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LD29 Entry: Hidden Sub

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Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 3:03 am

Hi everyone! 
I’m very happy to announce that we’ve got at least a working game concept done on this LD! 
Me and my wife were working very hard on other things this weekend, so we just came up with the idea at Sunday, 10 pm! =/ But we’ve done some rapid prototyping so we can check that the game mechanic is solid and fun. Now we will finish the game, balance and so on. Please ignore the TOTALLY placeholder art (and the crazy helicopter orientation as well) =P 


But here are the basic prototype: 
You control a submarine, hidden beneath the ocean surface :) You must destroy all the enemy helicopters by moving your sub left/right (with the arrows) and firing your missles (space). 
The catch is: you don’t know where your sub is until you fire! But when you do, the enemies see you too, and they attack. So you have to carefully balance your shots in order to destroy your enemies, find where you are and dodge the enemy missiles! 

BTW: The sub wraps on the screen edges, so no one can use them as exploits for locating the sub 😀 

Hope you guys have fun!


Warmup Game #1 – Tank Defense

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Friday, April 19th, 2013 4:17 am

I have the concept for the first game of Warmup Weekend Madness. It’s a tower defense game where instead of towers, you have tanks that you can order to move around.

There will be nine types of tanks and about that many types of enemies.

I might take time after the development deadline to polish it up a bit, but otherwise I am giving myself only twelve hours.

This game will be the one that I submit as my formal warmup game.

I will be posting demos as I make progress! 😀

Tower defense with tanks? Sounds good to me!

– Henry


Hey, I forgot to say when I’m starting and finishing this!

I’m starting at 10AM EDT (2PM GMT) and finishing at 10PM EDT (2AM GMT). If I feel that I need more time to polish before putting it on Kongregate, well, I’ll take that time! 😀

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