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First time entrant

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Wednesday, August 26th, 2009 1:12 pm

Hello all,

This will be my first time entering the competition.  I will be using Blender‘s game engine (with python and Bullet Physics).  I’m hoping to keep it simple, finish an entry, and show off how great the Blender game engine can be for rapid game creation.

Good luck to all, I cannot wait to find out the theme and see what people come up with!

First Entry. Food and programming

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Saturday, December 6th, 2008 2:42 pm

Gotten an, at least in my opinion, good start. A susurprisingly good start, as I always have problems when it comes to starting. Also having a good time, though my head is starting to hurt a bit from the hours.

Good Things:

Most of the needed art is done. Still need a car though.

Gameplay DESIGN is done. Decided to do it simple, so ended up with frogger only you are running down the road instead of trying to cross it.

Got a, sort of, backstory: While in town you where jumped by all the townspeople because they want your fancy sombrero. Because you, our hero, is deadly afraid of grass you had to run down the road with heavy traffic to get away (with your sombrero).

Got most of the basic programming done

Not good things:

Only got most of the basic programming done. Still have to finish up the controls (got a temporary solution to test movements), add collision, add cars, add scoring, add extra stuff.

No sound. Guess I have enough to do later tonight and tomorrow.

No menu’s yet.

Things I want to do, but dunno about time:

Visual variety. right now its 1 road piece on loop, 1 grass background and 1 obstacle (the grass on the road) and 0 (but soon 1) cars.

Add 2 player. Don’t think this is going to be too hard to make after I get the rest of the game mechanics done.

Highscore. I plan to have scoring based on how far/long you manage to run before getting hit by a car (our sombrero wearing hero is very allergic to getting run over by cars, in addition to his grass phobia).

SS (cars hopefully  coming on next report):

The yellow circle is the player characters sombrero, which was easy enough for me to make and still look decent.

Food so far have been bread for breakfast/lunch (which was the same meal). Dinner ended up being Spaghetti with Laban Seigmenn on the side. For those who don’t know Seigmenn, which probably is everyone not from Norway, is sugarcoated jelly shaped like small men. Don’t have any camera’s so no food shots. Will try to see if I can get one taken using the built in webcam on my laptop next time I eat however. Also got 3*1.5l soda ( 2 * cola rippof and 1 orange taste ) so I probably won’t run out.

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