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Mission complete! Theme Hacker

Sunday, December 7th, 2014 7:34 pm


I finished my game just before submission hour . Well it’s not a real game, but more like a little fun for all the guys who don’t like the theme. Or maybe the real story of all the strange themes? Who knows 😉

My MiniLD 54 Racing Game Preview : Screenshots and icon

Posted by (twitter: @juaxix)
Saturday, September 20th, 2014 2:51 pm


Hello, I just wanna share that I have 3 cars and 3 levels already done, with car dynamics and so on, so here you are some screenshots right now

Ship Level


Level Gameplay


It will have a multiplayer game mode too.


Yipieee! Its done <3 "World Connector Club"

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Sunday, August 24th, 2014 6:04 pm

that was really hard work… but i finished it. Im so happy now <3

this time I focused more on the presentation, so the actual gameplay is not very complex.

its also very short… you can play through it in 2 minutes. but if you want more score you must play longer.

its a bit arcade like..

The World Connector Club is waiting for you 😉

and again the game is a bit strange…XD


Infinite Island

Posted by (twitter: @andyjamesadams)
Sunday, April 27th, 2014 3:27 pm

Bomb, rotation, and map regen demo

I love this game. It is so simple and yet complex. You have to avoid the bad guys and the lava pits. You place bombs and blow away the map beneath you. As you destroy the environment the blocks “Beneath the Surface” rise up to replace the old. You cannot leave the 5×5 grid, but it is ever evolving. I’ve published it on my website HERE. You can also download Mac, Linux, Windows, and the source code at that address. I was aiming for a kind of mix between fez, and minecraft style art, and I think I’ve nailed it. I’m open to all comments and critisms you might have. I’ll save the post mordem for a less busy time on the blog flow. Thanks for playing!

-Submission Link-
-Andrew “JDAMS” Adams

Change of plans

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Saturday, April 26th, 2014 6:11 pm

my game is becoming a jumbled nightmare and I dont even have core gameplay in yet, Im not here trying to be the most leet programmer in the compo, I just do these for  fun.

Now I can put up with a lot of pain and headace and hard thinking, but this is not turning out fun for me. Therefore I am going to start over with a simple minesweeper game written in Applesoft Basic for the apple II.

Its not the most inspired thing ever I know, but it will allow me to have some fun, while still being able to turn something in.

Mini-Theme: The Konami Code!

Posted by (twitter: @Pitzik4)
Tuesday, April 15th, 2014 11:16 pm

So, you know those little mini-themes that have been in the past… how many Ludum Dares? Things like “Goat”, “Potato”, and… “Bieber”, I guess was one. Usually just showing up as little Easter eggs, but in a lot of the games. Those were all failed themes in the voting, I think, but whatever.

How about this for a mini-theme for LD29: the Konami Code! Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start/enter. Just make something happen in your game when the player enters the Konami code! Some sort of Easter egg. It will be fun!


Wow, it’s like an NES controller with no style.

So, that’s all. I’m definitely putting this code in my game! I hope to see it in some of yours!

Time to judge! I’ve found some really awesome games

Posted by (twitter: @Hyde_WS)
Tuesday, December 17th, 2013 6:52 pm

It’s the first time I participate on a real Ludum Dare, last year I entered the charity mini jam but nothing else, so it’s the first time for me judging and I’m REALLY ENJOYING IT 😀 I’ve found some amazing entries so far like that you should check out:

♣Channel by BradleySmith:

♣The Last Rock by Ozeotropo:

♣Process Journey by Lissar:

♣Just One More Turn by Ithildin:

♣Out by SuperPokeunicorn:


I’m having an awesome time judging so leave the link to your entry on a comment and I’ll rate and comment your game 😉 Rate mine HERE! 

Thanks ^^ 

black blu brown yellow

Moosefly prevails once more!

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Monday, December 16th, 2013 6:43 pm

This was our second LD and we think it went quite well atleast compared to last time. Oh the panic.
After the theme was announced we bounced some ideas around and went to sleep. After waking up we promptly decided to make a game about growing a plant in one week.

Without further dudes here is Wild Growth:
main menu


Oh and spot the Bieber!  bieberbutton

An Experimental game about Decisions and Life! SHE *Post Mortem*

Posted by (twitter: @Hyde_WS)
Monday, December 16th, 2013 3:33 pm


♠Play It Here ;D ♣


♠Rate and View Jam Entry \o/♣


After a few hours of doubting whether if I would participate or not (I had a huge Christmas party on Sunday and HELL NOTHING would stop me from going XD)  I decided that I would give it a try to my own 24 hours game jam, so I began creating some magic! XD

IconYou Only Got One…What Should I do with That ¿? 

