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Prototype Number Trois!

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Saturday, December 15th, 2012 8:21 pm
Now I have a much more "pacman-y" look, power pellets, victory and losing conditions!

Now I have a much more “pacman-y” look, power pellets, victory and losing conditions!

Links to play:

25 hours into the dare, this is what I have achieved. The game now has a definitely “Pacman-y” look to it, with the new maze tiles. I’ve improved the ghosts’ look a little too. The main difference this time is the power pellet. Pacman can now kill your ghosts, who will become confused and erratic during the duration of the power pellet. The map in this prototype is a test map that should allow you to see the different options (victory, losing, having your ghosts eaten by pacman, etc).

You select ghosts using 1-4, and you move with ASDW or the arrow keys. If anyone could provide feedback regarding the responsiveness of the controls, it would be much appreciated!

Now to dive into some basic AI for Pacman and the ghosts!

Lab Lights Update

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Friday, July 20th, 2012 12:50 pm

Hi everyone!

Some of you played my game “Lab Lights,” the game I created for the miniLD #36.
Well if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a difficult puzzle game where you push around batteries, crates, TNT, and magnets with a main goal of lighting up all the lights in each of the 23 levels in order to get to the last room and turn on the generator!

You may play it on my site here:

Here’s the link to the miniLD entry:

Lab Lights Screenshot


So here’s what my feedback was like:
When I put it on Newgrounds, it got daily 3rd best flash submission and later front-paged for a few days!  A rush of reviews and comments appeared.  Many people loved the difficulty of the puzzles.  A few people mentioned how rare it is these days to find good puzzle games this hard.  A few people compared it with “Chips Challenge” and “Shove It.”  MDeathM (on Newgrounds) says, “All in all, a phenomenally challenging and engaging puzzle game. Thank you for this creation.”  These words are very nice and I can only thank Ludum Dare for challenging me to make it.
To my surprise, Ryry67dude (on Newgrounds) made an hour long let’s play of it (and rage-quit at level 17) the day after the release!  Here’s his video:

Unfortunately though, not everyone enjoyed the difficulty level of it.  Many people got stuck on level 2 or 7.  Some players mentioned I fried their brains, heehee!

Since I recognize how hard these puzzles are (I describe it as brutal), I made a full walkthrough of all 23 levels.  Here’s the video:
(You should subscribe to me as well 😉 )

Lastly, some people said I should make a sequel.  I was thinking about it lately, and I think it would be a good idea.  I have some new gameplay elements that would be cool to add (Lasers and mirrors, differently sized boxes, teleporters, and boulders).  If you have any ideas, I’ll be happy to hear them 😀

Thanks for listening to my rambling, and thank you Ludum Dare for another fun experience!  If you want, you can rate and review the game in the comments on this post.
– Zanzlanz 😀

Lack of useful feedback in LD23

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Monday, May 14th, 2012 12:30 pm

I’ve said my thoughts on the current ranking system elsewhere so no real need to re-state here, but theres something to me that’s quite a bit worse that could be addressed, and this is more of a community thing really but perhaps there’s some way for LD24 some “encouragement” could be put in place to do it.

Much like LD22 I take the same issue with my comments/feedback… comments and feedback are 100% positive (well..99%..someone did bring up that more feedback in the HUD would have been nice 😀 ), nobody could really say a bad thing at all.. out of just over 100 ratings 40 of said people posted that they “loved” the audio and thought it was “really really fun!”….and that was about the extent of my feedback. (And not just my game of course, I’m just using it as a easy example as it effects me the most personally, many many others I’ve browsed through are the same, nothing but positive feedback and glowing praise towards the game….then a really low score)

I scored a 3.07 in fun and 2.75 in audio

Now…whatever, those scores arent “bad” by any means, but they don’t reflect the feedback in the least!  if 40 people of 100 “loved” those….then I’m looking at probably 20-30 ratings who did not like the gameplay/audio who did not leave feedback.

That sucks…mostly because it’s the feedback from those who didn’t like the game that I care about, I want to hear why they didn’t like it!  As much as I appreciate the “I love it!” posts as feedback goes negative feedback is far more helpful. I don’t know if people are just too “polite” to post things they didn’t like or if they are somehow afraid of being “retaliated” against and being given a bad score on their game or what, but, at least to me, I enjoy feedback good and bad…It lets me know which things I tried people liked and which things i tried people didn’t like so I can either explore further into an idea or avoid it in the future.  (Especially in something like this where I made a game type I’ve never done before AND tried a few twists from the “norm” in it’s genre)

So, in saying that, I’d like to re-iterate my suggestion I brought up prior to LD23 based on my experiences from LD22….we need some sort of way to allow people to attach an anonymous comment to their vote (well, the site would still know who posted it, just dont show the name) but still leave a way to leave comments in the thread like we can do now (showing our names).  Perhaps this would allow more people who don’t want to say anything bad to open up a bit and give honest feedback?

Feedback has to consist of both what worked and what did not work to be effective….just my $0.02

Haxe Planets: Feedback-based post-compo version

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Saturday, April 28th, 2012 10:43 pm

Thank you all who post comments in my entry

Based on the feedback my game that is a one button platformer.

  • It’s too hard
  • Needs check points
  • Needs a better hit box collision
  • Needs to control the height of the jump
  • One button mechanism doesn’t work when facing enemies

So, I createad a post-compo version that adds:

  • Checkpoints
  • A proper hit box in the collision algorithm
  • A few optimizations
  • Double jump

I think that the game now is a little too easy, but if you want to test the new post-compo version you can do it here.

Best luck!!!

AVOIDAL – Post Compo Version!

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Tuesday, August 24th, 2010 5:32 pm

AVOIDAL – Post Compo Version!

AVOIDAL - Post Compo Version

I’ve made a bunch of improvements to AVOIDAL since the compo and I’d love your feedback!

Play the post compo version of AVOIDAL here

The LD48 official compo version for judging is here now

Changes to the new version:

  • Added 1 second of invulnerability if you take damage (this helps a ton!)
  • Rebalanced the difficulty curve to make it progress a tad slower
  • Mines spawn a tad further in from the edges to help player not get stuck on walls as much
  • Reworked How To Play screen to be simpler and clearer
  • Changed ‘Energy’ to ‘Health’ in UI
  • Fixed some sound volume and playing issues
  • Added a nice visual effect of little random twinkling stars in the background

I’m gonna keep listening for feedback and working on this game but I think it is pretty close to me calling it done at this point. Thanks for the great feedback I’ve gotten already to everyone who left me comments on my rating page.

Who would have thought…

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Monday, April 20th, 2009 4:30 pm

…that the real Advancing Wall of Doom would be the 121 entries to attempt to rate and leave feedback on in 2 weeks!

As I was thinking about how to schedule this into the next two weeks I thought up some rough stats based on how past compo playing/rating has gone:

  • You should play and rate 8.6 games per day of the two weeks if you want to hit the deadline.
  • If you assume an  average handling time per game of 3 minutes you are looking at 6 hours of just getting the games to the point where you are playing them.
  • If you assume an average playing time per game of 2 minutes you are looking at 4 hours of total play time to get through all the entries.
  • Given the average handling and playing times above you could earmark about 45 minutes of LD time per day for two weeks to finish on time.

Phew.. well, I better get cracking.  I must admit I haven’t had much of a chance to play more than a few so far.  The rating and feedback is so important though.  I know I really appreciate the time people put into playing and leaving thoughts on my game so I try and do the same.

Great compo everyone!  I can’t wait to see what everyone created…

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