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Last day of Voting- My Favourites of LD33

Posted by (twitter: @gamepopper)
Sunday, September 13th, 2015 2:38 pm

Hey everyone! As of writing there is one day left to vote on entries for LD33. I’ve had a load of fun developing my own entry, which I’ve gone into detail in a post mortem, and afterwards I’ve gone and tried out and voted on as many games as I can, which isn’t easy since I started a new job last month. So here are my five favourites so far:

Escape from Twump Tower

Honorary award for catchiest music track in a LD game, this is a very colourful game for such a topical storyline. Music is really catchy and I love the Megaman approach.

Intergalactic Love Machine

I love the dialogue and the text options, this is a really neat idea to base the theme on and the design of the monsters are really well made, fitting with the individual characters.


Very well made, I like the strategy involved in planning how to overwhelm the player ship to make it lose all its lives. I hope MrTwister expands this to give some more level and boss varieties, since I managed to beat the player after three rounds and the game just looped around.


Brilliantly simple and novel concept, definitely liked the level of micromanagement you have to pull off in the later levels.

A Shadow In The Night

A very well polished puzzle platformer, with a unique jumping mechanic. Really good take on classic movie vampires with a great art style!

I’m really looking forward to the results, and see which games I’ve completely missed or had surprised me by somehow reaching the top rankings. I’m also hoping to see how well my game did, which if you are curious and wish to vote on, play it here!

Ludum Dare 31 Favourites So Far!

Posted by (twitter: @gamepopper)
Sunday, December 21st, 2014 7:31 am

So after rating 100 games for Ludum Dare, I thought I’d talk a bit about a few of my favourites from the compo/jam. They may not be the best out of the competition, but these were the ones that I find have an aspect of good entries that each of these succeed at.

Tightrope Theatre

This is the entry done by brilliant flash game developer Jussi Simpanen, aka AdventureIslands. He always does games for jams big and small and his entries usually bring a quirky design and incredible polish to them, and this one is no exception. In Tightrope Theatre you must travel from A to B, all while riding a unicycle avoiding fire, spikes and the ground below. The entire game is 24 levels long, and feels very complete for a game done in two days, although you kind of wish there was more. Knowing that Jussi tends to add new stuff to his entries every now and then, maybe there will be more to this entry.

Jumping ‘n Jumping

This is an example of how you should achieve a innovative gameplay in 48 hours, you use one mechanic with a unique spin and give it as much potential as you can. In this case, the mechanic of the game is jumping, and the unique spin is that your jumps are limited, but will increase depending on how you play. Eduardo uses the mechanic in a room where you have to jump to survive and you get this gem.

Screen Mover

Most game jams have a theme, and as a developer you are free to interpret that theme to whatever for your game: you can use a literal route (in LD31, that would mean literally running the entire game on one screen), the metaphorical route or the technical route. With Screen Mover, Sh1rogane decided to go beyond literal and technical with the theme to produce something that may look like a simple platform prototype, until you quickly realise you have to move the game window to progress. The only issue with this idea is that keyboard input it locked while the window moves, but the post jam version does fix this.

The Hyperbeam

Sometimes you don’t have to make a game that’s fun to make it a good entry, you can tell a story, show off some great music or in this case, make some really beautiful graphics. The puzzle game elements are clever, but this game is really good at showing off bloom and neon. It just makes it look wonderful, and the music is really soothing as well. As you may tell from my entry, I love neon glow, and this game does a great job at showing it off.


If all else fails, just make a game that is fun to play, and make it addictive for an added bonus. This game’s style reminds me a lot of Terry Cavanagh’s Super Hexagon, and since the developer is planning an Android/iOS release, I recommend him get Chipzel to do music for the game.

Don’t forget to play my entry Glow Drop if you haven’t already.

Last minute recommendations

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Sunday, May 19th, 2013 10:33 pm

Just 19 and a half hours left until voting ends, here are a few games I thought were pretty cool and definitely worthwhile checking out!