You only got one? One bullet, one life, one minute…there are many ways to understand this concept and I wanted to have a take on it in a kind of  different way. I started to think in which occasions we really only got one and after some minutes of forcing a bit of hardcore mental processing, I thought of Decisions! Either they’re large or simple, once you have chosen and performed it you can’t go back. Even the smaller decisions in life like choosing to wake up when the alarm rings or having five minutes more of sleep, can make the difference in the way our future develops. Having this on mind I began with the concept behind She, a game in which every decision counts.

Building a 20’s Silent Film themed entry

My tools: Game Maker Studio, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Audition CS6.

I got the inspiration for the aesthetics :) from the old silent films from the last century, I loved the style of the dialogue cards and the influence of art nouveau in every aspect of them. Of course since I had only one day for everything I combined it with a simple vectorized cute style. The final result grew on me and I love how it all came along! ^^

I spent the first 6 hours designing the characters, drawing and painting along with the backgrounds, scenery special effects..etc. My heart was racing and a shoot of adrenaline fuelled me during the whole process XD I even dropped a cup of hot cocoa over my keyboard and damn how I regret that now :( Whatever….When it comes to programming it was pretty simple I must admit that the part I liked the most was designing the enemy waves for chapter 2. If you’ve already played the game you must have noticed that the second part contains most of the action and fun. The literary aspect was really important since it was the core of the whole game. I spent about half ‘n hour writing the suicide letter. I took a look at many sad suicide letters from real life for inspiration, that was a really intense and aerie experience that in a strange way I enjoyed. I wanted the card to be as realistic as possible.

For the audio and music I opted for the always successful 8bit! In my entries I always do every single asset from scratch with exception of the music. Other than a few I created, most of the tracks and effects come from my royalty free library. That’s why I don’t participate in the real deal! I hope one day I can produce my own SFXs. The main theme is an 8bited version of Music For The Funeral of Queen Mary  and obviously I got the inspiration from one of my favourite movies…A Clockwork Orange!

Wyvern Cinema


#LD48 Conclusion…

I really enjoyed this Ludum Dare, I learnt a lot and achieved all my goals. I’m really happy with my entry it came along exactly how I had imagined it, and I think that’s part of what makes Ludum Dare an unique experience… sleeping and extreme efforts are worthy when you finally upload your game, see the comments and a sudden rush of self-confidence and feeling of success fills you from head to toes! 😀

Please play my game and replay to see all the endings and drive trough the different roads, snooze and don’t snooze, it’s interesting how the decisions affect the result and difficulty of the game. Enjoy and thanks!! 😀 



What makes a game fun?

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Monday, December 9th, 2013 8:22 am

Fun. Simple three-letter word. But it means different things to different people. The games I like, you hate, or vice versa. But there are games that are liked by a lot of people, and disliked by a few. Apparently, these games have some kind of broad appeal that talks to a lot of people. But why?

I’ve spent a bit of time thinking on what makes a game fun. The best Ludum Dare entries I’ve played have not been the most graphically polished (although it helps, of course), but they were the ones that were just a lot of fun to play.

One of my friends pointed me towards the blog of a Magic designer Mark Rosewater. He posted an article with ten points on making a game. Of course his column will always have a Magic-bias to it, but I think there are some interesting points to think about when creating a game. And fun is just one of the ten points, most of it is about good design. Hmmm…..

Is this the end-all to what makes a game fun? Of course not. I’m not even sure that creating a game that counts as fun for a maximum amount of people is even a good idea. But I do think that being aware of what you are making and making conscious design choices will make for a better game. Hope the link above can inspire some people to think about design and make conscious choices!

SINGLEHANDEDLY – the remake.

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Wednesday, June 19th, 2013 10:52 pm

I hate it when this happens. You create this universe. You come up with these characters. You twist this game mechanic and run with it. You end up falling in love.
And you swear up and down that it’s time to move on, you’ll do something new, something exciting and “innovative.” Something that’s different for the sake of being different in some futile attempt to break some hypothetical mold.
And it never happens. Because you’re in love.

Yep, I’m remaking an old contest entry.
All melodrama aside, this is going to be awesome. So awesome, you may want to take a knee.

Oh, wait, it looks like our little blue protagonist already has. Because he can duck now.

Also, I figured out how purple works.

This time around, you’ll be immersed in the universe in the way I had it visualized from the start. You’ll follow a storyline and get to know the characters just as well as I did. You will be tested and you will be challenged and you will like it and you will fall in love.
Oh, and you get a cookie if you remember this guy:

You won’t remember this guy, though:

These vids are old! It’s coming along like crazy. I hope I impress at least one of you guys, because this is going to be the biggest, most elaborate game I’ve ever made.

