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Progress report: 16h in

Posted by (twitter: @zapakitul)
Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 9:35 am

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Game status:

The entity system has been completed. Warriors and wolves are now in the game. They only have a rudimentary AI so that’s the next thing I’m tackling. At current time, the following things have been added:

  • Procedural island generation
  • Save system for previous visited island/worlds
  • Warrior class with 3 states (Idle, Hunting, Sleeping) and 2 stances (inTown, inCombat)

I also came to realize that a WIKI is invaluable for this competition. It really helps me organize my thoughts and properly tackle the tasks at hand. Here’s how my page looks like:

wiki - best GDD EVAH

And here’s a gif with the current state of the game:


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