Super Clutter Blaster 2013 – Homletmoo



The Parasite – jahlgren



Tiny Runner – Jarcas Studios




Square Heart Flower – JonathonG




My own game is lingering just a few ratings off a hundred, please go give it a rating to bump it closer to that century milestone if you’ve got a moment ^^

Terminally Ill

My favourites so far.

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Wednesday, May 15th, 2013 11:59 am

These are my 5 favourite games so far (out of 150).

Budget Squad – deepnight (48h)


This game blew my mind. You switch between two submarines, one that is invincible and holds a light source, and another which has a gun, but is very weak. The art in this game is stunning and the unique gameplay very engaging.

Snake in a Cube – OU GDA (jam)



Snake, but more confusing! A cool and well polished twist on the classic game (with great music).

CLRS – acatcalledfrank (48h)



Mix colours and defend the blob! Crazy and addictive.

Cubique Noire – Detocroix (48h)



A very stylish minimalist crime thriller. Featuring cubes.

CHAMELEON RUN – Split82 (48h)



I must admit I’m a sucker for these kinds of games. Very simple, but fast paced, slick and so very addictive.


Hope you enjoyed these games as much as I did.

Cheers – Seb (my game)


Rated 100 Games! Here are my favourites

Posted by (twitter: @JigxorAndy)
Monday, May 7th, 2012 5:24 am

I’ve played and rated 100 Ludum Dare entries so far, and along the way I’ve found a fair few games that are really a lot of fun which I’d like to share with you all. What follows, in no particular order, are my favourite games from Ludum Dare #23


Tiny Wizard – kebabskal

Actually, this one probably is my favourite. I love the bite-sized levels, slow difficulty increase, and of course the general gameplay. It’s really very satisfying to simply shoot and move around, and beating each level feels great!



Dude, where’s my planet – Zamando

Beautiful to look at, though challenging.



Celia – Finn Stokes

Stunning graphics, a cool core mechanic and a lot of fun.



Inside My Radio – TurboDindon

A unique and innovative take on music games. It’s good to see a music game in Ludum Dare. Extremely well polished.



Prince of Leaves – evilseanbot

A feel good game. Cute graphics and an original bespoked music track which make you want to play all the way through to the end.



Corebound – Ryusui

Challenging at times, but very rewarding. Unique gameplay mechanic which is sort of an automatic twist on VVVVVV’s gravity system, allowing circular orbiting movements.


Lililput – Incredible Ape

Amazing pixel art and educational fun! Learn to type like a pro while destroying aliens!



Astro Break – hulahulahest

One of the most compelling games in the competition. Powerups and new weapons can keep you blowing up rocks all day!



Little City – dustmyte

Hilarious game with entertaining dialogue. Nice black and white visuals as well.



Microscopia – azurenimbus

The premise is simple: Navigate to the center of the screen. The real question is, where are you? Very innovative.



And, I may as well shamelessly plug my own game too!



Thank you to everyone who has submitted awesome games. I’ve had a lot of fun playing them so far, and I can’t wait to play some more! I hope you all do the same.

100 rated, here’s some “underrated” gems

Posted by (twitter: @angrygeometry)
Monday, April 30th, 2012 1:42 pm

There Is A Picture  – MortisGhost

probably the best use of audio in the whole competition. lots of analog blips and bloops, really feels like a 60’s sci-fi show. charming little game.

Stade 2 – 30dogs

posting this here simply because of the visuals. the game itself is kind of difficult but the whole atmosphere is great.

Going Rogue – FrankieSmileShow

this game is really, really great.

Wulcan – leafo

a very pretty, and clever game, in a subtle way.

Cloud Realm – Hempuli

i really love the whole feel of this one. tiny sky people/settlements, destruction of mechanical dragons, lots of whooshing and swooping noises. really nice little game.

so go on, what did i miss?

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