Ming Imah Lism The Wizard !

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Sunday, April 28th, 2013 4:48 pm

3 2


Im very happy :)
I have finished my game.


I hope you enjoy!
Thx a lot for playing

Easter Egg ??!! (Earth Defender progress)

Posted by (twitter: @XxDarkmaidenzxX)
Sunday, April 28th, 2013 2:29 am

Earth Defender is finally done (It will be uploaded in the next hours)!
But in this post i’ll talk about the Easter Egg i’d like to add to my own game ^_^ before the deadline.
Basically it will be a very bizarre Easter Egg… a parody of the main story, but first you’ve to find it to enjoy it! (Maybe i’ll give you some suggestions after the deadline or when the game will be published ^.^)


An Easter Egg meme LOL

Rating Fun Games for Christmas!

Posted by (twitter: @caranha)
Sunday, December 23rd, 2012 11:57 pm

Another 20 games rated, bringing the total to 60 so far :-) To celebrate this and the holidays, I’m making a list of the 5 most fun games I’ve played so far.

These are games that, for one reason or another, make you stick to them even after you played enough to be able to rate it. I was no longer playing just to review and rate the game, I was playing them because they were damn well FUN, and I hope you enjoy them too!

Here they go:

  • Stop him now – by TijmenTio

  • This is a reverse shooter game, where you select an enemy on the screen to control, and try to hit the good guy. The movements of the good guy are quite well done — he will more than once foil your tries at killing him. This challenge makes the game loads of fun, as you try different strategies with the different powered birds that show up.

  • The princess is Mine – by Emveyh

  • In this game, you control three villains that have to prevent good guys from reaching the princess. The controls are simple, and make the game highly dynamic, as you scramble to position your three servants. Power ups will appear at the corners of the board – can you spare one of your minions to go pick them up? And then your minions get hurt, and you have to move them away from the front lines while they heal – there is a lot of Micro to be done in this game!

  • Midboss – by Eniko

  • A very well done roguelike. You control an imp that can possess defeated enemies. It is possible to learn their skills, and you get to use their attributes for a while. The game is very difficult, as expected from a roguelike, and yet there is that feeling that victory is just around the corner if you play more carefully next time. The complexities of controlling different enemies are really interesting as well.

  • Dr. Vile and the greater good – by green pixel

  • This game is not only fun to play, it is very fun to watch as well, with its cute graphics and story. You are the under-appreciated evil genius, Dr. Vile, on a quest to gather materials to your evil gun. The game plays as a top down beat them up game. It is reasonably difficult, with a small but welcome component of knowing when to “aggro” your enemies.

  • Kill all earthlings – by savethejets1

KaE is a reverse space invaders. You control when the invaders shoot, and if they advance/retreat in their way down. This game has very cool visuals, including lots of “pew pew pew”s (a weakness of mine), and plenty of particle effects. It is also fast paced, and gives you a great feeling of “zerging” the defenders through sheer force of numbers. It is a bit on the easy side when you get the hang of it, but you will still have a lot of fun.

If you liked this selection, make sure to also check my other game reviews:

Checking in Approx 20 hours.

Posted by (twitter: @Prelucid)
Saturday, December 15th, 2012 5:40 pm

So woke up today around 12pm. It’s now 4:30pm. I slept around 7am and lost lots of time due to just laying there in bed.


Checking in. Just looking at the list of things that need to be done to make this game… *gulp* fun… I’m not too confident about meeting the deadline 25 hours from now. I learned a lot so far though. The first is that everything you thought you prepared is broken and needs to be fixed on the fly. :)

I’m regularly uploading random progress on my youtube playlist here. I’m sorry if I talk too fast or too quiet at times. I’ll be uploading my timelapse at the end.

Best last week end before the end of the world EVER

Saturday, December 15th, 2012 12:38 pm


I’m having fun. I’m overwhelmed.

I’m sorry i said the theme was sucky, i am. Even if i still do think it is.

I love that we are so many people in this. I love seeing so many crappy food crappy pics.

I’m not sure i’ll finish my game in time. I a noob developer, i’m stuck on the easiest thing :

I have to load forty levels but the only way i know how to do it is the shitty way. I use Flixel.

I instanciate a new playstate for each level, and each one contain the forty-case switch function, so when i change something it has to be changed in 40 class. I can’t even explain how much it’s a fucked up way to code that. EWWW

But i learn. I’m having fun.

And be sure i’ll submit a playable version anyway.

TODO : make me and my friend glbs a cocktail, then finish that game.



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