzle + Action. We are using Game Maker Studio and we already have some base mechanics: The Corf moves automatically and reacts to curves (we are polishing the effect).

    The main concept of the game will be to pass zones shooting to levels and enemies to unblock more roads and the exit of the level. Ah, the title is Tentacle Rails, because there will be traps, like tentacles, slimes and other mobs that want to harm you.

    Now, here is some concept art of the main character and a screen of the first map:




    Now, its our second day and we have to do a lot of things:

    – Designing the rail-change with levels

    – The system of shooting and enemies

    – Treasures, tnt boxes..

    – Add the final sprites with the correct animations

    – More levels (if we have time!)

    May I help you ? End of day 1

    Posted by
    Saturday, April 26th, 2014 11:41 am

    Here is a little update about what we have done since this morning.

    Maxime have been working 2d assets. As you can see here, getting the right references is always important!


    Meanwhile, Paul was discovering pathfinding and variables on Game Maker and I was trying the tiles system :


    But as we are not planning to have an open world, but (luckily) a couple of levels, we might just drop the tile building and layout and use a background image. Yes I know, but today with all the ram we had, who cares?

    Here is a preview of the current line up of characters. You play Georges, the other ones are NPC.


    About references, Tim here on the left might be inspired by another famous Tim :)

    And finally a sneak peak of one of the gameplay mechanics we might use: an old fashion dialogues boxe with multiple choices ! To be able to fullfill your bloody pulsions you need to have the people alone in a room but you also need to prevent the others to find out what you have done. This is where the dialogues came in to make you try to influence the NPC behaviors.


    Good end of day one to everyone out there ! :)


    Maxime, Paul and Flavio

    May I help you ?

    Posted by
    Saturday, April 26th, 2014 5:32 am

    Hi everyone ! Glad to be back !

    We are a team of 3 in the south of France, Maxime, graphic designer, Paul, developper, and I, Flavio, somewhere between those guys. Our game working title is “May I help you?”. It’s about a buttler which might not be who we think he is. Let’s face it, beneath the surface, he is a serial-killer. And yes, you play him, and you must kill everyone in the mansion!

    For the occasion we are trying Game Maker (hey yoyo games, some deal for the game jam?) as it’s a 2d game. So Paul and I are looking for tutorials to understand how it works and Maxime is building mockups of what the game might look like. We’ll talk later about the game mechanics.


    See you later for some more informations !

    Enjoy your game jam !

    The Spike now for Android

    Posted by (twitter: @juancgromero)
    Saturday, March 29th, 2014 9:18 am

    After MiniLD # 49 I declare that The Spike has been released for android in Google Play.

    The Spike

    Tired of the heroes overcome the Dark Lord ? Are you sick of always losing to them?

    Well, that is going to end because the time to stand up to the heroes and curb their way through the castle of the Dark Lord has come .

    But you are neither the hero nor the Dark Lord , not a powerful guardian , you’re not even a Minion . You are …A Spike !

    No one spike any… THE SPIKE ! Yes , you are the typical spike is in any castle of a platform game either , faithfully guarding the abode of the Dark Lord of the arrival of the heroes.

    The Spike 2

    Your task as spike is to protect the passage of the heroes to the throne of the Dark Lord and keep the good guys win .

    In “The Spike” to the typical spike control of a castle of a platform game , your duty is to prevent the passage of heroes , rising from different places and with variable speed. Do not let the hero win !

    Welcome to The Spike, a highly addictive casual game for free and without in-app purchases .

    Touch anywhere on the screen to make the pick attack hero is happening underneath it . You have to wait a while to charge your attack. Beware the Dark Lord’s life reaches zeroIf the heroes have won and you lost!

    Google Play

    Posted by (twitter: @Deconstructeam)
    Thursday, September 5th, 2013 9:55 am

    Ludum Dare 27 game jam concluded and Deconstructeam gave birth to a little dungeon puzzler called Dungen Dogan’s Cursed Crew. In this game you play as Dr. Dogan, who along with his men just raid the tomb of an ancient god whose curse fell upon them: just 10 seconds of life left. Luckily, the weak spot of this god is the black amber, and the dungeon is full of them. In order to escape the temple, you’ll have to combine wisely you team skills and manage accurately the 10 seconds of life of each crew member if you expect to making out alive.

    You can play it here.

    We are pleased with the result, a humble game with a correct duration. However, this time we had other motives beyond the pleasure of making a game in just a weekend: with the Game Maker: Studio license recently acquired (thanks to the funds of our recent crowdfunding campaign), Ludum Dare presented itself as an excellent opportunity to make an intensive training and finally take the leap from ImpactJS to this new game engine.

    I had already made my first steps with the free version of Game Maker, but never made and finished a full project, pretty important matter to me. So, since this game engine is going to be my intimate partner during the development of Gods Will Be Watching, I grabbed the documentation, and stepped into making a game in less than 72 hours. The result stands for itself, a proper game, with several flaws, but a game nonetheless. My verdict: highly satisfied with what Game Maker: Studio has to offer and with how it’s going to improve our production power. Even having to learn along the way, the development speed increased notably in comparison with my beloved ImpactJS, not to metion of its huge variety of supported platforms. With few adjustements, Dungen Dogan’s Cursed Crew was working perfectly on browser and Windows.

    I don’t know about you, but personally had many prejudices against Game Maker, particularly through the “Make games without programming skills” slogan. Once I tried his drang’n’drop interface and procured to keep myself far away from it. But knowing that Locomalito‘s games or the same Hotline Miami, were developed with this game engine, I finally decided to give Game Maker a chance, taking as guarantee this games which I worship for their high quality. Great surprise since once left behind the point’n’click programming thing, I took a deeper look at this scripting language GML (Game Maker Language) and discovered its high flexibility and the variety of tools and functions at your service which make your life quite easier regarding the most usual practices when developing a game (mostly about the collision handling).

    I’ve never programmed with such agility as in Game Maker, and with no doubt Dungen Dogan’s Cursed Crew would have been much harder to create with ImpactJS. I’m happy knowing that Gods Will Be Watching is going to become a highly polished product and, despite the fatigue that brings a game dev marathon of 72 hours, I’m eager for working even more than before.

    Doing things

    Posted by (twitter: @Impredecible)
    Saturday, August 24th, 2013 8:25 am

    :DYay for progress and AWFUL art!

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