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Cardboard Drift timelapse

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Saturday, December 31st, 2016 2:56 pm

Guild Inc timelapse

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Sunday, September 18th, 2016 12:40 am

3-Form timelapse

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Thursday, May 5th, 2016 1:11 pm

Here’s a timelapse of my seventh Ludum Dare game named 3-Form.

Entry page

If embedded video doesn’t work here’s a link

GrowForce timelapse

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Monday, January 4th, 2016 10:30 am

Here’s a timelapse of my sixth Ludum Dare game named GrowForce.

Entry page

If embedded video doesn’t work here’s a link

My First Post-Mortem – Little Big Dash

Saturday, December 19th, 2015 10:55 pm

As this was my first Ludum Dare, this is my first Post-Mortem, So I hope I cover everything that people generally cover in this! ^_^ I was debating if I should even do one of these but I figure why not, right? So here goes.

Oh and here’s a timelapse if you’re interested!

What went wrong:

  • Computer Crashes
  • Software Crashes
  • Choosing a genre that I don’t enjoy playing

What went right:

  • Completed the game
  • Fully functional
  • Submitted before the deadline


Details of the Weekend:
So usually I miss ludum dare by a few weeks or sometimes just a few days, but this time I learned the date two weeks ahead of time, and posted notes and reminders to myself all over the place so I wouldn’t forget. At first I was excited, and warming up with my tools, and learning new tools just in case I decided to use them. Then as it got closer the wait got excruciating, I didn’t want to practice anymore I just wanted to get the theme and make something awesome. 😀 Well anyways the waiting was painful, but once the theme was announced I felt great!

I was pleasantly surprised how smoothly the weekend went. I started with a pretty strict time schedule, and I prepared meals ahead of time, because I figured it would be a mad dash and non-stop working once it started. But I was incredibly wrong. Perhaps that was because I had a pretty low bar to reach, my goal wasn’t to make a masterpiece, but to make something fully functional within the time frame. It would ideally have audio and graphics and solid gameplay. I didn’t really care if it was a great game, just that it was complete, and I must say I feel like I accomplished that pretty well.

I only allowed myself an hour and a half for planning and brain storming, because I wanted to have tons of time to work on the first night. The goal being to have some prototype ready before I went to sleep on night 1. That went well, and by the middle of Saturday I had pretty much finished most of the gameplay aspects and mainly had level design, graphics and audio remaining. I felt like I was doing well. Then I lost a lot of my motivation, I spent quite a few hours on Saturday evening watching streamers and I even watched a movie with my roommates.

When I got back to work, I did the basic audio loop for the game, and decided to leave the graphics as simple colors for multiple reasons, I didn’t know what else to make it, and the minimalism seemed to fit for the style of game I was making.  Once that was done I slacked off again, returning to Twitch to check in on the progress some streamers were making.

I’m pretty sure I know why I slacked off so much, and at one point I even considered not finishing at all. It’s simple really, I chose to make a platformer, knowing that I don’t like playing platformers. I like them as games, but I’m terrible at them so once the functionality was implemented, and I was working on the level design I quickly got frustrated having to play test them constantly.

I didn’t get the level design finished until an hour or so before the deadline, and I ended up going with endless generation from premade modules rather than the initial idea of having completable levels. I decided this because I was having trouble coming up with ideas for the levels, and I didn’t think I had time for true procedural generation. Instead I just made 10 segments that the game randomly chooses from as the player progresses. It’s not the best, but each segment it completable and they’re long enough that you’re not likely to survive to see all 10. ^_^

Anyways I feel like I succeeded in my initial goal but I feel like I didn’t have enough faith in myself. I feel like I took the easy way out when I could have challenged myself to make something more complicated. Regardless though I’m glad I participated and I now have an idea for how to approach the next one.


LD27 `you had one job` Postmortem and timelapse

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Wednesday, August 28th, 2013 2:50 am


our teams wrap up video.

hopefully i embedded the youtube video right this time 😀

When all is said and done,

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Sunday, December 18th, 2011 8:23 pm

I managed to complete the Ludum Dare! :-) Amazing!

Maze Explorers!

I didn´t quite know what to expect when I decided to join this LD, two weeks ago. I had never made a game from start to finish. But the time limit pressure, and watching other people do the same thing as me gave me a lot of motivation.

Also, I learned a LOT. In my job I have to make java programs to solve optimization problems, and they never involve things such as states, interfaces, resource management, etc. If nothing else, Ludum dare was worth it just for the learning experience alone.

That said, I´m actually rather proud of the game I´ve submitted. Granted, there are a lot of planned things that are missing (just note the huge blank space in the bottom of the playing area). But it went much much farther that I would have guessed. It has half-decent old school graphics! It is multi-platform! It has levels! And I can even add more levels easily in the future.

So, to celebrate, here is the obligatory time lapse. Sorry for the lack of sound!

A shout to MME, who did the dare in parallel with me. We shared a lot of ideas, questions and lols in these 48 hours.

And make sure you find the secret kitten in the game!

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